Meet the Dolls

Historical American Girl Dolls 

And Best Friend Dolls



Full name: Kaya’aton’my (she who arranges rocks)

Nickname: Kaya

Kaya is a Nimiipuu Native American growing up in 1764.  She loves animals but most of all her horse, Steps High.  She often doesn’t think before she acts which often leads her into trouble.  Yet, in dangerous situations, she is brave and strong.




Full name: Felicity Lucy Merriman

Nickname: Lissie

Felicity is a spunky Colonial girl growing up in 1774 in Williamsburg, Virginia.  She is trying to become a gentle lady, but can’t help loving to do things that ladies shouldn’t do.  She befriends Penny, a horse belonging to a mean old man. She is not afraid to speak her mind and fights for what she wants, and so frees Penny from her cruel owner.

I actually own three Felicity dolls. A West German Pleasant Company Felicity, a Mattel Felicity and a BeForever Felicity:



Full name: Elizabeth Clarissa Worthington Cole

Nickname: Eliza

My Elizabeth plays two characters. She is Felicity’s Loyalist best friend, but she is also Jacky Faber’s (see below) nemesis, Clarissa Worthington Howe which is why I combined their names. There’s a story as to how I got this doll: I was SHOCKED and angry how American Girl changed Elizabeth. In all of Lissie’s books, the real Elizabeth had brown/black hair and brown eyes. Suddenly AG goes and Barbie-fies Elizabeth with blond hair, blue eyes, and a pink Barbie dress that’s “Colonial” style. Come on AG what were you thinking?! I was so mad, I knew for sure I’d NEVER buy Elizabeth ever!

I guess I have to eat my words, because one summer, I was at a doll store and the owner brought out a huge amount of AG dolls and asked me to identify the ones she didn’t know (I had told her previously, that I loved and grew up with AG). There was an Elizabeth in near perfect condition. The diamond had come out of one of her earrings and she was missing her stockings and shoes. The store was asking $89 for her, but I didn’t want to pay that kind of price, and I still wanted to stick by my promise….except I couldn’t stop staring at her. “She’s so beautiful,” I said. “Okay,” said the doll store owner, “I’ll sell her to you for $70 since you helped me out.” I completely caved in and bought her.

Thinking with her in the car, I decided to change her personality and make her a modern doll, and/or a character from the Jacky Faber books, name her Clarissa, and have her hang out with Jacky and Amy. I would keep my brown haired Gotz Precious Day doll as Felicity’s Elizabeth.

That totally didn’t happen. When I got home, I changed her out of her awful Barbie dress and put her in jeans and a t-shirt. She glared at me with an icy cold stare, and told me quite clearly that she only wears dresses or skirts and she prefers Colonial attire. I was still trying to keep my grudge against Elizabeth and AG, but after an hour of icy stares I put her in a modern sundress. She was much happier, but ever since then, she’s mostly been wearing Colonial gowns anyway. She has never put on a pair of pants since that first day I got her. Go figure! (It’s amazing how my imagination sometimes takes on a whole new reality, just by getting a doll I never said I’d get). Now, I’m thrilled with my Elizabeth and very happy I got her. Sometimes when I put her in certain outfits she absolutely just sparkles (like the ice skating and school outfit).


Jacky ‘Mary’ Faber

Jacky is a very special doll because she is three different characters in one: She is a modern #12, she is GOTY Kailey when I want her to be, and she is historical Jacky Faber from 1802. This is the doll who inspired this blog. Originally this blog was going to be all about her and from her point of view. That changed on the first post, but that’s why you see ‘Jackylina’ all over this blog. (I was also reading Viva Jaquelina when I first started this blog which explains the ‘lina’ part). To read more on Jacky Faber and her friend Amy Trevelyne click here.



 Full name: Caroline Abbott

Caroline loves sailing on Lake Ontario. She hopes to someday become captain of her own ship. It’s 1812 and her father was captured by the British and Caroline misses him terribly. She stands strong for her mother and is even able to aid her father when she visits him in jail.




Full name: Maria Josefina Montoya

Josefina lives on a rancho in Santa Fe, New Mexico in 1824.  Her mother passed away a year ago and she and her family miss her very much.  Because of this, Josefina is sometimes unsure of herself, but her family, especially her aunts, Tia Dolores and Tia Magdalena help her discover her passion: becoming a healer.



Marie Grace and Cecile

Full names: Cecile Amelie Rey and Marie-Grace Rouseau Gardner

Nicknames: Cece and Ti Marie

Marie Grace meets Cecile when she moves to New Orleans and takes singing lessons. When the yellow fever hits in 1850, the girls feel terrible for the orphans who’ve lost they’re parents due to the sickness so they play with the children and comfort them as much as they can.




Full name: Kirsten Larson

Kirsten is a pioneer growing up in 1854.  She and her family moved from Sweden to Minnesota.  It was a rough journey and even when she arrived in America she didn’t feel like she would belong.  She befriended an Indian friend, helped her mother when she was having a baby, and helped out the family making money selling honey.  Kirsten is helpful and able to take on a lot of responsibility without complaining.





Full name: Aduke Walker

Addy was a slave on a South Carolina plantation in 1864.  After her brother got sold, she and her mother left the rest of her family and ran away to Philadelphia. There, she and her mother started a new life.  Her mother got a job sewing dresses and Addy would often deliver them.  She worked very hard at school and learned quickly, but was influenced by her more wealthy classmates and felt ashamed at how poor she was.  She is very loyal, caring, and brave.





Full name: Samantha Mary Parkington

Nickname: Sam

Samantha is a wealthy Victorian orphan who lives with her grandmother.  Despite her wealthy surroundings she is very humble and befriends a servant girl named Nellie.  Samantha always tries to be there when Nellie is in trouble and even sneaks her and her sisters into her aunts house to save them from getting separated. She is a curious girl who always tries to help those in need.

Extra Note: Samantha is the very first American Girl doll I received for Christmas from my parents. Before I got her I would sleep with the catalog opened to her picture by my bed every night! Since she arrived first, she is “queen” of all the dolls in the room; she makes decisions about what goes on in the doll room and solves any disagreements that occur between the dolls.




 Full name: Nellie O’Malley

Samantha met Nellie when she was a servant working for the Rylands next door. Samantha tutored her and they became great friends. Later, Nellie and her sisters were rescued from an orphanage and adopted by Samantha’s aunt and became Samantha’s sisters.


Kit Kittredge


Full name: Margaret Mildred Kittredge

nickname: Kit

Kit is tomboy growing up in 1934. Her family has suffered from the depression with her father loosing his job.  Kit tries to do everything she can so her family can keep their house including helping her mom as she takes on boarders and even working for her grouchy uncle! Kit loves adventures and likes to write about them. Her dream is to become a reporter.




 Full name: Ruth-Ann Smithens

Ruthie is one of the most kind-hearted friends. Ruthie is lucky that her father still has a job at the bank, but she feels terrible that Kit and her family are hurting for money. She would do anything to help them, even if it meant taking a train ride to Kit’s aunt and walking long distances to get money so Kit’s family could keep their house.


Molly McIntire


Full name: Molly Jean McIntire

Molly is a lively girl growing up during World War II in 1944.  She is a schemer and devises plans for revenge on her brother, better ways to collect for the war, and how to get her hair curly for her dance performance.  When a girl from London comes to live with them, war is brought a little closer to Molly’s home.  Her father is away fighting so she misses him very much.

Extra note: Molly was the second American Girl doll I got brand new for Christmas the year after I received Samantha when I was 10.  I was really hoping to get another AG doll so Samantha could have a friend but I knew there wasn’t too much of a chance of me getting one since the dolls are so expensive! I looked at my presents Christmas morning but there was no box shaped like it would hold a doll. I opened almost all of my presents except for this large long one placed at the back of the tree.  I couldn’t believe it! It was Molly! My mom had disguised it so I couldn’t tell it was a doll box! I was so excited I screamed!




 Full name: Emily Bennett

Emily’s parents send her to America because it is to dangerous in England. She lives with Molly for a while while her aunt recovers from pneumonia. She teaches Molly that the war isn’t just a game, and even though people may be different because they live in different places, they can still be friends.



Full name: Melody Ellison

Melody is growing up in the 1960s. She loves music and enjoys singing in her church choir. She is called a liar and a thief because of the color of her skin, and when she hears about children being shot in Alabama for the same reason, she decided to get brave and so something about it.


Girl of the Year Dolls

 Lindsey Bergman

Lindsey probably has the strongest personality out of all my dolls. Lindsey was the very first girl of the year and according to agplaythings, she didn’t sell very well so she’s hard to find and expensive to get on ebay. I got her from a neighbor who cut her hair (she’s supposed to have curly hair that goes to her shoulders).  She’s the type of girl who always tries to help out but ends up causing trouble.  She’s funny and good hearted and is always coming up with projects to fix things.


 Marisol Luna

 I found Marisol wearing her complete meet outfit on ebay for pretty cheap because she has what looks to me like rust marks all over her limbs and some on her face:

I want to think someone tried to put freckles on her (I almost think she’d look cute with freckles) but why would they put them so close to her eyes? I’m scared to try and use Oxy on her so close to those eyes. The little brown dots are speckled all over her hands, arms, and legs. I’m going to try and fix it with Oxy when it gets warm in the summer and see what happens. In my doll room, she dances at the same school as Isabelle.


 Jess McConnell

Jess went to Belize and had a great archaeological adventure. When she got back she missed that tropical place. But her imagination is so strong, she can almost imagine it into existence and take her best friend, Lea Clark with her. My Jess has a retracted eyelash. You can see in the pic below her left eyelash has fallen inside her eye. The doll hospital used to fix that for free, but now I’m not so sure anymore. Someday I’ll take her in to get that fixed.


 Nicki Fleming

I read Nicki’s book a while ago and loved it but I gave the book away figuring I wasn’t going to read it again or get the doll.  Then I was at a church rummage sale and there were 4 American Girl dolls for sale. At first I didn’t even recognize her as Nicki because her hair was straight and she was wearing a Bitty Baby outfit. I took her home because I loved her freckled face and then at home I realized she was Nicki!


 Mia St. Claire

I bought all of Mia’s outfits before I got the doll herself. She’s pretty expensive on ebay. I got this doll very cheap because her head needs some tlc. Her hair is really dry, her eyes get stuck and her eyelids are a different color than her face. She’s just a tired looking doll. However, her limbs are super tight and she has the light hazel eyes that AG doesn’t make anymore so I’m having a hard time sending her to the doll hospital for a new head.


 Sonali Matthews

Chrissa is my least favorite AG doll but Sonali is one of my favorites. This doll has been my most expensive AG doll that I’ve ever bought. Her hair is a little dry, I’m missing her green shirt, but other than that, she’s one of the most gorgeous dolls I own.


 Lanie Holland

Lanie Holland is my nature lover. She has had so many outdoor adventures with Lindsey when she entered a photo contest on agplaythings. I bought her in terrible condition on ebay. She went to the doll hospital and came back as good as new. She’s my mini me!


 Kanani Akina

Kanani means “beauty”.  Kanani lives on the oldest Hawaiian island and is passionate about saving the wildlife living there.  When her cousin Rachel arrives, she feels homesick and Kanani does everything she can to cheer her up. Read this post to find out how she came to my house.


 McKenna Brooks

McKenna’s first passion is a gymnast but sometimes her schoolwork gets in the way. But because of her determination and focus and the help of a tutor who becomes a friend, she’s able to persevere even through an injury. My McKenna came from an agplaythings board member. She is one of the first McKennas to be released because she does not have short hairs in her wig. AG changed that when people complained during her year as GOTY.


 Saige Copeland

It took me a while to realize how beautiful Saige Copeland is. By the time I wanted her, she had already retired. I got this girl on ebay minus her boots. She has actually been in a real hot air balloon!


 Isabelle Palmer

Isabelle Palmer was my mini me when I was a girl. I had long blond hair but no highlights. I always wanted to be a dancer but I was too tall and uncoordinated. Isabelle loves dancing and she realized her dancing can serve others.


 Lea Clark

Lea was my first GOTY doll when she was GOTY. Thanks to the major sale AG had in February I was able to enjoy her for the whole year. Since she’s been to South American and is Jess’s best friend she loves the tropics too. They along with other friends hosted the Dollympics. That’s probably the most fun I’ve had with her so far.

 Pretend Girl of the Year Dolls

Kailey Hopkins

 Kailey is really Jacky Faber, but she likes dressing up as a California girl trying to save the beaches every once in a while.

 Grace Thomas

This girl started out as a completely different doll. And then an agplaythings board member turned her into Eleanor Grace Thomas. She goes by many names, Ellie, Ellie-Grace, Grace, etc. She’s basically a Grace Thomas with a classic face mold and brown eyes.

 Gabriela McBride

This doll is actually Cecile, but she’s close enough to pretend to be Gabby. I did a comparison post between the two here.

 All the GOTYs:


Contemporary Characters

Tenney Grant

I don’t know either of these characters yet, as I just got the dolls and haven’t started reading the books. Will update this after I do.

Logan Everett


American Girls of Today

Suki Schinichi (#4)

 Suki loves music. She plays the violin and is taking lessons using her namesake, the Suzuki method. She is great at organizing musical festivals and getting other dolls to join her quartet.

 Miranda Alverez (11)

 I was in 8th grade and helping to set up books for my church’s rummage sale. Clear across the gym I heard someone say the words, “American Girl stuff.” I instantly dropped my books and ran to the toy section. A woman was donating an entire garbage bag of American girl items including Miranda! Since helpers are allowed to shop while they worked I told the lady to put everything back in the bag because I was going to buy it! I was so excited! It really pays to work and shop at rummage sales! You never know what you might find.

 Jacky Faber (12)

 Yes, I’m sorry, it’s now the third time you’ve seen Jacky if you’re reading this whole page through. She mostly hangs out as a modern character. My favorite adventures with her as a modern girl are the Camp Doll Diaries posts.

Amy Trevelyne (16)

 Amy is Jacky’s best friend in the Jacky Faber books. Like Jacky, though, she mostly hangs out as a modern girl.

 Carlie Cullen (21)

 Yes, I’m slightly embarrassed to admit I was a twilight fan and I named Carlie after Bella and Edward’s daughter, Renesmee Carlie Cullen. I got this girl from Craigslist. She is great because she looks good as a modern doll but can easily transition to other periods too.

 Elianna Pergolezzi (55)

 Like Saige, it took a really long time for me to realize how beautiful this doll was. I didn’t even know I wanted her until I saw her on Jill’s Steals and Deals and got her and some accessories for an amazing price. She is my prettiest AG brunette doll.

 Maggie Claire Cullen (61)

 I got Maggie for free when I won an American Girl online sweepstakes. I fell in love with her the moment she was released. I saw some pictures from agoverseasfan and knew I’d have to add her to my collection. I’m so glad I did. She and Carlie are sisters.

Eleanor Grace Thomas (custom)

I bought this doll as a custom on ebay and I had her customized even more. I combined her original name – Ellie May to Ellie Grace when she kind of transformed to look like Grace Thomas.

Katelynne Claire (custom)

This doll was an impulse buy on ebay.  I’m so glad I bought her. I just love her face and her hairstyle. She and Lindsey are best friends.

Here are all the Girl of Today Outfits I own so far:


American Boy Dolls

(See Logan under Contemporary Charcters)

Jonathan Fletcher

I’ve been looking for an American boy doll for quite a while on ebay. I was very picky about it. I wanted someone special and unique. Often times when I see a custom boy, I can tell, oh, that used to be Kirsten, or Molly. I wanted a boy where you couldn’t tell who he used to be. When I saw Jonathan I couldn’t tell at all and he jumped right out to me. The seller’s description said he used to be a Lanie, but when I put him next to my Lanie he still looks really different. Their eye colors don’t match. I have heard that Mia’s hazel eyes are different from one doll to another. Some of the earlier Mias have lighter hazel eyes than the older ones but I had never heard that about Lanie. My Lanie’s head is very recent, coming from the doll hospital two years ago. What do you think?As far as a Jamie goes, yes, I plan to someday get a dark haired AG boy doll who will be Jamie, but that probably won’t be for a while.


Bitty Baby and Twins

Bitty Becky

 Becky is on loan to me from my sister. She got her when I got Samantha in 1995.

Bitty Twins Betty and Bobby

 I bought these two when I found out AG was retiring the bitty twins. I don’t play with them often because they’re the same size as the AG dolls so they don’t quite fit, but Bobby had an adventure in the bathroom, and Betty had an adventure with Noah’s Ark.


Hopscotch Hill, Girls of Many Lands, and Wellie Wisher Dolls

Hallie Hopscotch

 Hallie has pretty curls and a sweet face with green eyes. These are old dolls and their limbs are really loose. I read that it’s extremely difficult to tighten them, but doll stands do the job of holding them up.

 Close up of Hallie’s face.

 Logan Hill

 Logan is the other doll I own. She used to have red hairbands but they’re gone so she borrowed Molly’s ribbons. She came in pigtails with a red ladybug backpack and book. To read a review about them and their things click here.

Girls of Many Lands: Cecile Revel


Unlike the Hopscotch Hill, these dolls were geared toward older girls. They are a display/collector doll only. As I’ve said before, their books are really good. I’ve only read 2 so far, but I highly recommend them. Each doll came in a keepsake box. Cecile Revel, and all of these GOML dolls were created by Helen Kish. I’m really not a fan of her face. Her eyes have too much  makeup and her lips are too chubby. But everything else about her is beautiful and wonderfully detailed. Just look at these shoes and the beading on the dress! Click the same Hopscotch Hill doll review link for more on Cecile.


 Wellie Wishers: Willa Wellie and Camille Wisher

I know, what names, right? Willa is hardly ever Willa anyway, I bought her to play Nan, Felicity’s sister. Camille is a beautiful doll who is so far staying Camille. Click here for an in depth review on them.


Gotz Dolls

To read an in depth review on these dolls click here.

Little Sister Dolls

Katie Gotz

Katie came first, and she is actually in really good condition. I picked her up because I thought she was really different from Kathy (see below). Her hair is a much more natural red color (compared to Kathy) and she doesn’t have bangs. I’ve heard some people say these dolls have gloomy faces. I disagree, but I think they look slightly more gloomy in photographs than in person. All of my Gotz dolls are happy.

Tess Gotz

Tess came to me with filthy skin, a stained up body, and messy hair. I cleaned her skin and combed her hair as much as I could, but her hair is still kind of frizzy in some places.I was surprised at how dark her hair is.  I suppose Tess’s hair is similar to Beforever Samantha.

Lily Gotz

Lily also came to me with dirty, dusty skin, slightly frizzy and very thin hair.

Precious Day Dolls

Jessica Gotz

Here is Jessica in her partial meet outfit. She’s missing the white shrug and she’s borrowing Nellie’s shoes.  Her hair normally isn’t so crimpy, but she had been wearing braids for a while.

Beth Gotz

Beth is not in her original meet outfit but she is wearing the dress she came in when she arrived at my house. It is an authentic Gotz outfit, but I don’t know anything else about it.

Kathy Gotz

Kathy arrived just one month after Jessica and Beth. Her original name is Julia, but my Carpatina Julia had claimed that name, so for a while, I called her Katie after the Little Sister doll. Well, once the real Katie came, she changed her name to Kathy.

Kimberly Yuna Gotz

 Kimmy is my Korean doll I bought from an agplaythings board member. She is originally named Kimberly and I just tweaked it so that she’s named after my favorite ice skater of all time – Yuna Kim.

Sophie Gotz

One of the best made multiple jointed dolls out there. She has real potential to be a ballerina! To read an in depth review click here.


Magic Attic Dolls


The Magic Attic Club is about a group of girls who discover a trunk of dress up clothes in an attic. When they look at themselves in the magic mirror, they get transported to a different time and land where the clothes came from.  You can read more about these dolls and their history at

Allison McCann


Favorite things:  playing sports

Color: Blue

Allison is a tomboy who was once found playing basketball in a bridesmaid dress! She is hardly afraid of anything and loves to take on a dare.  She struggles a little in school because she has dyslexia and has to go to a tutor for extra help.  She loves being active and usually chooses outfits that inspire adventure when she goes through the mirror.


Megan Ryder


Favorite things: writing, reading, daydreaming

Color:  yellow

When Megan grows up she plans to be a foreign news correspondent or an author.  She loves animals and owns a cat named ginger and she dreams of owning a dog and a horse.  She is considered the class “star” because she is very smart and loves to read anything she can get her hands on.


Heather Hardin


Favorite things:  friends, painting, art, ballet

Color: pink

Heather hopes to be a ballerina when she grows up.  She is always planning meetings, parties and sleepovers with friends.  Her father is a pilot and she has had to move around a lot so she is especially grateful for her Magic Attic friends.


Keisha Vance

Favorite things:  having fun, church choir, gymnastics, helping out

Color: purple

Keisha has many responsibilities because both her parents are out working so she has to care for her little brother and sister a lot. She is very enthusiastic and sometimes gets carried away with too much energy.  She enjoys learning about African customs and hopes to visit the country some day.

I actually have another 2003 Keisha doll but I never play with her because her leg has fallen off. I got her for $20 and some day I hope to get her to Gigi’s doll hospital sometime soon but the hospital is pretty far away from me.

Rose Hopkins


Favorite things:  computer games, learning about the Cheyenne Native Americans, her people.

Color: green

Rose is a little new to the Club since she had attended a private school previously.  She is considered a computer whiz but she loves listening to stories and learning the Cheyenne language that her grandfather tells her. Rose loves to play soccer and plans to be a lawyer when she grows up because she is never afraid to speak out if it will help others.


Sara Ryder


Sara is actually a 2003 Megan doll with a haircut!  The new line debuted Megan with a new face sculpt.  I changed her name to Sara and made her Megan’s little sister.

Favorite things:  nature, hiking

Color: yellow

When she grows up: She hopes to be a forest ranger.


Chloe Tonnor


Poor Chloe was debuted in 2001 when the company who made the Magic Attic dolls were doing poorly.  She never got a book so nothing is officially known about her.  I read that people were disappointed with her since she was just a blond haired blue-eyed doll that shared the same face mold as Rose and the same color as Heather.  They were hoping for an Asian doll.

Favorite things: fashion, fashion design, shopping

Color: pink

Chloe was really busy this past summer as a camp counselor and life guard.  She taught girls how to kayak and go water rafting too.  She volunteers at a clothing store and hopes to run one of her own when she grows up.


Here are some pictures of the original Magic Attic Club:


Here is what the back of every book looks like if it were a picture featuring dolls:


Baby Doll Betsy

Baby Betsy is a Magic Attic baby doll who’s best friends with Bitty Becky.


Stardust Classic Dolls

To read an in depth review click here.

Kathrine Thompson (‘Kat’)


I got this Kat used and her curls are a little messy. I tried to fix it, but the first curl I tried to curl (I wet it and used the brush as a tool to twist it) went stick straight and I stopped. Her eyes are blazing blue. I couldn’t get a good picture of her eyes. Here’s the best I could do:


Laurel Stardust


Laurel is a fairy who lives in a forest. She takes care of all the little animals living there. I love her gorgeous brown wide-eyed face.


Alissa D’Arcadia Stardust


Alissa is a Medieval princess who is in training to become queen. She wishes to go on and adventure and when she meets a teacher who invites her to go on a quest, she accepts without hesitation.


Carpatina Dolls

To read more about these dolls click here.

Willow Isabella Carpatina


Willow is by far my favorite Carpatina doll. It is really too bad that she is retired now. Her hair is Ultra thick! Since I got her on ebay she did not come in her original meet outfit. She is instead wearing some Carpatina outfits.


Emma Carpatina

 I waited a long time to get this doll. I believe she was retired even before Isabella was retired. I waited two years to finally get a beautiful Emma on ebay and not be outbid. Her eyes are the most beautiful green and her hair is a perfect natural red color.

 Julia Carpatina

 This Julia is actually an upgrade from my first one. I got my first one for only $22 on ebay. Her hair was a mess. I tried to fix it but I failed. Instead, I bought this NIB one for just a little more on ebay. In picture her eyes look so big and wide but in person, she looks totally  normal.

 Ana Ming

 I’m so happy to have a slim Asian doll! Although to me, she’s only Asian when she’s wearing her meet dress or other Asian clothes, otherwise her face isn’t Asian enough in my taste. Her hair is super silky and jet-black beautiful.

Rowena-Merida Carpatina


Doesn’t Rowena remind you of Merida from Brave? I love her curls, and deep blue eyes.  Her celtic meet dress has stunning Celtic detail.


Veronika Carpatina

Pictures do not do this doll justice: when I took her out of the box, her eyes stole my breath away. Her eyes are blue on the outside and then turned purple on the inside. Almost like she’s from a different world, but they’re not creepy. Her lips are a little too dark for my taste though. Because of this extreme in the makeup department some clothes do not look good on her while others absolutely pop out.

Kohanna Carpatina

I never expected I’d own Kohanna but when she showed up on ebay for an amazing price and in perfect condition in her full meet outfit I found it too hard to pass up. She has very long side bangs that she tends to hide behind (she’s the shyest, quietest doll out of all of my dolls) but I have been having fun messing with her bangs and putting a part down in the middle so you can see her face better. Her hair is heavily layered and has a little flip curl at the end. Because of this it’s tricky to style but it always looks good down. Although she has completely different face make up than Veronika, she too, really sparkles i n certain outfits.


Prince Stephan

 I also never expected to get Stephan, but as usual I saw him at a perfect price on ebay and snatched him up. He is the only doll who’s story goes with a book, The Magic Moonestone by G.M. Browning.


Maru and Friend Dolls

Maru Gutiarrez

 I saw these dolls and fell hopelessly in love with them. Dianna Effner is my favorite doll designer. I wish I could afford her Little Darling doll but these certainly suffice in place of that.

 Tasha and Tanya

 I try very hard to avoid duplicate dolls, or if I get a duplicate I sell/give away the one I don’t want. I’m keeping these two. Click here to read more about these twins. Tasha is in pink, Tanya is in blue.

 Annaleis Jamie Effner 

 Annaleis is so sweet. I love her face, her golden curls, her freckles, her hazel eyes. I could go on and on, but the pictures show enough.

 Savannah Effner

 My favorite of the Maru dolls, and like her meet outfit shows, Savannah loves hiking. She traveled all the way to Michigan to hike with me.

 Raven Cunag

 I never saw a Raven doll on ebay for cheap until I came across this one. She was super cheap because of a couple marks on her limbs and the very sad part, her eyelashes had been ripped off. When I first saw the ebay pictures I wondered why she looked odd, and then I read in the description why. I don’t think I’d ever be brave enough to give her new ones, but she’s pretty enough as she is, don’t you think?

Chad is coming soon!


Tonner Dolls

 The Magic Attic dolls should be in this picture too since they were created by Rober Tonner but there are so many of them, they get their own category.

Ann Estelle

This is the Mary Englbreit 18″ Ann Estelle doll.  I saw her on ebay and fell head over heels in love with her sweet face. She didn’t come with glasses so Megan gave hers away. This is not her meet outfit, but it is an official Ann Estelle outfit.

Penny Cash

 J C Penny sold a set of exclusive dolls made by Tonner and Penny is the star. Can you see the resemblance to Megan? To learn more about these dolls click here. Penny has such a severe face, she often plays the role of the villain. She had a great time playing Kit’s Uncle Hendrick.

 Lydia Rubin-Parkington

 Named in honor of Samantha’s mother, Lydia is my one all vinyl doll who fits AG clothes perfectly. I wrote a lengthy review of her here. I still haven’t changed her wig yet, but when I do, I’ll update the review post.


Kidz n Cats Dolls

 Hentriette Hartmann

Henriette was my first Kidz n Cats doll and she is the very first Wish Doll where you could choose different eye and hair color. I saw her on Dolldiaries and fell in love with her angelic face. Hattie had quite the adventure in the Halloween House of Wonders.

Jakob Hartmann

 I’ve always wanted a kidz n cats boy doll. I had my heart set on Alistair but when I saw this cutie in his full meet outfit and at an amazing price on ebay I snatched him up instead. The normal Jakob has a different face mold and blond hair. My Jakob is a special edition doll. There are only 300 of them out in the world. He has the same face mold as Hattie, and also like her, many layers to his outfit. He makes the cutest Stirling.


Via-E Dolls

 Alexis Christine O’Shay

 I really can’t say enough good things about this company. They make their dolls like real girls. Each doll is completely different! Here is an in depth description of my sister’s mini me. Click here.

Tatiana Nayara Oliviera

I won’t say anything about this beautiful doll because I had too much to say about her in this super in depth review.


Other Dolls

Karito Kids doll: Lauryn Karito

 Aren’t my dolls last names so original? This one is a custom Karito Kids doll. She used to be a KK Lara doll, but she was rewigged with a Marie Grace wig (the pin curls were straightened).  She’s 21″ and her face looks older than any of my other dolls. She mostly plays the part of mother or even grandmother (Grandmary to Samantha) to some dolls.

 My Salon Doll: Ashliegh Salon

 This doll is unique in that she like, all My Salon dolls, has human hair. Some people think it’s creepy, but I like it. I can treat it just like any human hair. It’s on the thin side but it’s layered and I’ve noticed that with other layered haired dolls.

 Euro Girl: Fanny Euro

 This doll is a cheaper type of doll. Her vinyl is light and cheap, her wig is cheap (in fact it needs to be glued back on). But her face is just the cutest thing, and Hatty wanted a friend.

 Bonnie and Pearl doll: Beatrice Pearl

 Her given name from the factory is Beatrice, but I keep accidentally calling her Emily or Charlotte. I’ve nicknamed her Trice. She is England’s American Girl type doll. Yes, her eyes are creepy and she takes hideous pictures (her eyes are reflecteve) because of that, but in real life it’s not that bad, her hair is incredible and her profile is strong. I don’t feature her on my blog much because of her eyes.

 Maplelea: Saila 

 Pronounced Sigh-la, this is my favorite Maplelea doll and I’m so happy to have her. She is her normal Inuik self, unless Kaya asks her to be her sister.

Naturally Perfect Doll: Kennedy Sweeting

As you saw in the first Dolloween post, I bought a new doll, Kennedy Sweeting. She is a Naturally Perfect doll created by an African American family. Angelica Sweeting noticed that her daughters weren’t happy with how they looked. They wanted their hair to be just like their dolls, long and straight. Angelica wasn’t happy there didn’t seem to be any dolls available that looked like her daughters – with kinky/curly hair, wide noses and full lips. So she decided to create her own. Click here to see the website.

That’s it for now! I will continue to update this when I get new dolls.