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Finding a Fairy Forest

 “Katelynne! Katelynne! Are you ready? Are you ready?” Katelynne smiled as little Camille raced up to her in her ladybug hiking outfit, “I think I am, are you?”  “I have my boots! I have my buggy backpack, and I have … Continue reading

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Civil War Reenactment

I have been out traveling with dolls but just haven’t set time aside to blog about it until now! Today I got the chance to see a Civil War reenactment not too far away from my house.  We arrived just in time … Continue reading

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This Land is Your Land

Happy Independence Day everyone!!! I would have liked to have done some crazy Colonial/Hamilton Independence Day story/celebration (yeah, I’m still not over Hamilton!), but I’ve just been too busy doing other things. The dolls decided to just have a small … Continue reading

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