I’m Heather (the human)! Jacky ( the doll) wanted me to start a blog about life in the doll room. I have a huge collection of not just American Girl dolls but also Magic Attic, Carpatina, Stardust Classic, Kidz n cats, and My Salon doll. I myself and the dolls are Christians and our delight in The Lord often seeps into what we do in our lives and in the blog. Please respect my religion, and I will respect yours.


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  1. Hi, Heather! I’m a Christian, too! I also have a WordPress blog. It’s amazinglyadollable.wordpress.com. I’m fifteen and love American Girl dolls.

  2. I came over from the Doll Diaries website to say hello!

  3. Cool I like your blog and your pictures!! 😀 I want to try to make a craft of a doll bible

  4. I am a Christian too! Also, I saw on Clara’s Craft Corner that you were wondering how to make a button? You can see a how-to on my page below. ;D Also, are you homeschooled?

  5. kaitlynrh1 says:

    I LOVE your blog! And I’m a Christian too!
    ❤ kaitlynrh1

  6. light4thelord says:

    I love your stories! Do you think you might be able to make a profile page with all of your dolls on it so that people (like me!) don’t get confused? I’d love to read that!
    ~ Light4theLord

    • jackylina says:

      I feel embarrassed, but do you know why I haven’t done one? It’s because I don’t know how to make a profile page! I’ve never had the time to figure out how. I’d certainly love to do that. If it’s not too complicated, could you give me some tips as to how to go about doing that? I have wordpress so that probably makes a difference.

      • light4thelord says:

        Don’t be! I’ve learned lots from several other bloggers and I’d love to help! I’m not used to WP, but I’ll do my best. 😀 Go to the ‘My Site’ tab (this is what I’m working on) and click on ‘add’ beside the pages. Title it, then write it!
        I think that ought to work. I can’t wait to see it!
        ~ Light4theLord

      • jackylina says:

        Thanks so much for the advice! It totally worked! How do you think I should organize it? Since I have so many dolls, do you think I should make more than one page? How would you prefer to read it? Also, I read your posts all the time in my reader but there’s never a comment box for me to comment -this on other blogs too. Do you know why? Do you know how I can get the comment box to show up?

      • light4thelord says:

        That’s great! Most bloggers (that I know of) list the dolls ALL on one page (sometimes in age, or in order of arrival, or just randomly) and add a bit about each one. I love reading it that way (and it’s a bit easier than trying to find several pages) Most of the time (I think) in a reader, you have to click on the title of the post to go directly to the post, on which you can comment on at the bottom. Hope that helps!
        ~ Light4theLord

      • jackylina says:

        Great! You’ve been a great help.

      • light4thelord says:

        I’m VERY happy to help! It makes me happy to be able to help others since so many bloggers have helped me over the past two years!
        ~ Light4theLord

  7. Hi, do you have any more pages from your 1999-2001 catalogs you could share? Those years are especially nostalgic for me. Thank you!!

  8. Yes, I saw the 2nd post. Love it! In your first you mentioned 3 “mini catalogs” from 1999-2000 that featured just girls outfits & assessories. Those are so hard to find copies of or even scans of the pages. Those were the clothes I loved to wear 😊 I’d love to see the pages! 😊

  9. Leslie Simmons says:

    Hi, I recently saw your post on the Stardust Classics Dolls. What a great post! i have a set on all 3 dolls in beautiful condition, some outfits, all their books, and 2 of their boxes. The other I am keeping in an AG box. I was thinking of possibly selling them. is there still an interest in them?

    • jackylina says:

      Yes, I think so, at least I’ve seen lots of Stardust stuff get sold on ebay.

      • Leslie Simmons says:

        Is it best to sell each item individually or bundle things up? I appreciate your guidance, since I have never sold doll items before!

      • jackylina says:

        I am not an experienced seller but selling individually is a good way to go, otherwise you might turn someone off if they just want one outfit but they have to buy the whole lot if you get what I mean.

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