Change in Names (and dolls taking matters into their own hands)

Here’s what the dolls are up to…

Jacky was trying to concentrate on her math homework but she just wasn’t getting anywhere. She looked up at Miranda who was reading a magazine.

 “Where’s Josefina?”

“She’s at a Thanksgiving celebration with all the other historicals.”

“Oh……Urgh!! I just can’t concentrate on this anymore! I need a break! I need a vacation.”

“Yeah, vacation’s been on my mind too. Have you  heard the latest news about Christmas? Heather’s going on a trip and there might be a chance a whole bunch of dolls are going to go with her.”

“You mean to Virginia?”


“I would sooooo love to go!” Jacky said, “There are thousands of ships there! And such different ones too! Old, old ships! Even older than my time period! Oh, how I wish to go climb up in the rigging! And then there are great modern mammoth battle ships! Bigger than houses put together! AND! I heard a rumor that she might get to go sailing on a ship!!!”

“In the winter?”

“Who knows! But I’d go!” Jacky started singing, “I want to go to the sea! To see the rollicking boats! Where the breakers roar and the salt spray flies! And the sailoring man can stretch his eyes!”

Miranda chuckled, “That sounds so cool!”

Jacky looked up, “Hey, do you know who’s actually going?”

 “No, but I think I know how to find out.”


“You know how Heather makes lists of everything?”

 “Of course!”

“Well, we just need to find that particular list, and I’m pretty sure I know just where to find it too,” Miranda’s voice sounded dangerous.

“Where?” Jacky asked warily.

“Well, we all know she’s always writing emails to her aunt, right? And she lives in Virginia, so if there are a whole bunch of dolls going to Virginia wouldn’t she have typed that list out and sent it to her? So all we have to do is go into her email and get it!” Miranda stood up, “Come on! I don’t want to wait any longer! You want to go, I want to go, and the only way to find out is to find that list! Cause if we’re not on that list, we need to expend all our persuasive powers to get her to put us on it!”

 “Miranda, is this really worth it? To hack into her email? Isn’t that against the law? And anyway, why do you want to go so badly?”

“I want to meet someone there. Someone very, very special. Someone who’s like me, experienced the same things I went through, but maybe even worse.”

“You mean like, everything that happened before I came along? How your head was hurting so badly for years and years, and your hair was falling out? And how your face got practically scrubbed off because someone put permanent marker on your cheek and Heather tried to get rid of it? And through all that, all that suffering, you were always cheerful, always content, always thinking about others, and most important and because you felt and acted that way; you trusted in the Lord and the Lord gave you strength. Philippians 4:11-13:  11I am not saying this because I am in need, for I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances. 12 I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want. 13 I can do all this through Him who gives me strength.

 “Yes,” said Miranda, “and now that I went to the hospital and got all better and am living in plenty, there’s someone who lives there who’s maybe suffered worse than me who is always content, always grateful and always puts her trust in the Lord and I want to meet her.”

“Who is it?”

“Heather’s Grandma.”


“So let’s go! Let’s find that list!”

Jacky packed her bag and headed out to the study room with Miranda. They opened the door to find Alison  already there.

“Hey guys!” Alison said, “You want to do homework together? Jacky, could you help me on some geometry?”

“Not right now, we’re kind of on a mission.”

“A mission?”

“To find out who’s going to Virginia for Christmas.”

“Well, that’s easy. It’s Felicity.”

“Felicity. How do you know?”

“Because she always goes, that’s her home!”

“Are you just saying that or did you read a list?”

“I’m just saying that. I never saw a list.”

“Well, we heard Heather’s taking a whole bunch of dolls this time. Probably one of them is Felicity, but I want to see who else is on it.”

“So what are you going to do?”

“Hack, I mean, get into Heather’s email.”

“Isn’t that against the law?”

 “Not when you know the person…I don’t think,” Miranda muttered, her hands flying over the mouse and keyboard.

 “Aaaarrgh! This computer is so OLD!!! It is so slow and it doesn’t even show gmail!”

 “Yeah, I don’t even think it knows what gmail is,” said Jacky, peering over Miranda’s shoulder, “This computer’s only good for writing reports and research papers.”

“We need a laptop then. An up to date one. Lanie! LANIE HOLLAND!!! CAN YOU HEAR ME???”

“Yeees?” Lanie asked.

“Can we borrow your laptop?”

“Why do you want it?”

“They want to hack into Heather’s email and see who’s going on vacation with her for Christmas,” Alison explained.

“Isn’t hacking into other doll’s emails against the law?”

“No. She’s not a doll. Why does everyone keep asking that? ”

 “Okaaaaay,” Lanie said reluctantly taking out her laptop from her bag, “but I have a bad feeling about this.”

“I really don’t think it’s against the law, but even if it is, do you really think we’re going to get caught? Heather hardly even comes here anymore.”

“Yeah, but….”

Alison had the same thoughts as Lanie, “Wouldn’t it be better to just wait? Or ask Samantha first? Maybe she knows more than we do.”

 “But this is so much faster,” Miranda said, “I know how to do this.”

“Just because you know how, doesn’t mean you shou—”

“Look! I got in!” Miranda cried, she started searching for emails about Christmas. She found nothing.

“Holy cow! There are 884 emails!” Jacky exclaimed, “I guess you have to go through them all to find the list? This is going to take forever.”

And take forever, it did. After two days of searching Miranda still couldn’t find anything. But there were so many lists in those emails she was certain she’d find it somewhere. Jacky, Alison and Lanie often visited Miranda just because they were curious themselves. Miranda didn’t feel like she was doing anything wrong or against the law as the other dolls seemed to say. Samantha had never laid a flat rule of no hacking emails, and Heather often shared emails with them, so why should it be bad if she just looked at one little list?

Plus, it was kind of fun skimming through these emails. Sometimes the dolls themselves were discussed and even though she already had an idea of how amazing Heather’s aunt was, she was often blown away by what she wrote.

She clicked on another email, gave a gasp and screamed!

Jacky came running back, Alison and Lanie not far behind. They crowded around the computer.

“Did you find it!!!???? Who’s going???”

“Tell us Miranda!!!”

Miranda calmed herself down, “It’s not that. It’s something totally different! Look at this, at the end of the email: ‘Sleep well!  Love to you all and to all the dollsies!!’ The dollsies! She called us dollsies!! Isn’t that awesome!?? We’re not Dollightful Dolls anymore! We’re the Dollsies!! We have to change our whole blog and everything!”

“Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa, Miranda! You’re going to far!”

“No I’m not! Jamie and Isabella just got their names changed. I almost got my name changed. Everything is changing, so why can’t we all change too? And this is perfect!! So many people have used Dollightful but NOBODY has used Dollsies. It’s just PERFECT!!!!”

There was silence as the dolls thought about this. It was perfect. It fit all them, every one of them perfectly! And it was such a cute little name, and coming from someone special.

“We should probably ask Samantha’s permission first.”

“Well….we don’t exactly have to ask permission,” said someone who wasn’t Miranda. It was Jacky, “This whole blog started because of me. I was supposed to run the whole entire blog but I let everyone share in it. I’m still the one in charge, and I totally agree with Miranda. We should change it! It’s perfect! I’ll mention it to Samantha just to be nice, and ask some other dolls what they think, but I’m sure they’ll all agree. We’ll change it. We should probably tell Heather too. She writes on the blog the most.”

“WHAT!” Lanie cried, “If we tell Heather she’s going to find out someone’s been looking at her emails!”

“Well, what’s going to happen when she goes to the the blog and reads the new title?”Alison pointed out.

“We’ll figure that part out later.”

Word spread amongst many of the dolls about this and everyone was in a flurry of excitement and secrets. Miranda most of all since she had two big secrets to keep. One time, Heather came in and said goodnight to Miranda and Miranda found herself avoiding her, something she’d never done before.

“Hey Miranda! How are you? What’d you guys do today? Did you have an adventure that got you all tired out? It seems really quiet here. What’s up?” Heather asked.

“Mmmmmm, not much,” Miranda hurriedly answered, “just the usual, mostly. Oh I forgot to ask Lanie for something. See ya later.” And she hurried away. That was when she questioned herself.

Was this wrong? To go through Heather’s emails? All she wanted was a list. So why hadn’t she just asked Heather straight out for the list when she had the chance? She found herself trying to come up with legitimate excuses, excuses that made sense. She didn’t ask Heather because it was probably a Christmas secret anyway and Heather wouldn’t tell her, so what was the point in asking? Or if she did ask her and she wasn’t on the list, Heather would see her look of disappointment and feel guilty that she wasn’t bringing her. Except, wasn’t that what she wanted anyway? To make her feel guilty if she wasn’t on the list?

Or was there something deeper, that she knew deep down she shouldn’t be doing this….shouldn’t be looking into someone else’s private emails, especially Heather’s. Maybe I should stop, she thought but just as she was about to log out and close the computer Jacky walked in.

“Still at it, huh? That’s just like you, Miranda. You never give up. You persevere and never give up hope.”

“Ha,” Miranda said weakly. Hmm, so she was persevering and not giving up hope…..sooooo she should still keep doing this, right? She was so sure the list had to be here, and the prospect of giving up made her feel like a failure, worse, even, now that Jacky had said that.

Lanie and Alison came in the study room too.

Lanie looked back at the computer, “Wow, Miranda! How far have you gotten? Still no list?”

“Not yet…”

“Maybe she didn’t write one,”Lanie said, her voice starting to crescendo, “I would have thought you would’ve found it by now. And you’re taking all these chances, and we’ve kind of been covering up for you too. And we’re going to change the blog name too, and I don’t like it. Someday -”

But Miranda never got to hear what might happen someday because Heather walked in and stared at the four of them.

“Whoa! What’s all this noise? This is the study room! It’s supposed to be the quietest place in the doll room and there are FOUR of you here, where there’s only supposed to be two! What’s going on?” Heather whipped Lanie’s computer out of Miranda’s grasp and held it up to her face.

“Miranda…..Wha— How did you? Why are you reading my emails?”

Miranda stared at the floor and kicked at Lanie’s backpack, “I just…..wanted to see who’s going for Christmas.”

“Why didn’t you just ask me?”

Miranda stared at the floor, wishing she could hide, “I….don’t know.”

“This isn’t like you. This isn’t something you’d do. Go to your room. I’ll talk to you later.”

Miranda left and Heather turned to the other girls, “I don’t know how involved you three were in all this -”

“I let her borrow my laptop and we all knew what she was doing and we all told her she probably shouldn’t, but we didn’t stop her and I’m sorry,” Lanie said this all very quickly, “Please don’t punish her. She wasn’t trying to do anything mean at all.”

Heather smiled, “I really didn’t think she would. I’m just disappointed she didn’t feel comfortable enough with me to ask me a simple question like that straight out. Thank you for apologizing. But I need to know something, did she read or tell you anything about Savannah?”

“Savannah?” Jacky asked, “No, just how Jamie’s name got changed to Annaleis and Isabella’s name got changed to Willow. What’s with Savannah? Is she getting her name changed too?”

“No! Not at all!! Okay, thanks. I’ll talk to Miranda tonight,” Heather left.

Lanie turned to Jacky, “Do you think she’ll get in trouble?”

“No, but I think Heather’s waiting to talk to her is sort of a punishment in itself. Making Miranda stew in her guilt. She was warned.”

She had been warned, but Jacky still felt kind of bad for her. She decided to go to Miranda and talk to her first.



Jacky sighed, “I guess it’s over.”

“Yeah. I really am sorry I didn’t ask Heather to begin with. Sometimes I just don’t think, and I just don’t listen. You guys warned me over and over.”

“I don’t think she’s mad at you exactly. Just disappointed.”

“Yeah, but that almost feels worse. And, I think Lanie’s right. There is no list of dolls who are going. Prolly Heather herself hasn’t made up her mind. Except……an idea came to me. And I think it wouldn’t be against the law to do this.”


Miranda responded with another question, “Has any other doll contacted Heather’s aunt directly?”

“Yes. Katelynne and Camille sent a thank you note to her for the Faerie Call.”

Miranda grabbed a laptop she had borrowed from Megan.

“I want to email her.”

Jacky gasped, “What are you going to say?”

“Well, first of all, I can thank her for the new doll blog title, and then……maybe she can tell me who she wants to come visit!”

—-to be continued—-

Note from Heather the human: hahahaha! Yes! All of this really did happen! I really have been emailing my aunt about dolls and I really did change the names of two dolls:

Jamie Effner just doesn’t/hasn’t ever looked like a Jamie to me or to my aunt. I could never figure out a good name for her. A beautiful name suddenly came to my aunt and she texted it to me. I fell in love with it immediately and it truly fits Jamie perfectly; Annaleis.

I have also gotten annoyed that I have two Isabell-ish dolls. I have Isabelle Palmer (GOTY 2016) and Isabella Carpatina. Their names are just too close. Isabelle said she wasn’t willing to change her name. Isabella fell in love with another name my aunt suggested; Willow.

And about the doll blog’s name? Well,……I’m not supposed to know about that, right? hahahahaha!



About jackylina

Hi, I'm Heather (the human) and Jacky (the doll) wanted us to start a blog together about all the dolls in my room. I collect 18"dolls such as American Girl, Carpatina, Magic Attic, and Kidz n Cats. I love dressing them up and creating photo stories for you to enjoy! I'm a Christian and you will see a Christian influence in this blog because I can't help glorifying the Lord!
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4 Responses to Change in Names (and dolls taking matters into their own hands)

  1. Well now! I’m all for renaming dolls halfway through their stories. I’ve done it twice.
    Can’t wait to see who’s going!

  2. Jen says:

    Wow, your crew is full of hijinks lately! One of my favorite pictures is the one expressing you coming in the door and them turned to look at you in surprise!
    I thought your post definitely touched on human nature…which can be sneaky or maybe just too curious 😉.
    Your trip sounds exciting… I’m picturing a “Ye Olde” Colonial Christmas but who knows what you have in store!

    • jackylina says:

      Haha! Yes! I think the Colonials will still probably visit Williamsburg, but a bunch of moderns are excited to go to……it’s going to be so hard to chose who!

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