Naturally Perfect Kennedy

As you saw in the first Dolloween post, I bought a new doll, Kennedy Sweeting. She is a Naturally Perfect doll created by an African American family. Angelica Sweeting noticed that her daughters weren’t happy with how they looked. They wanted their hair to be just like their dolls, long and straight. Angelica wasn’t happy there didn’t seem to be any dolls available that looked like her daughters – with kinky/curly hair, wide noses and full lips. So she decided to create her own. Click here to see the website.

I first discovered these dolls on AG Playthings, but I have too many dolls and even though I loved the concept I didn’t want to spend $85 on yet another doll. A month later I saw another post on AGPT that the dolls were on sale and came with an extra free outfit. I decided I couldn’t pass this up and bought Kennedy.

 Right out of the box, I was surprised to see she was wrapped up in a sack! I’ve never seen that before. It was tied with a ribbon and a little card was tied with it showing the four dolls available, Kennedy, Angelica (the original doll), Camryn, and Brielle:

The extra outfit is actually Camryn’s meet outfit. It’s great, because it’s my second favorite meet outfit.

 My favorite meet outfit is Kennedy’s which was excellent because Kennedy is my favorite doll. From what I saw of the pictures on the website, she seemed to have the most highlights in her hair, and I thought she had the prettiest eyes.

 Here she is out of the sack.

 Here she is all unwrapped. I looked at her face and squealed out loud in delight!

 I hadn’t noticed on the website pics but she has a very light sprinkling of freckles across her nose! Her rosy cheeks and pink lips make her that much cuter. I like her facial expression too. It’s content, but not smiley, and full of wide eyed thoughtful curiosity.

 She is a first run doll from an up and starting company, so Kennedy herself and her outfits are not the quality of AG or OG. One of her eyelashes is not completely glued down and her limbs are extremely tight. Her clothes are more of a Springfield quality. I would say the reason for the $85 price tag is for the hair. I could not stop running my fingers through the gorgeously thick, curly, slightly layered, highlighted hair.

 The website says you can do anything you want with her hair, just as a human would do with this kind of hair except heat it.

 Here’s a comparison to Cecile.

Kennedy’s hair has a MUCH tighter curl.

 Tatianna’s hair is probably the most similar to Kennedy’s, but still not as curly. I find Kennedy’s hair to be friendlier to play with than Tatianna’s. Tatianna’s hair is gorgeous but there is just SO much of it that I kind of get overwhelmed and either leave it down or put little barrettes in it. Kennedy’s is shorter, and less thick so I don’t feel intimidated to play with it. So far, all I’ve been doing is run my fingers through it and kind of fluffing it up.

 On to her meet outfit: She’s wearing a jean skirt and a plain cream shirt.

 She’s a slim doll and able to share clothes with the Carpatina and Magic Attic girls, however her feet are big. I haven’t tried AG shoes on her but her feet are too big for MA shoes. Her meet boots are so cute with the little bows on the side. They zip up in the back.

 Before I took the boots off I thought she was wearing purple socks but they turned out to be leg warmers. When I took off her clothes and tights I found this:

 Hmm, I’m thinking those tights must be doll staining tights which makes me sad because I could use more black tights. And you can see the dye has already even bled onto the wrapping! Good thing she was wrapped or she’d have black and blue legs like Tanya.

 It took me a while to get all that wrapping off of her legs, but here is her Halloween costume with Lea: She’s wearing a Carpatina fairy outfit with Springfield shoes:



About jackylina

Hi, I'm Heather (the human) and Jacky (the doll) wanted us to start a blog together about all the dolls in my room. I collect 18"dolls such as American Girl, Carpatina, Magic Attic, and Kidz n Cats. I love dressing them up and creating photo stories for you to enjoy! I'm a Christian and you will see a Christian influence in this blog because I can't help glorifying the Lord!
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4 Responses to Naturally Perfect Kennedy

  1. Nayla says:

    cute doll. thanks for the write up. Have do you have a review for my muse dolls? I really like the company and I am thinking of buying one as part of my collection.

    • jackylina says:

      Thanks for bringing them to my attention, I’ve never even heard of them! If you try googling My Muse Doll review some youtube videos pop up. They look pretty compatible to AG. I don’t think I’d buy one because it doesn’t look like they have much neck. They remind me of the Springfield dolls. I like the company’s message.

  2. bennettv says:

    She is absolutely darling! I LOVE her freckles! I love all of the different types of dolls you have. I am going to look into these as well as Magic Attic. They are all so pretty! 🙂 Also, Tatianna is so adorable. I meant to ask what doll brand she was. I just love her!

    ginnie /

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