Master Chef Doll: Episode 2

 “Ah, good!” Grace said looking pleased, “I’m happy to see you all in some beautiful spring and summer dresses.

 The reason we asked you to dress up is because you will be making a garden party luncheon for 12 dolls. They are patiently waiting in the garden right now. They will eat your food and vote who created the best dish. You must work really hard because today is a double elimination. Two of you will be going home today.

 You have a choice of either working with your same team-member, choosing someone else, or working by yourself for this challenge. One of you at least, will have to work by yourself, but you won’t really be working by yourself since you’re all in on this together and must learn to work with one another.

 I am going to set the timer again.

You have one hour. GO!”

The flurry of activity began again. The dolls all gathered together and discussed what they planned to make and what team to be on. They decided to remain on the same teams with Addy working by herself.

 Savannah and Lea were trying to make a tropical dish; cutting up mangoes and pineapples, and making kabobs with shrimp. Lea’s strength was making paninis. “I bet I can make the best panini in the world!”

 Addy was making an American dish cutting up watermelon and grilling hamburgers.

 Lanie and Suki were having problems. They couldn’t come up with a theme for their dish.

“Let’s have a tea party theme. We can make little cucumber sandwiches and petite-fours,” said Lanie wistfully.

“That’s boring, and who likes eating cucumber sandwiches? We should just make the most fantastic regular lunch: a sandwich, fruit and a cookie,” countered Suki, lathering mayonnaise on her subway sandwich.

“Talk about boring,” Lanie muttered as she continued to place little candles on her petite-fours.

All too soon the time was up and Grace asked Addy to come forward with her tray of food before it was served to the guests.

“I made gourmet hamburgers and fresh watermelon,” Addy said proudly.

“And you did this all by yourself too!” Grace added, “you should be proud. I love your display. Go ahead out to the garden and serve it.”

Addy headed out and Lea and Savannah brought their food for Grace’s inspection.

“This all looks really good. I love your tropical theme, but what is this pineapple doing here? Is it just for decoration?”

“Well it’s supposed to be edible,” said Savannah.

“Well of course it’s edible, it’s a real pineapple,” Grace stated blankly, “but it’s not cut up. What do you expect the guests to do with it?”

“I’m not sure…I didn’t really have time to cut it up so I just put it out there,” Savannah squirmed.

“It probably would have been better if you had not brought it up at all. It’s going to be one count against you because it’s impossible to eat.”

The Food Booth:

Savannah: Gah! I knew I should have left the pineapple on the cooking table. I just love pineapple and I hated to waste it. I don’t know what I was thinking, that maybe we could provide knives so the guests could cut it up?

I just hope this isn’t going to cost me. I’ll have to see if any others make mistakes.

Back in the cooking room Suki and Lanie were presenting their trays.

“What is this?” Jonathan asked looking down at their plate, “I see a fancy watercress sandwich, and how you got it in the shape of a butterfly, I’ll never know. I see beautiful petite-fours and then a sub-way sandwich?”

“Well, we kind of had a disagreement,” Lanie explained, “Suki wanted an all-American luncheon, and I wanted a tea party. We solved it by not saying anything and just doing our own thing.”

“A sub-way sandwich does not go in a tea party setting. I like both of your ideas but you definitely should not have combined them together.”

“I thought it would be neat if we did combine them together,” said Suki.

“For the people like me who like to try little bites of everything on their plate, this does not work at all. The flavors don’t go together,” Grace sighed, “Well you have to serve it anyway. Maybe you’ll be lucky and the guests will like it. Go out and serve it.”

 All of the chefs went outside to the tables where 12 dolls were seated in their beautiful spring outfits.

 The chefs served the food and explained what each dish was and the theme represented.

Then the guests began to eat.

“I love how this looks,” exclaimed Kanani, “the whole table display with the tropical theme reminds of the days in Hawaii.”

“Does it taste as good as Hawaii?”

“This paninni does. The shrimp kabob could use a better sauce.”

“I don’t get what this pineapple is doing here,” said Jessica, “are we supposed to eat it? How do we cut it up?”

 “Maybe the chefs are going to come back and cut it up for dessert,” said Sonali.

 Over at the next table the girls were enjoying their hamburgers.

“Is this barbecue sauce on this hamburger? Because it is amazing,” Miranda said with her mouth full.

“It’s not ketchup or mustard but it has a sweet, tangy and spicy tone to it,” Emma agreed, “it’s the perfect sauce for everybody.”

 “Well this is different,” said Beth over at the next table, “I didn’t know subway sandwiches and petite-fours go together.”

 “Yeah, it’s sort of an odd combination don’t you think?” asked Caroline, “I’m not sure that I like it.”

When they were finished eating, the dolls cast their votes and Kanani brought it over to the chef’s kitchen for Jonathan and Grace to count up.

 Grace gathered all the chefs around her to announce the results, “Kanani told me that every doll not only enjoyed their time at the garden luncheon, but they enjoyed the food too. They said it was terribly hard to vote. However, they did and I have the results here:

 Savannah, the guests were perplexed by the pineapple sitting in the middle of the table. They had thought someone would come out and cut it for a dessert but when no one did, they got annoyed that it was taking up space on the table and blocking doll’s views of each other. Because of this, you are the first one to be eliminated.”

 Lea came up to Savannah, “Oh, Hannah, I’m so sorry you’re going. I loved having you as my partner.”

“I loved cooking with you too,” Savannah responded, “Maybe we could face-time together and talk recipes and stuff.”

 “Yes, let’s definitely keep in touch!” Lea said as she shook Savannah’s hand.

 Jonathan spoke next, “There are four of you and in a few minutes there will only be three.

 Addy, the guests couldn’t get enough of your hamburgers and they raved over your fancy barbecue sauce that you came up with yourself. Addy, you are safe. Lea, Kanani gave you the highest compliment saying your paninis are as good as the ones in Hawaii. Lea, you are safe too. This brings us to Suki and Lanie. The dolls were baffled by your choice of combinations. They thought the tea party theme was great but they weren’t sure what the subway sandwiches were doing on their plates. Suki, I’m sorry to say, you are the one eliminated with Savannah.”

The Food Booth

Lanie: I just knew it was going to be one us being eliminated. I’m so sad that  Suki is leaving. If we had only stuck with one theme and agreed on the tea party it would have been perfect. If Suki wasn’t so stubborn…

Savannah: I had a feeling I’d get knocked out because of the pineapple.

Suki: Your doom has been met by the pineapple and mine has been claimed by the subway sandwich!

Suki: Well, as much as we are sorry to leave, this has been such a great experience and so much fun to do! I don’t have any regrets.

Back in the kitchen, the remaining three competitors waited to hear about their third challenge.

Grace announced, “Girls, it is now just the three of you. You will each have your own table for the remaining of the show, and you each must work twice as hard because we are approaching the semifinals. I will see you in four days.”



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Hi, I'm Heather (the human) and Jacky (the doll) wanted us to start a blog together about all the dolls in my room. I collect 18"dolls such as American Girl, Carpatina, Magic Attic, and Kidz n Cats. I love dressing them up and creating photo stories for you to enjoy! I'm a Christian and you will see a Christian influence in this blog because I can't help glorifying the Lord!
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6 Responses to Master Chef Doll: Episode 2

  1. Abby says:

    That is so cute!!! 🙂

  2. Flo says:

    You definitely have the feel of the show in this, all that is missing is Gordon!

  3. bennettv says:

    I love all of the girls spring dresses! Everyone looks so pretty!

    ginnie /

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