Master Chef Doll: Episode 1

Before I get into this post, I thought I’d show you some outside photos of my new to me custom doll, Elanor Grace.

 Even these photos aren’t the greatest as the sun was setting and everything was dark even when I used the flash.

 She’s so pretty. I still don’t have the guts to take her braid out yet. I hate the thought of messing up AG’s factory perfection. Okay, one more photo and then on to the real post:

I’m really not into cooking/baking or watching cooking/baking shows but last year I had a really fun time watching Master Chef Junior. The little girl who won reminded me of another girl I know ( see this post) and I was thrilled when she won. I have never had a doll who loves cooking and baking until Elanor Grace came along (Ellie Grace kind of inhabited Grace Thomas’s personality and interests when her wig got glued to her head). Ellie decided to get other dolls excited about baking by having a Master Chef Doll competition.

“Welcome to Master Chef Doll. As you probably already know, Jonathan Fletcher, and myself, Elanor Grace Thomas are your judges for this four episode show.

We are so glad to have you in the kitchen and ready to try your skills at baking and cooking. As you can see, our kitchen is fully equipped with a stove, refrigerator, tables, and tons of mixing ingredients.

Any other ingredients you might need are up front with us.

Now, there is only one stove and one refrigerator, so you will need to plan your cooking and baking accordingly with the other contestants because you will be timed,” Grace held up a timer,

“You will have exactly 60 minutes to complete your dish. If you complete it and we decide that it is worthy, you will win a Master Chef apron and continue on to the next assignment.

However, one of you will be going home without an apron.

Yes, you are all competing against one another, but even though you are competitors, there is one thing in common: you love to work with food. I’m sure many of you could share great ideas and recipes, which means you must get to know each other. For this assignment, you will be divided in partners and you must learn to work with you partner. Your willingness to get along will be a part of our judging. Here are the list of partners. Once I say your partners name, find a table with them: Addy Walker and Megan Rider,

 Lea Clark and Savannah Effner,

  Suki Schinici and Lanie Holland.

Your assignment today is to make a breakfast dish; anything that a normal person would eat in the morning. It must be nutritious so you must at least include protein and fruit in your dish.

I am setting the timer to 60 minutes. You have exactly one hour…GO!”

The silence while Grace was speaking was palpable and when she finished there was a roar of dolls grabbing cooking equipment..

 lunging for ingredients…


and throwing, and mixing, and frying at the tables.

 The kitchen was such a huge flurry of activity that it wasn’t long until some wonderful aromas could be smelled.

“Thirty minutes!” Grace yelled out.

Savannah and Lea were working well together after forming a plan of what they wanted to put on their dish.

“Just thirty minutes,” Lea said, “I’m going to go fry my eggs and bacon.”

She had just set her pan on the stove when Megan bumped her.

 “I need to use the stove.”

“Well, I got here first, and my eggs should only take about 4 minutes,” Lea responded feeling a little guilty. Savannah had checked with Suki and Lanie about using the stove but not with Addy and Megan.

 “Well I’m making rice krispies and I wanted to put my special chocolate chip sauce on them and I need to use the stove to melt the chips. And really, I was here first, but Addy called me just a second ago because she had added too much sugar to her muffin. And she needs to melt chocolate chips for her sauce that she puts inside of the muffin.”

 “Why didn’t you come and talk to us about this?” Lea asked, “And anyway, are rice krispies a breakfast item? Can’t you do something else while I cook my eggs?”

Megan scowled at Lea, “Thanks a lot. Now I don’t even know if I’m going to be finished in time. Thanks to you!”

 Lea just shook her head as she turned up the heat on her eggs and bacon. She was close enough to Megan and Addy’s table that she could hear what they were saying.

“What are we going to do? Lea’s using the stove and we both need it right now,” Megan whined.

“What are you doing here?” Addy cried waving her away, “Go stand behind Lea so no one else gets there first when she’s done.”

The Food Booth:

 Lea: I feel bad that Megan and Addy needed the stove, but I was totally there first. If you leave the proximity of the stove, you are getting out of line. True, we made the mistake of not checking with them about when they needed the stove, but seriously, how long does it take to fry some eggs and bacon? We’re only making one dish! I’m sure I didn’t slow them down that much.

Addy: Why did I have to get a whiner for a partner? I felt like I was kind of doing everything. Megan got the food and ingredients, but I was the one mixing, counting and rolling. It’s no wonder I put too much sugar in my muffin mix. It also didn’t help that we couldn’t agree on what we wanted to make.

 Meanwhile, Lanie and Suki were getting along splendidly. They were pretty sure they were the ones making a very unique plate.

 “I think we’re the only ones who grabbed the cinnamon,” said Lanie as she frosted her cinnamon swirl donuts.

“Yeah, I don’t see anyone making a yogurt parfait either,” Suki said as she added blueberries to it.

 “Ten seconds….5, 4, 3, 2, 1! Hands in the air!!” cried Grace as the timer rang, “Now today, you are all competing to get an apron, but the biggest prize at the end of all 4 episodes is that someone will be crowned with the chef’s hat and declared the Master Chef Doll.

 You all worked really hard this morning and it smells really good. Addy and Megan! Please bring your plate forward.”

“What did you make?” Jonathan asked.

 “We made a chocolate filled muffin, a fruit tart, and a rice krispy treat,” Megan answered.

 “All right, I’ll try the muffin,” Jonathan took a big bite, “Mmm. It’s really good. Very rich and very sweet. It’s also nice and moist, but it still holds together. Well done.”

 Grace tried the tart, “This is also very well done. I like how it looks, very colorful, and you have a nice variety of fruit that go together well. The crust is flaky and light. Fantastic job.”

 Then Grace and Jonathan looked at the rice krispies.

“These rice krispies look pretty plain. Did you put some sort of spice or filling in it?”

“No chef,” Megan answered.

Grace took a bite, “I’m very disappointed. Not only are these plain old rice krispies, but who eats rice krispies for breakfast? I thought they would have some egg in them because your missing a key ingredient – protein. This is not a very nutritious breakfast.”

“The rice krispies kind of taste like cardboard,” added Jonathan, “what happened? I don’t get it. You have an amazing tart, which I saw Megan make, and a fantastic muffin that Addy made. Who made the rice krispies?”

“I did chef, ” Megan hung her head, “Or at least I tried to but I ran out of time. I wanted to put chocolate sauce on it.”

“You don’t even need any more chocolate. The muffin is enough,” Grace cut in, “It would have been chocolate overload had you even done that. And I saw you arguing with another competitor which also doesn’t help your case. Please go back to your table.”

Megan put her head down on the messy table trying hard not to cry. Addy put her arm around her in comfort.

“Lea and Savannah, please step forward.”

“What did you make?”

Lea answered, “We made a buttermilk waffle with a maple bacon and egg on top, a yogurt parfait, and sugar glazed strawberries.”

Grace reached for the parfait, “I think you went above and beyond the call of duty. This is amazing. You’re plate looks incredibly delicious. This parfait is to die for. The yogurt is creamy, the cookies on the side add a bit of crunch and the fruit you put in go together really well.”

Lea and Savannah gave each other hugs.

Jonathan headed for the glazed strawberries, “Whoa! I did not expect these to be spicy! What did you put in here?”

“Oops!” said Savannah, “I wanted to add cinnamon in it and I couldn’t find the cinnamon. Then at the last moment I saw Lanie and Suki had it, and I reached for it just as you were counting down to stop and I just kind of engulfed the strawberries with it.”

“Yeah,.. it’s very strong.”

“Well, despite that, your bacon and egg waffle has the perfect amount of spice and sweetness. I never thought to eat all three together like this and I love how it tastes. Thank you, you may go back.”

 The final group of Lanie and Suki put their food on the table.

 Suki spoke, “We made a cinnamon swirl donut, maple/bacon pancakes, two eggs, and all we did to the strawberries was just wash them.”

 Grace tried a bite of each item, “Girls, you were so smart to leave the strawberries alone. The cinnamon swirl donut is sweet enough that you don’t need anything else to sweeten the plate. The pancakes are so moist they cut with a fork, and the eggs are fantastic.”

Jonathan added, “This is one of the best cinnamon swirl donuts I’ve ever tasted.”

 “Thank you girls,” Grace ushered them back, “We will now decided who will win a Master Chef Apron.”

“You have all worked so hard and made absolutely delicious breakfasts,” Jonathan began, “so I want to congratulate all of you. In no particular order, the first winner of an apron is:

 Suki Schinici!”

Suki let out a squeak and ran down the room to receive her apron.

“If I could award the best partnership in a team it would be Suki and Lanie. So Lanie, I ask you to accept the second apron,” Jonathan continued.

Lanie was handed an apron with the  word, ‘friends’ embroidered on it.

Lanie turned to Suki, “Because of this cooking show, I have a new friend, and that’s worth more than winning.”

Grace grabbed the next apron, “Our third winner who made an amazing waffle combination is Savannah Effner.”

Savannah jumped up, “Yes!”

“Savannah, you look so cute in that apron!” Lea said.

 Grace continued, “Our fourth winner who made a scrumptious parfait is Lea Clark.”

 Lea had kind of expected to win because of the judges praise when they tasted her team’s dish but she still felt a thrill of excitement when her name was called.

 After a pause Jonathan spoke, “And now we have a final apron to give away.

 Megan and Addy, I have to congratulate you on your fruit tart and chocolate muffin, however, there were arguments in the kitchen involving you, your rice Krispy treat fell flat with nothing to spice it up, and you missed a key ingredient in your dish. Only one of you will be going home today with an apron.”

 Grace held up the apron, “The winner of your team’s breakfast dish, who will be going home with this yellow apron is….Addy Walker. Addy you did a lot of the work to create your dish and your chocolate muffin warmed my taste buds and my heart.”

 Megan tried to keep back tears as she hugged Addy good-bye.

The Food Booth:

 Megan: Of course I’m disappointed to be going home, and sad to be the first one to do so, but I learned a lot from just this one experience. If I ever share a kitchen, or anything with a group of people, I need to check with them when they plan to use whatever it is before I do anything else. From now on, I’m going to practice keeping a time chart so I don’t get distracted trying to find unique ingredients, or trying something out that might not work when I’m supposed to be making food that’s on a deadline. If I decide to run a restaurant, my customers want their food as soon as possible and I need to try and be more efficient with my cooking and baking, and I certainly can’t leave important ingredients out!

“Congratualtions to all who made it to the second challenge,” Jonathan said, “You have a short homework assignment, I would like you all to come back to challenge two wearing a very nice spring dress and bring your aprons. I will see you in three days!”



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Hi, I'm Heather (the human) and Jacky (the doll) wanted us to start a blog together about all the dolls in my room. I collect 18"dolls such as American Girl, Carpatina, Magic Attic, and Kidz n Cats. I love dressing them up and creating photo stories for you to enjoy! I'm a Christian and you will see a Christian influence in this blog because I can't help glorifying the Lord!
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2 Responses to Master Chef Doll: Episode 1

  1. bennettv says:

    This is fantastic! I can’t wait until episode 2! Poor Megan. Oh well, she learned her lesson. 🙂

    ginnie /

  2. I love Master Chef Junior!!!

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