AG School Fashions through the Ages

I thought it would be fun to see the AG back to school fashions that have changed over the years. Instead of using the catalogs I decided to dress my dolls up in the back to school outfits I own. I own a lot of them, but not all. I browsed through my giant catalog collection and dressed my dolls in outfits that AG has used for back to school beginning with 1995 when American Girl of Today was first introduced.


 There was just one school outfit in 1995 and that was the Blue Jeans Basics. I think it should be called the mom jeans outfit. Very high waisted jeans.

 The belt is detachable which is nice because you can put it on more stylish jeans. The bright red t-shirt works with so many outfits.

 You could also buy the official AG varsity jacket with the AG logo embroidered on the back.

 Suki is happy to wear the jacket because it hides the jeans somewhat.

 “Real” Converse shoes for AG dolls!

The first school set came with a purple backpack which I don’t own, a math book, a report card, a calculator that really works (the battery of mine is dead, but it is replaceable), a soft covered binder with an AG notebook inside, and a pencil (not shown here).


 A new school outfit was added with the Blue Jean Basics. The School Jumper is a classic and I don’t think it will ever go out of style. It starts with gray tights with confetti like sprinkles in it (they don’t sparkle, but if you blow this pic up, you can see it).

 Miranda adds a striped turtle neck,

 And a thick real wool jumper and black boots with a headband to complete the outfit.

 Brand new school accessories were added too. The plastic, very light desk that holds the computer came with it’s own chair but I got this whole set at a garage sale and it didn’t come with the chair. I just added the wheel chair because that was being sold at the same time.

 This computer, although it’s probably the oldest Mac in existence, is awesome.

 It turns on in the back.

 Then you see a blank page,

 and every time you press the keyboard (the whole keyboard is a button) a paragraph appears!

It’s really a great way for kids to see the structure of a report; the intro, the body, and the conclusion.

1997 – no new school items

1998 – no new school items


 1999 delivered the most non-pink (and boyish) outfits AG has ever produced, and I love it. This Plaid Skirt and Sweater outfit is more girly, but there is no pink! Amy is wearing a plaid skirt and a jean vest. I’m disappointed in the vest because it has velcro, so when you put the sweater over it…

 it kind of puffs out where the velcro is. Luckily, you barely see it in photos. If they would have used snaps, or better yet buttons, it would not only be better looking, but the dolls could wear the vest by itself! Thick gray knee socks and black loafers complete the look.

 The Drawstring Cargos and Plaids outfit has so many pieces, I had to do a double take when I saw in the catalog it was only $24!  Jonathan is acting grumpy wearing baggy kahaki cargoes, and a grey t-shirt that has American girl on it. “I am not a girl!!” (Sorry, Jona.) “And don’t call me Jona!” (Okay! got it.)

 On top of that is the plaid shirt. I love it so much ( I own two of these, one for Molly, and one for everyone else) because it has snaps, and velcro at the wrists..

 which means you can add the gray hoodie on top without the plaid sleeves crawling up. Gray sneakers and a green bucket hat complete the look. (Yeah, that’s ONE outfit!)

 Jacky is wearing the new and improved blue jean basics. I have used these jeans so much the velcro is starting to fray! The ribbed turtleneck is kind of dated,

 but it doesn’t look bad with the revamped varsity jacket. Both varsity jackets are quilted on the inside. They feel super warm and thick. The first varsity jacket came with a purple baseball cap which I don’t own, and this one comes with a fleece hat with a little tassel on the top.

 No logo, but American Girl and the star are embroidered on it.

I really love it when AG does mix and match outfits and these outfits have SO much potential!

 The 1999 accessories are sort of a rehash of 1995.

 The only thing new is the backpack. I love the colors, the shape, and the reflective logo.

 The backpack has two pockets; one open and one zipped.

 And inside is the same as 1995 (the math book should be in this picture, but Amy’s holding it) except a green homework folder has been added.

 In 1995, you could by a lunch tray, but in 1999 it was changed to a lunch box. The food was kept the same.

You get the classic lunch bag, a clear container with a pink cover that has the AG logo etched in it, a pizza slice, half a banana, a little salad, a cookie, and a milk carton with a removable straw, and yes, the milk carton can open and close just like a real one.

2000 – no new school items


The next three outfits you are about to see are MY FAVORITE outfits American Girl has EVER made ever!! They are my favorite colors, I love the style; girly, but not princess-y, and stylish but comfortable. And what’s best is, like the three above, all of these mix and match. We start with Lindsey who is wearing the Field Trip outfit. She is wearing a cute velvet-like tee shirt with little flowers embroidered on it, drawstring pants, really pretty sandals, a purse and 3 bracelets.

Carlie is wearing the Denim Jumper outfit which includes a long sleeved shirt. The flowers on the sleeves are not embroidered but the decals have not come off yet and the outfit is almost 16 years old!

The wrap around jumper has pretty lace edging at the top, but the beadwork on the bottom is only on the front:

Her shoes are also that terrible material AG used to make that flakes with age. A crocheted hat, very similar to Marisol’s completes this look.

And now we come to my most favorite outfit of all. Tess is wearing the Flower Power outfit. She puts on a tee shirt with a flower poking out at the top, then she slides her jeans on. They are that beautiful dark jean color, with a corduroy cuff, and lovely flowers growing out at the bottom.

Her brown clogs are to die for. Very soft and oh, so easy to get on. The buckle is really a snap and the braided trim goes all the way around each shoe.

She adds a gorgeous crocheted sweater on top. I love this outfit and it looks so good on brown haired dolls.

Even though you can mix and match these outfits I hardly ever do because I love each outfit just as it was originally.

Everything in the picture above (except the desk, it was converted into a half moon table) was being sold in 2001.


 AG school got a pretty big makeover in 2002. Only one new outfit was released, the Sporty School outfit. It came with a pretty long sleeved tee. Beautiful pink embroidered flowers surround fancy AG letters. I like the colors of the trim of the shirt too. The pants have zippers and flower embroidery near the ankles too.

 Since the long sleeve shirt does not have Velcro at the wrists, it makes the jacket a lot harder to put on but it’s still really cool. I think the jacket makes this outfit a little less girly. It has two reflective stripes running up and down each arm. Heavy clog shoes and gold barrettes (I could only find one of mine, there’s supposed to be two) complete the outfit.

 How would you like to wear an outfit that was specifically made to match your bike? Or maybe the bike was made to match your outfit? Anyway, if you’re a doll, that’s what you get. This is the first trail bike AG ever made. Except for the brakes, this bike works like a real bike. It’s too bad the AG dolls can’t bend their knees to really ride it. The bike is heavy metal and comes with a tiny lock and a helmet. I love it that this bike has ‘suspension’ brakes!

 AG also redid the school accessories, only keeping the same math book from 1995.

 I’ve stated in a previous blog that this is my favorite backpack ever! It is an exact copy of a real one with a gazillion different pockets. I even discovered a pocket that I hadn’t noticed before!

 Along with the backpack, came the laptop. After 14 years, this laptop is so old it’s almost unrecognizable as a laptop! Two discs came with it. I’ve never bothered to change the batteries in mine to see how it works so I can’t tell you much about it. I guess you could use it as a calculator and put contact information in it.

 Next is a big pink binder. Inside it is a pencil case, folders, and

 a sticker page.

 This thermos is actually a lunch box: (You’re supposed to slide a spork into those two holes but I lost mine a long time ago. Never mind! I just found it tonight among Samantha’s ice cream treats, but I didn’t have time to get a pic of it.)

 Inside the thermos are three jars of food:

 A cookie (same from 1995), spaghetti, and a salad.

Yes! the tomatoes are not attached to the salad anymore! It makes it look so much more real. You be the judge on whether or not the spaghetti looks real.

2003 – no new school items


 Josefina’s Starflower outfit is another one of my favorites. Can you tell I like outfits with lots of pieces? She starts out with a periwinkle blouse with double bell sleeves (can they make one in my size?) along with a pair of tights. The skirt has two looks. Above is without the fringe.

 The fringe itself snaps on to the bottom of the skirt.

 Josefina adds a pretty wrap around sweater and starry clogs.

2005 – no new school items


The actual school outfit for 2006 is supposed to be the Petals and Plaid outfit but I don’t own it. There is a picture in one of the catalogs that features the petals and plaid outfit and another doll next to her wearing the Kicking Back outfit, which I do own, so I thought I’d briefly show it to you. The above pic is Jess wearing the complete outfit and the one below is Jess showing the detail in the shirt.

2007 – Licorice Play outfit (comes with a lunchbox)


Again I don’t have the School Days outfit which would be the one to feature for 2008, but Mia is wearing the Coconut Fun outfit which is sort of school like.

The tee shirt has cute little puffy sleeves and ties on the side. The pants can be cinched or rolled up to look like capris.

The sweatshirt jacket has an embroidered Coconut on the back.

I love the sandals that go with this outfit.

2009 – Flutter Flower outfit

2010 – Inner Star U outfits


 2010 brought on the Inner Star U outfits. I didn’t like any of them and I hated the Inner Star logo. The closest I could come up with for a school outfit is an incomplete Campus Casual outfit released in 2011 that Lanie is wearing. I’m missing the shoes and the shirt because of the big IU star logo emblazoned on it. The Striped School dress would be another school outfit for 2011 but that again has that logo on it.

 One more 2011 outfit is the Sweet School Dress that Kanani is wearing. I got it very much on sale just in case one of the dolls wanted to go to Catholic school.

 Here are my 2011 outfits.


 I’m not sure if this Ruffled Hoodie outfit is an official school outfit, but Elianna thinks it is. The sleeveless tee had a flower decal on it that says happiness.

 The ruffled short sleeved hoodie goes on top, and gray capri pants and blue sandals are on the bottom.

2013 – AG brought back the mix and match outfits! I actually really like these outfits but I never got them. They are the Flower Sweater and Skirt, School Days, and Striped Hoodie outfits.

The one outfit I did get in 2013 was another Coconut Fun outfit. I did not get it for the look, I got it for the pieces.

 I actually can’t stand how it looks together. Saige starts out with a long sleeve navy blue Coconut shirt and gray capri leggings.

Then she adds hideous pink shorts and dark purple shoes all of which look nice paired with other outfits but not paired together like that. I don’t know what AG was thinking.


The more official school outfit for 2014 would be the School Stripes Dress but it’s not my style. And I’ve always loved the Coconut Cutie outfit. I’ve waited for it to come on sale and it finally became a pwp at the Chicago AG store and I got the last one (I had to ask the cashier who pulled the last one from the back) last week! From head to toe, Isabelle wears two pink and purple barrettes that really don’t match the outfit at all, an adorable Coconut t-shirt, an orange tulle skirt with flowers only on the front, and color splattered shoes.


I know this is a meet outfit, but I couldn’t help making it a school outfit too, just because the meet accessories make the outfit so different and pizzazzy. The original is just a lilac dress and blue sparkle shoes.

You can put a thick tulle skirt on top of the dress for extra sparkle.

And if Sonali gets cold, she can add the navy blue vest. It looks like it’s a jean material but it’s more of a sweatshirt type thing. I like the diagonal zipper. The buttons are decal stickers. The gold headband also comes with these accessories but I wish it would have been silver to match the skirt.


2016 is another mix and match year but it’s a little different since you can buy each piece separately. You don’t have to buy a whole outfit. It’s good in a way, because my dolls have too many shoes, but I think each item is priced pretty high. If you add it all up it costs a little more than what a normal outfit would be. I got the cinch shirt and the plaid blouse for Lea and Kanani.

Lea is pairing the tops with Kanani’s Aloha capris.

All the dolls are dressed and ready to go back to class!



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  1. Jen says:

    That was, of course, epic and oh so much fun!!

  2. MERmade9 says:

    WOW — how fun! I can only imagine how long it took you to dress each of your 19 dolls, but it made for a very informative post full of many items I’d never seen before.

  3. Emily says:

    What an amazing post! Things sure have changed! I have a lot of these outfits from the early 2000s and I always feel bad dressing my dolls in them because they are so out of style, haha! I love them though! As always, I am impressed with the vastness of your collection. I love it so much.

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  5. I own the computer ! I had the table, now where did that go… Great post!

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