Dollympics 2016: Softball and Equestrian

(cue Olympic music)

Tatiana: We are now on day 5 of the Dollympic competitions and what a busy day it has been. Many dolls have been heading out to the stables today to watch the equestrian events which are about to take place, but first, we want to fill you in on the gold medal softball match that happened this morning. As you probably know, the human Olympics has banned softball from this years competitions but it will be back in 2020 in Tokyo. We dolls were very befuddled by that decision and decided to keep softball in our games. Very unexpectedly, USA lost to the Netherlands in a 14 inning match, which meant that the gold medal match would be between Switzerland and the Netherlands.

The Swiss are in the gray uniforms. And the Dutch are in the blue:

We’re going to jump to the last pitch of this gold medal match. It is a beautiful sunny day on the softball field and the bases are loaded:

Ruthie sends a fast pitch to Mia.

Mia swings and hits it hard.

The ball is sent flying out to left field and the Swiss sprint to make it to their bases. All they have to do is score one more run to win.

Kit Kittredge sprints and sees that Ruthie just caught the ball from Saige and she’s heading to home base to cut her off! Kit takes a dive and her fingers just touch the base before Ruthie tags her. She’s safe! And she didn’t even get a bloody lip this time!

The Swiss team runs out to the field to give Kit an overwhelming hug!

So the Swiss get gold, the Dutch get silver, and the USA get bronze. We will now send you to the Equestrian field where Nicki Fleming is getting ready to compete.

 Nicki: Hi, everyone, I’m Nicki, one of the competitors here. Alexis was supposed to be announcing the horse races but no one can find her.

 Right now, Heather, my other competitor and I are doing some last minute beauty touches on our horses before we get out and ride.

 This Dollympic horse jumping course has 3 jumps: a bar jump, a water jump and a table jump. Looks like I just got the signal to go! I’ll hand it over to Lea for the rest of it.

Lea (who is now on the horse track): Alex! Alex!

I still can’t find her anywhere and she wanted to do the horse jumping competition. Oh, well. Nicki Fleming has been riding horses since she was very little and although horse jumping is rather new to her, she says she has really been enjoying it. Nicki waits with her horse, Jackson, for the signal to go.

And she’s off! Nicki leans forward for the first jump, and clears it very well.

 She rounds the corner for the water jump.

 Nicki not only needs to jump these all very cleanly, but she needs to have a good time and be fast around these turns in order to win a ribbon. She approaches the water jump…

 Jackson takes a leap…

 Oh, he knocked the gate over. Nicki needed to allow Jackson to really stretch his stride out in order to clear such a wide jump. That’s why these water jumps are so difficult. Now, she’ll need to reel him in to get the table jump.

 And she does!

She clears it very nicely with a time of 2:34′.

 Up next, is Heather Hardin on her horse, Adagio. Adagio is an older, very experienced horse. He has won many championships but has yet to win a Dollympic ribbon. We’re talking ribbons here, because riders don’t win medals in horseback riding, they win ribbons.

 Heather clears the first gate beautifully.

 And she just SOARS through the water jump! That was amazing. And she’s riding very fast.

 Just one more jump to go..

 And she gets it done with a time of 2:14′. That’s very fast time, and I think that should put her in ribbon contention, but this competition is not over.

 We now have Elizabeth Cole.

 She is competing in the dressage part of this competition.

She holds such a beautiful posture on her horse while she performs extremely complicated and intricate steps.

 Our next competitor is Felicity Merriman.

 She has been working with her horse, Penny for a long time and they both have a deep loving bond for one another.

 She also keeps very good form on her horse.

 Penny doesn’t do quite as intricate of steps as Elizabeth’s but what she does do, she performs very well.

Felicity finishes the competition with a flourish and it’s time for the medal ceremony.

Elizabeth gets top prize for the dressage competition.

 Nicki receives the red ribbon of best horsemanship.

 And the winner of the 2016 Equestrian Competition is Heather Hardin!

 Although Felicity does not receive a ribbon, she gets an honorable mention for her riding.

 Our three winners pose for a picture:

 Heather is so proud of her first blue ribbon.

 And that’s it for today’s Dollympic competitions. I’m so sorry Alexis couldn’t be with us to share in these events. I still can’t find her anywhere.

 But stay tuned for the last day of competitions and the closing ceremony. I’m Lea Clark, saying good night!



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