Dollympics 2016: Track

(cue Olympic music)

 Lea: Bom Dia everyone! Welcome to day four of the Dollympic competitions. Tatiana and I are exploring the amazing Tijuca Rainforest here in Rio.

There are four major trails. Most take about 1-3 hours to complete, but there’s one trail, called the Circular Castro Maya that takes 2 days to do! It’s more of a historical journey than a trail because it takes you along all the historical sites like the Christ the Redeemer statue and 120 archealogical sites. I bet Jess would love that.

Tatiana: You got that right! There are a whole bunch of different animals to see too, like capuchin monkeys, lizards, raccoons, and anteaters!

Lea: Stop! Do you hear that? It’s so pretty.

Tatiana: I bet those are juritis hummingbirds.

Lea: This forest is considered the last major rainforest in the Atlantic Coastal section of Rio de Janiero and in the 1700s it was totally cut down!

Tatiana: Oh, my gosh, how could they cut down such amazing trees?

Lea: They wanted to make coffee farms instead. Then, in the 19th century it was replanted again. So really, this forest is pretty young.

Tatiana: I’m so glad they decided to replant it.

Lea: Me too. Well, while we continue to hike, we will turn you over to Jess who is on the track giving the call for the 100 meter dash.

 Jess: That’s right! The girls have already lined up in their lanes and are ready to be introduced.

 In lane one we have Addy Walker who is one of the very few Dollympians to compete in two separate events. She won the gold medal in the 50 freestyle in swimming and she’s looking to win more hardware.

 In lane 2 we have Kirsten Larson of Sweden. This is her first Dollympics and also her first major track event.

 Next we have Kaya. Kaya is a spectacular sprinter and is expected to do very well in this competition.

In lane 4 we have Cecile Rey, who, I would say is the only one to take away Kaya’s chance at a gold medal. She has beaten Kaya’s time in two other events and I’m sure she plans to do the same today.

 And finally, in lane 5 we have Nellie O’Malley of Ireland, also making her first appearance on these Dollympics. I really think this will be an epic race between Kaya and Cecile, but Addy Walker could become a wild card and steal that gold medal from both of them. I do believe she has the potential to do it. We just have to wonder if she has enough gas left in the tank after her swimming race.

 Announcer: On your marks….



 Jess: And they’re off! Kaya, Cecile and Addy all had very good starts off the blocks.

 And they’re starting to pull away from the field.

 Kaya and Cecile both have great closing speeds..

 this is going to be really close…

 Addy is starting to fade.. it’s just Cecile and Kaya…

 And it’s Cecile! She leaned in to the tape and got that gold medal!

 Oh, and she is very excited, jumping up and down.

 She congratulates Kaya on her silver medal.

She’s showing such great sportsmanship.

 and she’s making her way up to us…

 Cecile: Oh, my gosh, that was such a fun race. I’ve been looking forward to racing Kaya for a long time and I truly can’t believe I just beat her. She is such a good finisher.

Jess: Yes, I believe you just beat her by a lean of the torso. You have won so many medals. How does this compare with everything else you’ve accomplished?

Cecile: I can’t compare it to anything. Not only did I get the priviledge to race Kaya, but I had the honor of racing Kaya at the Dollympics! It can’t get any better than that!

Jess: Well, congratualtions on a spectacular gold medal finish.

Cecile: Thank you.

Jess: Well, that’s one more for the ages. Cecile beats Kaya by two tenths of a second. Pretty amazing! We’ll see you next time at the Dollympics.

Note from Heather: No, of course Lea and Tatiana did not really get to go to the Tijuca forest. They actually got to hike on a trail in Ludington, MI when I was on vacation. They are pretending it’s Rio though, and they can’t wait to show you more of what they discovered so keep watching!



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3 Responses to Dollympics 2016: Track

  1. Jen says:

    I loved the opening pictures in the “rainforest”. Lea looks great in her full hiking gear out in nature. It was a fun surprise to see the dolls with their last names on their running shirts 😃

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