Dollympics 2016 Opening Ceremonies

(Cue Olympic Themed Music)

Alexis: Welcome to the third Olympiad of the 2016 Dollympics! We are so excited to bring these summer Dollympics to you from Rio de Janiero! I am your host, Alexis O’Shay, and my partner hosts, Tatiana Oliviera, Jess McConnell, and Lea Clark.

As you can see, we are sitting in the new host chat room that has been decorated by Tatiana. I have no clue how she got this hammock to soar up above me but she did! And she even encouraged some friendly animals to swing in it.

Beside me are these adorable swinging monkeys and frogs.

And, if you can believe it, all this stuff minus a few animals, was bought at the dollar store for a dollar!

We have just a few minutes before the opening ceremonies begin so we are going to show you around the Dollympic Village. Lea, would you do the honors?

Lea: I sure will! Our Dollympic Village is really more of a rugged campsite. We have athletes in tents,

Oh, my gosh, that’s Megan Ryder, in the striped shirt. She is one of the best gymnasts! And Keisha is a superb swimmer! It’s so great to have all these athletes doing all sorts of different things come together as a family and hang out outside their tents during their down time. Other dolls, like McKenna who is another famous gymnast live in cabins.

(Cue more Olympic Themed Music)

OH! Do you hear that? The Opening Ceremonies is about to start! I’d better get back to Alex and the girls.

(Lea runs back)

Jess: Whew, Lea you made it just in time! You know, we’re not just the hosts of this Dollympics but we’re athletes too! We make up the Kayak Team which means we will get to walk in the Parade of Nations!

Tatiana: We’d better start reporting because here comes the first country:

Jamie is our lone Canadian. I just love her outfit. Those maple leaves on her sweater are simply classic.

Jess: I just hope she’s not too hot wearing that sweater and those boots!

Kohanna is our one Egyptian athlete. As you can see, the athletes were encouraged to wear costumes and outfits that best represent their country. So you may see some modern attire, like Jamie’s or outfits from ancient times like Kohanna’s.

Lea: And talk about ancient! Here are the three English Athletes, Elizabeth, Isabella, and Emily. They look to be queens of some sort?

Alexis: It looks to me that Elizabeth and Emily are playing ladies in waiting to Isabella, who is wearing a crown.

Lea: Oh, that makes sense now. I didn’t even see the crown.

Alexis: This is team France. Their berets really make the outfit.  And the bow and scarf add a modern flair.

We have a bunch of Irish girls! Here’s Maggie, Nellie, Rowena and Emma. They are wearing pretty green Celtic gowns and Nellie is wearing an Irish dance costume. Oh, look! She’s doing a jig!

 Tatiana: I love these bright colors for India, except, isn’t Rose wearing an Arabian costume?

Jess: (giggles) Yeah, maybe she got the wrong country!

Lea: Oops! Well at least she got the exotic part right.

Tatiana: Japanese kimonos! I heard Kanani traveled all the way to Hawaii to get them. That’s as close to Japan that any doll has traveled so far.

Mia is our Lithuanian girl. I talked to her before she walked out and I thought she was going to carry her Lithuanian flag but I don’t see it. Hmm, maybe she gave it to someone in the audience.

Josefina is a proud Mexican girl. She’s also a great swimmer and one to watch out for.

 Jess: I believe Heather is dressed as a Russian gypsy. I can tell by the bright colors of her skirt and the fringe on her shawl.

 Scotland! I wonder where their bagpipes are? I love how everyone is wearing plaid.

Miranda is the only Spaniard on the team.

 Tatiana: Keisha is dressed as an African queen. I can’t wait to see her swim. She is on the road to becoming queen of chlorine!

Lea: Ha, ha. I did watch her at the Dollympic trials and she was amazing.

Kirsten is from Sweden. I believe her entire outfit is authentic Swedish winter wear.

 Jess: The United States of America has a big team as usual. It’s so great to see the stars and stripes. I’m sure they’ll all make the Americans proud.

 Alexis: Look! It’s us! We members of the Brazilian team decided to go with Brazilian colors. Which means any kind of bright colors.

Tatiana: As always, Greece follows the host country and is always last in the parade since Greece is the origin of the Olympics. Megan is dressed as a beautiful Grecian princess.

All the national teams parade down the aisle and form a square so they can all see the rest of the opening ceremonies.

The Dollympic flag is taken out and Megan takes it and waves it three times signifying that this is the third Olympiad.

 Then  she gives it to Alexis who is not only our team director, but has really been the instigator of these Dollympics. It was because of her that they were brought to Rio.

 Alex waves it three times. You can just see the excitement on her face. These Dollympics are finally coming together after so much planning and work! It’s finally happening!

And now, Ana Ming comes to light the torch.

She performs an intricate and swirling dance as she makes her way over to get the torch.

 And with a flair, she lights the Dollympic torch signifying the beginning of the games!

Jess: Well, that’s it folks! I hope you enjoyed these opening ceremonies. Stay tuned for the beginning of the swimming and gymnastics, and rowing competitions coming up!


Are you excited for the (human) Olympics? I am so excited and got carried away and decided to bring you the doll Olympics a little early.

 Note: When the competitions begin these dolls may be representing countries other to what you see in this post. I just didn’t plan ahead that far when I dressed them for the opening ceremonies.


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Hi, I'm Heather (the human) and Jacky (the doll) wanted us to start a blog together about all the dolls in my room. I collect 18"dolls such as American Girl, Carpatina, Magic Attic, and Kidz n Cats. I love dressing them up and creating photo stories for you to enjoy! I'm a Christian and you will see a Christian influence in this blog because I can't help glorifying the Lord!
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6 Responses to Dollympics 2016 Opening Ceremonies

  1. Jen says:

    I am excited for the Olympics! I enjoyed your parade of athletes. I especially liked Lithuania and of course, the spunky looking Americans! The Brazilian team looks ready to party! We are hoping to have a neighborhood party and the families and kids on the block can compete in mock events.

  2. CutePolarBear says:

    I loved this post!! 🙂 I am pretty excited for the Olympics. I loved how there were many different countries represented!


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