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Coast Guard Festival

Now that the Dollympics are over I have one more summer post for you to see. On our way home from our family vacation in Ludington, MI we stopped at Grand Haven for the Coast Guard festival. We had been … Continue reading

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Dollympics 2016: Closing Ceremony

(cue Olympic music)  Alexis: Ladies and gentlemen! I welcome you to the closing ceremonies of the 2016 Dollympic Games in Rio de Janeiro! I want to welcome all the athletes to come out on the stage!  Jess: And all the … Continue reading

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Dollympics 2016: Tennis and Cycling

(cue Olympic music) Lea: Here I am with Tatiana at Copacabana Beach on the final day of Dollympic competition.  Tatiana: I can’t believe this is the last day. I have been having so much fun here! I know I’m definitely … Continue reading

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