Doll Diaries and AG Playthings

A couple weeks before I started this blog back in 2013, I was searching for information on Carpatina dolls and other non-AG dolls and I came across the Doll Diaries blog. That was the first doll blog I had ever seen and I was totally hooked. In fact Doll Diaries was the reason why I started my own blog. I couldn’t believe there were people who loved dolls as much I did and blogged about them! I’ve been a huge fan of Doll Diaries ever since I stumbled upon it. I’ve made so many crafts, played so many games, and got inspired by ideas from that blog. The best part of the DD blog was in the summer when for the months of June, July, and August, anyone could sign their doll up for Camp Doll Diaries. My dolls, Jacky (the doll who founded this blog) and Alison had a whole summer of adventures at the camp (see here). So I was very sad to read a DD post that Doll Diaries is retiring.

Doll Diaries also led me to an amazing American Girl doll site called American Girl Playthings. Not only is this site THE ultimate visual guide to American Girl but it also has a message forum for adult AG collectors. I have been a member of the forum since February 2014 and have been checking it almost every day. I’m sure I would not be the collector I am now if it weren’t for that forum. AG Playthings is turning 10 years old this year and they have requested we members send in pics to celebrate it. Since you can only send in 1 pic and I took multiple pics, I thought I’d share what I did in this post.

Each member has a rank according to how many posts/threads they have written. This really has nothing to do with anything as some people join the board to read what others have written and hardly write anything, at all (which is just fine), whereas others are very social and write tons of things (which is also just fine). I find myself somewhere in between (probably closer to the people who just read what others have written). The ranks are thus:

10000 AG Exclusive (7 Blue Paw Prints)

8000 American Girl Inner Star (6 Blue Paw Prints)

6000 Miss Victory

5000 Hard Times Ace Reporter

4000 American Girl Prototype

3000 One-of-a-Kind Customized Doll

2000 Historical Dreamer

1000 American Girl of Today

700 Girl of the Year

500 Girl of Many Lands

400 Miss AG Bear

300 Mini*s Lover

200 Angelina Twinkle Toes

100 Hopscotch Hill Alumnus

75 Bitty Twin

50 Bitty Baby

25 Bitty Bear

0 Our New Baby

As you can see you kind of “grow up” as you post, starting from the Our New Baby which is what Bitty Baby was in 1990 when it was first introduced and all the way up to Miss Victory. I don’t know what happens if you write more than 10000 posts. I guess I’ll find out if that ever happens to me (right now I’m only on Miss AG Bear, so it’ll be a while).

To celebrate AGplaythings I thought I’d take a picture of each rank.

0 Our New Baby

I don’t own an Our New Baby but since Bittys are so similar here’s a pic of my sister’s Bitty Becky:

Some differences between Bittys and ONBs are ONBs have longer, lighter eyelashes, deeper hair grooves and the mark of Pleasant Company on the back of their necks in uneven letters.

25 Bitty Bear Here’s Bitty Bear. I love how AG gives little outfits for Bitty Bear to match.

50 Bitty Baby I know for sure this doll is a Bitty Baby but she seems to have really light eyelashes too.

75 Bitty Twin The bittys grow up to be Bitty Twins. I snatched this pair on ebay when I learned the twins would probably be retiring.

100 Hopscotch Hill Alumnus This is Hopscotch Hill Hallie. I wanted a hopscotch hill doll because of their multiple joints. Unfortunately as they get older their joints get really floppy and I’ve heard it’s almost impossible for them to be tightened. You used to be able to send them to the AG hospital and they would give you a whole new doll but after they stopped making them AG stopped accepting these dolls to the hospital.

200 Angelina Twinkle Toes I do not own Angelina Ballerina herself so her little sister, Polly is representing her. I regret to say I am not familiar with the Angelina collection and I saw Polly at a rummage sale with her carriage, but I didn’t know the carriage was supposed to come with her so I only took Polly. Grr.

300 Mini*s Lover Back in 1998 when the AG Place in Chicago opened I saved enough money to buy two AG outfits and 3 mini dolls, Kirsten, Felicity, and Josefina. For many years they had their own little house on the top of my dresser but then Felicity’s face started to turn a horrible green color, then Josefina’s face started to turn green too! I couldn’t stand looking at them so I packed them up in a box where they live to this day. Kirsten is the only one who has not turned green yet and was the only one willing to get her picture taken. These are the glass eyed minis, different from what they make now, so hopefully the newer mini’s vinyl have changed and they won’t get the green disease.

400 Miss AG Bear I bought Miss AG Bear for my sister but she ended up ‘lending’ her to me. She’s soft and squishy but her arms, legs, and head are fully posable which is really cool. I got a whole bunch of Build-a-Bear clothes at a rummage sale for her and they all fit. This outfit is her official ‘meet’ outfit from American Girl. She was supposed to come with the hat but I don’t own that.

500 Girl of Many Lands  My one and only Girl of Many lands, Cecile is still new in the box. I just love the detail of her hair, dress, and jewelry. Her story is a very interesting read too.

700 Girl of the Year  Lindsey is the first Girl of the Year. I think her outfit is my favorite GOTY outfit. It comes with so many pieces that are very mix and matchable.

1000 American Girl of Today  Miranda #11, was my very first Girl of Today that I got when I was in 8th grade (see full story here.) Although this is not the outfit she came in, she’s wearing the very first meet outfit for modern dolls.

2000 Historical Dreamer  My beloved Samantha, my very first AG doll represents the historical dreamer in me, when I dreamed about getting her for months and months before my family finally got her for me for Christmas.

3000 One-of-a-Kind Customized Doll  Kaitlynne was in impulse ebay buy. I saw her picture, totally fell in love and snatched her right up. I knew she and Lindsey would make a great pair.

4000 American Girl Prototype  I do not own any AG prototype items but I do know that when they were making Mia they had very interesting molds for her, including the option of making her African American! I actually really like the face mold and I kind of hope they might use it some day. My Mia is wearing Addy’s dress because occasionally you can find Addy’s prototype meet dress on ebay for lots of money. It has little white flowers instead of stripes. Google prototype Mia or Addy’s meet dress to view all of this.

5000 Hard Times Ace Reporter  Kit is our wonderful hard times ace reporter. She’s all ready to sniff out a story with her news pad and pen.

6000 Miss Victory  Molly shines as she practices her Miss Victory dance.

8000 American Girl Inner Star (6 Blue Paw Prints) I hate all the inner star u stuff AG used to put on the shirts so I don’t own any outfit that has that. The closest I can get is Elianna #55 was released right around the time inner star u started, and she ‘s wearing the meet outfit that was also around that time.

10000 AG Exclusive (7 Blue Paw Prints) Ellie May is wearing an AG exclusive outfit that you could only get in the NY or Chicago store when they were still showing the AG musicals. This one is from the Circle of Friends.

Here’s more pics of the back row.

 This is everyone.

And this is just every doll brand AG has made.

Now I have to decided what picture to send in because the due date is today!

I hope you enjoyed this.



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Hi, I'm Heather (the human) and Jacky (the doll) wanted us to start a blog together about all the dolls in my room. I collect 18"dolls such as American Girl, Carpatina, Magic Attic, and Kidz n Cats. I love dressing them up and creating photo stories for you to enjoy! I'm a Christian and you will see a Christian influence in this blog because I can't help glorifying the Lord!
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