Sir Gwareth’s Quest

A long time ago, far, far away lived two sisters, Julia and Veronika who ruled the kingdom of Angladon. For more than a week Veronika had been complaining of a severe headache and exhaustion. Julia believed it to be stress from ruling the kingdom and she had taken on much of the jobs that they usually shared upon herself so her sister could rest. But one day, Emma, her lady in waiting, came running up to Julia in a panic.

 “My Lady! It is your sister! Veronika has collapsed and she will not respond!”

 Julia rushed to her sister’s side but no amount of coaxing, or water, or salts could bring Veronika to stir.

 “Go fetch the highest doctor in the land. Tell them to come immediately!” Julia told Emma.

 The great physician, Doctor Lauryn arrived and spent much time bleeding Veronika to try and find out what might be wrong with her, but to no avail.

 Doctor Lauryn looked up at Julia, “Your Royal Highness, I am perplexed about this illness because I believe she does not have a malady a person normally gets. I suspect this sickness has been induced by magic.”

“Magic!” cried Julia, “what has Veronika done for someone to want to hurt her by cursing her?”

“No. She has not been cursed,” replied the Doctor, “I presume that she has simply been in the wrong place at the wrong time and happen to be in the way when some wayward magic spell hit her. I do not believe it was intended for her.”

“I wonder who could have done that. There are no magicians in this land. And how are we going to cure her?”

“I could not tell you who might have cast the spell, but this is powerful and deep magic to have pierced her in this way. Only the fairies might be able to provide a cure.”

“The fairies,” sighed Julia, discouraged. The fairies were reclusive beings and did not relish the idea of dealing with humans. They were proud and haughty creatures who knew their magic was very valuable to other races and so demanded a very high price for it.

But Julia knew no crown or jewel was more important than her sister’s life so she entreated her bravest knight, Sir Gwareth to ride out to the fairies and beseech their help.

 “Sir Gwareth you must go to the fairies and request whatever magic might help my sister. Give this to them if you need to bargain.”

“But my Lady, this is the crown jewel of our kingdom” said Sir Gwareth, aghast.

 “And so it is. I would give every jewel in this kingdom if it meant my sister would live,” said Julia handing him the basket.

 And Sir Gwareth set off on his quest for the fairies. The fairies lived in a dense forest with a silver lake in the middle. There was no sound of birds, or animals or even a rustling of the trees in the breeze. Even his own horse’s hooves and the clinking of his mail shirt was muffled. Sir Gwareth became unnerved at this absolute silence. However, he was a very brave knight and rode with alert, but calm composure.

As he entered the very heart of the forest and saw a silvery light ahead. He rode straight for it and was amazed to see every fairy of the forest gathered together for some kind of festival.

And the fairies were all so lovely. He was completely enchanted by their beauty. Each one was unique to where and how they lived.

 Rosealinde, the marsh fairy lived deep in the swamp.

 Carolinda could be found fleeting and flitting just above the surface of the silver lake flying with the dragonflies.

 Marianna was queen of the flowers and everywhere she walked, buds could be seen sprouting.

 Allissian painted rainbows in the sky and above the trees and lake. Creating a wonder of colors.

 Alissian had seen Sir Gwareth from the sky and had alerted the fairies of his coming.

 As soon as Sir Gwareth entered their circle he was surrounded by two fairies who stopped him.

“Who are you, to enter into our circle?”

“I am one in desperate need. I beg you to listen to me,” implored Sir Gwareth.

 “We have no reason to listen to you, yet I am feeling benevolent. What do you desire?” asked the second fairy.

 “Our kingdom is grieving  because one of our rulers has fallen gravely ill. Our physician has declared that only magic can save her because magic spawned her sickness. You, oh fairies, have the power to cure her.”

“We do not barter our services lightly and we are tired of mortals coming to us for aid,” said the fairy, Kohanna.

 “Please!” begged Sir Gwareth, “please, we would give anything for her life, even our most precious jewel.” Sir Gwareth handed her the basket.

“Jewels will not suffice,” said Megiannian, the other fairy, “We cannot give you the magic the woman, Veronika needs. The magic she requires resides in a necklace made of moonstone. The moonstone is the magic, so she must wear it for the rest of her life. The necklace you seek is hidden in the valley of the tallest mountain and guarded by the Great Rana Temporaria. If you defeat it, the necklace is yours.”

Sir Gwareth had no choice but to ride once more into the forest in search of this great beast. He was surprised that he found it so quickly. Of course, the tallest mountain is easily spotted and all Sir Gwareth had to do was travel down until he got to the bottom where there was a large green pond.

 Immediately upon dismounting from his horse and setting his foot at the edge of the pond, the giant frog creature assailed him.

 Sir Gwareth was ready having already drawn his sword but he had not counted on the frog’s shear size as it leaped straight at him. Sir Gwareth held out his shield but he was bowled over and the frog’s weight dragged him down under the water of the pond. Sir Gwareth couldn’t breathe. He thrashed and struggled but couldn’t seem to get out from underneath the frog.

 Finally he was able to grasp the blade of his sword and prick the frog. The frog let out a roaring grunt and Sir Gwareth used up the last of his breath and strength to push the frog away.

 Then, just as the frog turned to lunge at him again, he stabbed it once more and the frog lay still.

Sir Gwareth waded through the swamp toward a raised pedestal set in the very middle of the swamp.

 The moonstone! Sir Gwareth held it in his hand and a shining blue light emanated from it, illuminating the water.

 Sir Gwareth packed the necklace into a pouch on his sword belt and raced home on his horse.

 “Sir Gwareth! You have arrived and just in time! She is so much worse,” cried Julia as Sir Gwareth entered the bedroom chamber where Veronika lay.

“The fairies told me that if this necklace ever leaves the Lady Veronika’s throat, the magic that took her ill will come back, and worse than before.”

 “Then she must wear it forever,” said Julia as she clasped it around Veronika’s neck. The jewel suddenly glowed even brighter and Veronika fluttered her eyelids and sat up.

 “Oh, I feel I have been sleeping for an age! But now I feel so much better. I can feel my energy returning!”

 “Sir Gwareth, tell us the tale of your quest,” Julia requested.

Sir Gwareth told his tale to and astounded audience and when he was finished Julia clapped her hands.

“We must have a celebration! Sir Gwareth has defeated the the Giant Rana Temporaria and Veronika is healed! Invite everyone in the kingdom to come for a ball tomorrow night!”she announced.

And come they did. Everyone in the kingdom dressed in their finest to celebrate dear Veronika’s return.



There was music, dancing and much joy, for these two ruling sisters were very much beloved by the kingdom and everyone was happy for Veronika’s instant return to health. Veronika was told to never take off the necklace and she vowed that she would forever wear it.

-The end.

Well, this was my first attempt at a (very predictable) medieval fairy story. I was actually going to make it even more predictable and have Sir Gwareth and Julia fall in love but Ana Ming (who plays Sir Gwareth) said there was no way she was going to do that and I would have to buy a creepy Carpatina guy to take her place. Julia said absolutely no creepy Carpatina guy was going to set foot in the doll room so that was the end of that! I don’t consider myself much of an author and this was very much branching out of my usual way of writing but I had a great time creating the story and having my dolls act it out. I really wanted a dragon or something far scarier than a frog (did you catch that the grand title of the frog is really the scientific name for the common frog? hee hee) but the only stuffed animal big enough I owned (that didn’t also have a cute smile on it’s face) was the frog. Let me know in the comments if you want me to continue this story. If you do, I will try to have each episode be able to stand by itself, so that if I wait many months before writing a new one, it won’t be a big deal if you’ve forgotten what has happened before.



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Hi, I'm Heather (the human) and Jacky (the doll) wanted us to start a blog together about all the dolls in my room. I collect 18"dolls such as American Girl, Carpatina, Magic Attic, and Kidz n Cats. I love dressing them up and creating photo stories for you to enjoy! I'm a Christian and you will see a Christian influence in this blog because I can't help glorifying the Lord!
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3 Responses to Sir Gwareth’s Quest

  1. kaitlynrh1 says:

    Amazing story!

  2. That was a very enjoyable story to read! 🙂 The pictures really added a lot-I really liked looking at all the outfits and stuff. I would be really interested in a continuation of the story. 🙂
    ~Christian Homeschooler

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