Circle of Friends Part 6: Nellie’s Shoes

To follow Part 6 click this link and fast forward to 32:07′.

Nathalie/Samantha: Samantha was living with her Uncle Gard  and Aunt Cornelia in New York City.

 Street Vendor: Chestnuts, Missy! Penny a bag. Put’em in your muff to warm up your hands.

Samantha: One day, she got a sad letter from Nellie. There had been a bad flu epidemic and Nellie’s parents had both died. Now Nellie and her two sisters were orphans. They were coming to live with their Uncle Mike in New York City. Samantha hoped to hear from Nellie when she got to New York, but Nellie didn’t write. Samantha was so worried, so she decided to go searching for Nellie in the very poor part of New York City where Uncle Mike lived.

 Woman: Watch out for the horse and cart!

Samantha: Children in the alleyways

and vendors in the street,

These aren’t the kind of people

That I would usually meet.

I’ve got to keep on going,

Keep walking straight and strong,

Walk like I know where I’m going

And sing a little song.

Imagine what it’s like to be in Nellie’s shoes;

I’m not so sure this wouldn’t be the life I’d choose.

I wonder if she’s warm enough on this cold night.

I wonder if this Mike O’Malley treats her right.

Imagine what it’s like to be in Nellie’s shoes,

Caring for your sisters all alone.

Can’t really say I’d like to be in Nellie’s shoes,

Oh so far from home,

Oh so far from home.

 Samantha: Please ma’am, do you know a Mr. Mike O’Malley?

Woman: And what would a young miss such as yourself be wanting with a lazy, good-for-nothing like Mike O’Malley?

Samantha: My friend, Nellie stays with him.

 Woman: Oh, that no-good Mike O’Malley. Yes, he did live around here. Then a couple of weeks ago the three girls came to live with him and if Mike O’Malley didn’t take all their money and anything else they had and run off. Now, I’d a’took them in, but we were crowded already, so I took them to the orphanage over on 20th Street: The Coldrock House for Homeless Girls. At least they’ll be warm there and have food to eat.

Samantha: Thank you ma’am, now I know where to find them.

Imagine what it’s like to be in Nellie’s shoes;

I’m pretty sure this wouldn’t be the life I’d choose.

The Coldrock House for Homeless Girls sounds not to nice.

The Coldrock House for Homeless Girls sounds cold as ice!

 Imagine what it’s like to be in Nellie’s shoes;

I guess that I’d be shivering to the bone.

I’d be so scared if I were there in Nellie’s shoes,

Out there on my own,

Out there on my own.

 Uncle Gard: Samantha, you went to a dangerous part of the city. Don’t go there again. Do you understand?

 Samantha: Yes, Uncle Gard. But now I know where Nellie and her sisters are.

 Aunt Cornelia: We’ll go with you to visit Nellie and the girls. We’ll take some things to them.

Samantha: Yes!

 Aunt Cornelia: Imagine what it’s like to be in Nellie’s shoes;

Let’s figure out the kinds of things

That she could use.

First, I think we need to bring

Some good warm clothes,

Samantha: Books, and pens, and paper-

 Uncle Gard: Cookies!

Samantha: Lots of those!

 Together: Imagine what it’s like to be in Nellie’s shoes,

Nellie and her sisters all alone.

Imagine how it feels to be in Nellie’s shoes,

Oh, so far from home,

Oh, so far from home.

Samantha: If I had been born into a different family

Or lived in some other place or time,

I could have found myself in Nellie’s shoes,

And Nellie could have found herself in mine!

So Samantha, and Aunt Cornelia, and Uncle Gard went to visit Nellie in Coldrock house. The director of the orphanage was Miss-

 Miss Frouchy: Tusnelda Frouchy! I had no idea Nellie had such perfectly lovely friends!

  Nellie and her sisters are new here, so of course they’re still a bit, independent-minded shall we say? But, they’ll adjust.

 Our girls quickly learn the rules:

 Obedience! Order! Discipline!

Nellie: Samantha!

 Samantha: Nellie, I’m so glad to see you! Are you really all right?

Nellie: Well, they’ve trained me to be a maid and I thought that would be good. I could work and take care of Bridget and Jenny. But now, something terrible has happened! I’m so scared.

Samantha: What?

Nellie: They’ve chosen me to go on the orphan train. It goes out west. It’s full of orphans from the city. The train stops in lots of farm towns. People in the towns choose orphans to live with them and work for them.

Samantha: But what about Bridget and Jenny?

Nellie: That’s why I’m scared. They’re too young to go. They have to stay here. We’re going to be separated!

Samantha: Nellie, you can’t be! You’ve got to run away, all three of you! You can come to Uncle Gard and Aunt Cornelia’s house. I’ll hide you in the attic. We have to do it – tomorrow at 4. I’ll meet you in the alley. Bring Jenny and Bridget.

So the next day, Samantha helped Nellie and her sisters run away. When they got to Uncle Gard Aunt Cornelia’s house, Samantha sneaked them inside and hid them in the attic.

 Samantha: Sh! You have to be very quiet. Gertrude, the maid lives right down the hall.

 It’s a little cold up here but I brought extra blankets. Gertrude keeps an eagle eye on the food in this house so I couldn’t bring much, but don’t worry, I’ll bring more next time.

 Gertrude: Whatever is going on in here? Who are these children and what are they doing here?

 What have you been up to Miss Samantha? You’d better come with me and bring these ragamuffins too. Just wait ’til your aunt and uncle see this.

 Beggin’ your pardon ma’am, these ragamuffins were hiding in your attic.

  Street children! No better than beggars!

 They’ve been stealing food!

Samantha: That’s not true! I’ve been stealing food, not them!

 Uncle Gard: Now let’s calm down. Samantha, perhaps you can explain all this. What do you have to say for yourself?

 Samantha: Uncle Gard, Aunt Cornelia, could they please stay here? They’d be a big help around the house. They’ve been trained to be maids.

 Aunt Cornelia: Well, we don’t need anymore maids.

 Uncle Gard: But Cornelia and I have been thinking, we do need more girls! In a variety of sizes: tiny, medium, and still not very big.

 Miss Nellie O’Malley, would you and Bridget and Jenny like to stay here?

 You could be sisters to Samantha and daughters to Cornelia and me.

 Nellie: We would like that very much!

Uncle Gard: Ha! I must be the luckiest person in the world. I have five of the sweetest girls anyone could ever have!

 Samantha: No, I’m the luckiest person in the world. Now, I have real sisters of my own!

Nellie: And I’m the luckiest of all!

If you knew what it’s like to be in Nellie’s shoes!

If I were choosing families, you’re the one I’d choose

To know that we’ll be warm enough on this cold night,

To know that everybody’s gonna treat us right.


I feel so lucky just to be in my own shoes;

I think these shoes are startin’ in to shine.

If you knew what it’s like to be in Nellie’s shoes,

 I’ll show you what it’s like to be in Nellie’s shoes,

Nellie’s shoes feel fine!

 Nellie’s shoes feel fine!

Nellie’s shoes feel fine!

 Becky: So the whole point is – even though Samantha was rich she was still a really good friend to Nellie, who was poor.

Nathalie: Yeah, she tried to understand what Nellie’s life was like. She really cared about Nellie and she wanted to help her anyway she could.

 Laura: But sometimes it’s embarrassing to be helped, well, look at the way Kit felt after her dad lost his job and her friend Ruthie tried to help her.

To be continued….



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Hi, I'm Heather (the human) and Jacky (the doll) wanted us to start a blog together about all the dolls in my room. I collect 18"dolls such as American Girl, Carpatina, Magic Attic, and Kidz n Cats. I love dressing them up and creating photo stories for you to enjoy! I'm a Christian and you will see a Christian influence in this blog because I can't help glorifying the Lord!
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4 Responses to Circle of Friends Part 6: Nellie’s Shoes

  1. kaitlynrh1 says:

    Cool story!

  2. Sunny says:

    Aw, I loved this!! Where did you get the dress that the woman in the New York City scene is wearing? (And also, which doll is that…I can’t tell who it is!)

    • jackylina says:

      I was wondering if anyone would notice her. She is actually my newest AG doll (yeah, even newer than Lea). I kind of accidentally bought her on ebay 2 months ago. I was searching for Mia’s meet outfit and I saw a seller selling not only the outfit but the doll too for only $36!!! Feeling terribly greedy (I SO do not need any more dolls and I was not looking to buy a Mia doll at all) I bought her. I knew I’d regret it if I didn’t. She’s a tlc doll with very dry hair and her eyes stick, but other than that, her limbs are really tight and she smells really good. Some day I’ll send her to the hospital for a new head but she’s not at the top of the list and I only send 2 dolls to the hospital about once a year, so she’ll stay in her present condition for a while.
      As to what she’s wearing: I’ve owned what I’ve always called the autumn dress ever since I was really little. I can’t even remember when or where I got it. I know my baby dolls wore it, and then when Samantha arrived it became hers. I’ve just had it ever since. I put the shawl from AG’s 2005 sightseeing outfit on Mia backwards so the pretty modern flower didn’t show.
      Hee, I’m really tickled you noticed Mia! The first time she made a blog appearance was in Changes for Kit and no one said anything!

  3. IrishAG says:

    Great job! I love your Cordelia. 🙂
    ❤ , IrishAG

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