Some Spontaneous Spring Break Trips

I normally never have a real spring break, that is, not since I’ve been out of school, but it turned out this year for the first time I had Tues through Thursday completely free and empty! My great friends, Abby and Evie also had spring break free so we decided to plan a trip or two together and have lots of fun! Abby had never been to the AG Place before and since she had a dentist appointment downtown we decided to meet up so I could introduce her to the land of American Girl dolls. We didn’t buy anything but we took tons of pics.

When we first walked in the door it was so crowded there was a line to take your picture in Lea’s human sized hut.

I decided to bring Samantha with me to carry and Amy for Abby because we had a plan to go to a museum down the street that was displaying costumes worn from Downton Abbey. I wanted to bring dolls as close to that time period as possible. Rebecca would have been the perfect match for that but I don’t own her or any of her outfits (I’ll tell you why later in this post). We ended up not going anyway because the tickets were all sold out.

Here I am ready to take orders from Maryellen at the Diner in an open display in the middle of the store.

 Samantha thought it would be cool to ride Steps High!

 Samantha and Amy fit comfortably in Kaya’s teepee.

 I wish I could squish  myself inside too!


 I got my Samantha from Christmas in 1995! Can you believe she’s 21 years old?! It’s interesting to compare my PC Samantha and the Beforever Sam.

 Even though my Sam’s tea collar makes the dress look poofy, you can kind of see my doll is chubbier than the BF one. I guess she’s been eating too many petit fours.

 BF’s hair and eyes are much darker. This is with the flash:

 This is without:

 Amy who is an AGOT #16, is much more like BF Sam than PC Samantha.

 Samantha really wanted to bring this bike home. I had to keep telling her we already have one (even though it’s modern) and we have no room for another one.

Samantha really got tickled when a store employee came over to us and said, “That must be an older Samantha.”

I told her how old she was.

“What a lovely doll. She’s in beautiful shape. Her dress is gorgeous also.”

I watched and smiled as Samantha preened her curls, beaming at the exclusive attention.

Abby and I had a great time at the human sized historical displays.

 Here we are at Maryellen’s trying to get ourselves on tv!



 Samantha and Amy took a break on Maryellen’s couch.

 Amy wanted to take a nap!

We walked to the other side and just as I had expected Samantha got prickly as we entered Rebecca’s displays.

“Samantha, be good. Can’t you just pose for one picture with Rebecca? Abby really likes her.”

But Samantha was very stubborn and turned her back on Rebecca as I tried to take a pic of them together. Samantha has always disliked Rebecca (and I have too, at least until I read her books) because she caused Samantha to retire and usurped her place in the American Girl line up. “She tries so hard to be me,” Samantha says, “what with her brown curly hair and 1914 time period, but she will never succeed. She will always be uglier, dumber, and less ladylike than me.”

“Samantha! Behave yourself! Such rude speech for a lady like yourself!” I scold.

 Samantha has banned Rebecca and all of her things from my dollroom. Sigh. I guess I will have to be content with pics Abby took at the store:


 “This will be our Downton Abbey experience!” Abby says. She really loved Rebecca’s outfits.


 Next door, Samantha brightened considerably as we entered Kit’s display. It was getting more and more crowded and there were hardly any non-cased Kit displays. We kept bumping in to one lady from Louisiana who was really tickled to be there and to see us adults carrying our dolls.



 I just love this outfit. I hope to get it someday.

The one and only historical who still has a table and chairs.

Poor Addy. There’s practically nothing in her display. I’m betting a lot that she’s going to be the next one to retire. I’ve heard rumors that the announcement might come this month. Her nighttime accessories are already sold out online. I saw a few boxes in the stores but I’m not going to pay $42 even though I’d love to have Ida Bean.

 Julie is my sister’s favorite and my least favorite historical doll. Even reading her books didn’t raise my opinion of her.

 I do love her bright colors.


 Abby and I were admiring the human clothes and wishing they would fit us. And then Abby spotted something, “Here’s something that will fit you!”

 Here’s a “Hi” from the egg chair.

 Love that food.


 The human sized egg chair!

 It was fun to try the different buttons and hear the different music.

 Abby and Amy!


Then we walked upstairs to the modern AG dolls, but by that time I think Abby was kind of overwhelmed with dolls and had had enough so we didn’t spend as much time there.

Samantha did try the Prancing horse to see if it was more comfortable than Steps High. She said it was because the Prancing horse was bigger and easier to stay on.


 I remember the first time I had to go to the bathroom at the AG place and I couldn’t believe what I saw in the stall:

 An AG doll holder. They really think of everything!


 This is the most pink and purple bathroom I’ve ever seen.


 There’s even a doll holder by the sinks!

 Need a paper towel, Amy?

While I filled my water bottle and got myself organized in the bathroom, Abby went out and took pictures of Lea’s treat shop.





 I think they should make a turtle cookie.

 Cute cupcakes.



 Here are fish cookies. Where are the turtles?


Next door to the AG place is the Lego store. I had never been in it so Abby showed me around.

 Above is Abby, me, and Samantha’s eyes in front of the Lego Man. Does he have a name? He’s been around since I was a kid.

 AAh! Save Samantha from the Storm Trooper!!

 Abby used her persuasive Jedi powers and released Samantha from her bondage.

I hope she doesn’t get swayed by the dark side!

After that, we got picked up by Evie, ate some pizza and finally left for our trip to Ludington, Michigan. I couldn’t wait to get hiking in the beautiful state park.

We arrived late at night and the next day it was pouring rain! Although that stopped my two, civilized and normal friends it wasn’t going to stop crazy outdoorsy me! Evie took a pic of Abby pretending to hike, and me getting ready to go for real!

 It actually wasn’t raining when I started out and the raindrops on the trees, especially the evergreens, was so beautiful. This was the first time I had ever been to Ludington in the winter time when there was no snow.

 It looked like the woodpeckers really enjoyed this tree before it fell down.

 I hiked the long hike to the lighthouse. All the buildings were closed for the winter and I was crazy thirsty having drunk the last drop of my 2 water bottles long ago, and I had more long hikes still to come. I figured Lake Michigan might be the safest to drink compared to a pond or something else. So, I dipped my water bottle into the waves, prayed that I wouldn’t get sick, and drank and drank. Oooh, water is such a wonderful thing. And thank God, I did not get sick!


My family and I have gone to Ludington every single year since I was two years old. And we always go in the summer at the peak of the tourist season. The state park is packed at that time. This state park is so wonderful (it has so many hiking trails, and so much variety within the trails, so many activites to do and things to see, that if you want to camp there, you have to book your reservation a year in  advanced.) That’s how popular this place is. Hiking in the winter, when nobody’s around, and there are no tracks but my own in the sand, felt like I was the first girl on the moon, or rather, the first girl on the dune!

 My lone footprints.

The entire time I hiked to the lighthouse it was pouring rain and pretty windy so I didn’t take any pics but right when I was filling my water bottle the rain stopped and I was able to take a bunch of pics on the way back.

 It’s really different when there are leaves on the trees and dune grasses are alive and greenish.

 Selfie pic in a poncho.

 I have hiked this lighthouse trail since I was very little and I remember when I used to be taller than every single one of these trees! This whole trail used to be 90% in hot humid sunshine. Now, the trees have grown so much and are able to shade a lot of the trail.

 I”m getting farther away from the lighthouse:

The lighthouse is in this pic: Can you find it?

 The lighthouse trail connects to the ridge trail which takes you way high up on the forest sand dunes.

 You end up climbing so high, that you can see the lighthouse again even though you’re on a totally different trail from a totally different direction.

 I was hiking very fast so I could make sure to be home by dinner time. No rain and no poncho. Yay!


 The wind was still blustery and the clouds were moving really fast. Sometimes the clouds would get really dark and I had to start thinking about taking my poncho out again but then they would break and the sun would come out. Every time this happened the lake turned a different color. It was fascinating to see. I tried to take pics of this but my camera did not do this justice at all.


 The only green things here were the evergreen trees and the moss. This moss was neon green.

 Stumps in the water.

 I saw quite a bit of wildlife, turkeys, egrets, deer, a muskrat and a swan:

 There were a whole bunch of birds out on the lake but they were so far away my camera could only pick them out as little brown dots.

After hiking, we ate and headed back to Illinois. It was a wonderful trip and I had the BEST time I could ever have with my friends!

Evie and Abby, if you’re reading this, I can’t tell you how wonderful it was to be with you and spend so much time together. I love both of you SO much!

Did you go anywhere on spring break? Where did you go? What did you do?

There will be one more Magic Attic-tude post on Monday and then I will unveil my big AG historical project.



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Hi, I'm Heather (the human) and Jacky (the doll) wanted us to start a blog together about all the dolls in my room. I collect 18"dolls such as American Girl, Carpatina, Magic Attic, and Kidz n Cats. I love dressing them up and creating photo stories for you to enjoy! I'm a Christian and you will see a Christian influence in this blog because I can't help glorifying the Lord!
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2 Responses to Some Spontaneous Spring Break Trips

  1. Jen says:

    What a wonderful little getaway! I enjoyed your AG pictures as I haven’t been to a store since Maryellen or Lea. I’m going to have to get to Ludington one day. Maybe the car ferry across? We went down to Naperville and enjoyed the river walk, a great Easter service, and sushi!

    • jackylina says:

      I’m glad you enjoyed Naperville. The car ferry is pretty expensive but that would be SUCH an experience. I”ve always joked that if I get married I’d want our honeymoon to to include riding the ferry to Ludington and having our honeymoon there.

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