Magical Attic-tude of Awesomeness on Magic Mirror Mondays: The Magic Attic Meet Outfits

Okay, I burst out laughing writing that title! When I wrote the post about my old Magic Attic catalogs I got a bunch of comments asking me to take pics of the outfits and things I have from the catalogs. I mentioned in another post that the way I really got into doll collecting was through a neighbor who was selling a gigantic collection of American Girl dolls/outfits/accessories, and the complete collection of Magic Attic dolls and tons of their outfits, almost all of which I bought. Since I have so much, I didn’t want to show all of it on one post so I thought I’d do it in a series of magic attic fashion posts every once in a while. I’d like to do it once a week, but I can’t guarantee that will happen. My good blogger friends, Sunny and Abbylina thought up two great titles for these posts. I liked both of them so much I just combined them to make one really long and kind of silly title. But I love it!

I thought I’d start with their meet outfits. These are the meet outfits that I’ve grown up with:


But, since they all have more than one meet outfit, I’ll feature each doll individually. Alison, Keisha, and Megan were the very first Magic Attic girls so I’ll feature them first.

Alison McCann:

Jamie is wearing Alison’s very first meet outfit.

It consists of a very cute hat, a very short dress, shorts, and shoes. This outfit is not the greatest quality.  (Here’s another pic of Jamie wearing it in a different light).

The shorts are fine with elastic but the dress has a really rough, and big snagging piece of velcro that has started to come apart from the dress. This outfit is supposed to come with turquoise socks and laces for the shoes both of which I don’t have. I think this outfit is kind of plain, so I added Alison’s key necklace which actually goes with her next meet outfit:

The first pic is of Alison wearing just her meet outfit plus the ribbon that you get when you buy just the doll. The next pic is Alison without the ribbon. And the final pic is Alison with most of her accessories. It seems her soccer ball  and membership card is missing in this pic and Jamie is wearing her necklace, so let me take an updated picture:

Here’s Alison with her soccer ball and membership card. I really like this outfit. The shoes are cloth, not as great as AG. All the dolls get the same shoes just with different colored laces. The jeans are the perfect length and snap to close. The jacket does not button close. Underneath her jacket is a cute long sleeve pink tee.

Her accessories aren’t my favorite, but they’re cool. Every doll got a key necklace and club membership card. Alison got a backpack that has two pockets and can actually hold quite a lot. Her soccer ball is just a soccer ball but it’s nice to have and since she’s sporty, she loves to play with it. Her baseball cap hides her pretty blue eyes so she usually wears it backwards.

I always get this Alison meet outfit (that Isabella is wearing) confused with Megan’s since part of it’s yellow (especially the shoes). It comes with a very bright school bus yellow long sleeve shirt, and a blue short sleeve pullover. There are no shorts or leggings which is too bad because I think she really needs some. The pullover is tricky to get on because the only opening is the zipper in the front and a small snap at the back of the hood. Lanie is not very happy that this doesn’t fit her. She loves the butterfly on the hem.

Here’s another pic of Kat wearing the outfit.

There is one more meet outfit for Alison but I do not own it. I’ve come across it on ebay but haven’t bought it yet.

Wait! Here’s an update because I finally came across Alison’s final meet outfit.

 She starts with white underwear and a lacy camisole.

 She adds a denim jacket with fur trim that does not close and a skirt that looks like it’s sparkly with sequins even, but it’s actually gems? or water drops? that are painted on.

When you look at it really closely you can see them, but from far away, especially in pictures the skirt seems to sparkle. I like that illusion. The outfit is completed with knee socks and mary-jane shoes.

Alison meet outfits (I still have to update this pic with her final meet):

Keisha Vance

 I’m so sad to say that this is the only meet outfit of Keisha’s that I own. I have never seen a meet outfit of Keisha’s listed on ebay without having to buy the doll with it. Her outfit contains an adorable Polk-a-dot shirt and purple overalls, all of which snap! Plus, purple shoes and a hair ribbon.

Keisha’s accessories are a fanny pack which my dolls almost never use since it’s so out of style, an adorable bucket hat and a photo album because Keisha loves to take pictures. The photo album is black and white, but the photos and captions are so cute. I took some pics of them but they didn’t come out very nicely:

There are a couple of pages at the end for you to put in your own photos.

Megan (and Sara) Ryder


Can you tell Megan’s color is yellow!? Her outfit is a skirt, a shirt, a vest that cannot button, and a headband.


Here are some more updated pics of Megan:


 I love her accessories mostly because of the hat. The sunflowers are so bright and cheery. Megan came with reading glasses that fit in a sturdy yellow case. Her messenger bag is a relief because it’s the one thing that isn’t glaringly yellow.

I thought I’d show dolls as similar to the real Megan as possible to wear her other meet outfits. Here is Penny who is also sculpted by Robert Tonner. This meet outfit starts with a halter top and matching underwear.

 The khaki shorts and a thick, warm and extra comfy yellow hoodie go on top. I would totally wear this meet outfit (except for the halter top. I don’t like clothes hanging on my neck). (The shoes do not come with this outfit)

Her final meet outfit actually belongs to this doll. This is Sara who is really a Megan doll with the revised face mold and a hair cut. Her outfit has thick white tights, a real wool skirt, and matching real wool shoes that are very sturdy. The shoes don’t have the spoke part that you stick in the hole to buckle it (I don’t know what that’s called). You just thread the straps through the buckle without it, which I actually like because you don’t have to figure out where the hole is and stick it through. She’s also supposed to come with a yellow t-shirt but I don’t I have that. Her mustard colored sweater-jacket is sort of stretched out and too long for her because my Maru and Friends dolls who are 19″ and wider than magic attic dolls love to wear it and they’ve stretched it out. I guess it still looks pretty good on Sara anyway.

All three Megan Meets:

Heather Hardin

 I just love the similarity in the magic attic meet outfits, but also the variety. Heather’s is similar to Keisha’s but instead of full overalls and Polk-a-dots, it’s stripes and a jumper. The general thing I don’t like, is Heather, Rose, and Megan get real headbands, but Alison and Keisha just get ribbons if you were to buy the doll without accessories.

 Heather’s accessories are similar to Megan’s with the same style of hat but pink and with tulips. Her backpack is smaller than Alison’s or Megan’s but it’s also more elegant too. She loves to paint and there is a real paint set included, that you could actually use!

 Alissa is wearing her next meet outfit. This doesn’t scream pink to me like the previous one does.

 I had to take a picture of her undies that match the dress!

 She comes with a sweater that really buttons in case she gets cold. I’ve seen some Heather sweaters with pink flower buttons like the one below, or daisies.

 Her final meet outfit is very groovy and unique. Kohanna is wearing a pink t-shirt underneath her fuzzy wuzzy sweater, and yes, it’s as fuzzy as it looks.

 I love the fringe on her pants!

 Heather’s three meet outfits:

Rose Hopkins


Rose’s meet outfit is the simplest of the magic attic meets; just a white shirt and green plaid jumper plus a headband with a bow on top.

Her accessories are spectacular:

 I love the beading on the purse and the strap is long enough for her to wear across her chest.

 When it opens, it has two pockets.

The greatest thing of Rose’s accessories is her watch. It really works! Has AG ever made a doll watch that really works? No way. At least this watch really works when the battery hasn’t died. I do not recommend changing the battery. I tried. It was easy to take the watch apart, but it came apart in a bunch of little pieces and then I couldn’t get the battery to come out of it’s little cage. I finally gave up and then it took me 45 minutes to try and put the watch back together again.

I’ve always been leery of berets. I can never get them to stay on a doll and look good. This is the best I could do with Rose.

 Rose’s next meet outfit is similar to Megan’s since it is yet another halter top with matching underwear. This top covers much more chest area than Megan’s.

 A flowered skirt goes on next.

 The jacket is lined with the same material as the skirt. I think that’s pretty cool! I suppose it could even be reversible but I haven’t tried that yet.

 Ana Ming, in the full meet outfit but not the correct sandals. The original sandals which I don’t own, have a buckle on the top, not the side.

 Rose’s last meet outfit is bright, bright green.

 I love the embroidery on her pants.

 Her belt is so cute with the red beads, mimicking the flowers with the red centers.

 The top is very foofy!

The three Rose meet outfits:

Oops! I almost forgot about one more magic attic doll: Chloe!

 Poor Chloe has no identity (no last name, no unique color (why did she steal pink from Heather?) and most important of all, no book), plus her meet outfit is the worst. I do not like meet outfits showing the midriff. Her sandals fall off all the time, the pink flower buttons on her jacket have almost all come off (the jacket doesn’t button), and her sleeveless shirt is pretty with the lacy neck and embroidered flower, but it’s too short. I’m also not a big fan of pink cheetah print. Poor Chloe does not come with any hair accessory, or any other accessories at all. So sad. Even though she shares the same face mold as Rose, I still think she’s a pretty doll, and her hair is very fun to play with.

Now that you’ve got a detailed look at all the meet outfits, I thought I’d show them to you again in order of release.


I only own one of the ’94 meet outfits. Megan and Keisha’s are missing.


Complete except for Rose’s shoe!


(Megan, Heather, Rose) (Chloe’s supposed to be in this picture too, but I forgot her again!) Alison and Keisha’s are missing.


 The ’96 meets with all accessories:

 The girls showing off their bags:

 And a final pic of every magic attic doll:

I hope this wasn’t too boring. I’m going to continue doing group outfits, so the next one will be the cruise ship dresses since everyone’s getting ready for Easter.



About jackylina

Hi, I'm Heather (the human) and Jacky (the doll) wanted us to start a blog together about all the dolls in my room. I collect 18"dolls such as American Girl, Carpatina, Magic Attic, and Kidz n Cats. I love dressing them up and creating photo stories for you to enjoy! I'm a Christian and you will see a Christian influence in this blog because I can't help glorifying the Lord!
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5 Responses to Magical Attic-tude of Awesomeness on Magic Mirror Mondays: The Magic Attic Meet Outfits

  1. No, this post was not boring! It was really interesting to see all the different meet outfits from different times. My favorite set is the “real”(in my opinion) set (the meet outfits from 1996). I like that they all have distinct colors. 🙂
    ~Christian Homeschooler

  2. Mizuki says:

    Definitely not boring. The only things I’d have to correct you on are that Keisha was not in the original lineup, Heather was, Chloe DOES have accessories, and that there are actually two versions of some of the original meet outfits.

    The three dolls that the line launched with in 1994 were Alison, Megan, and Heather. The 1994 versions of the dolls actually had a different face mold than dolls released from 1995 on, and their clothes were of pretty poor quality as you mentioned. Megan’s outfit was a yellow overall jumper with a yellow t-shirt, and Heather’s was a pink skirt, pink vest with real, working buttons, and an obnoxiously orange t-shirt.

    In 1995 they swapped out Heather’s orange t-shirt and socks for a pale pink t-shirt and socks, changed the face mold to the one that the dolls had for pretty much all of their run, and added Keisha, who has her own, unique face mold. Keisha’s original meet outfit was a cute purple button-up dress kinda like Megan’s with a white t-shirt and her hat had adorable buttons on the front.

    1996 added the meet outfits that everyone knows and loves. They’re my favorites, your favorites, basically everyone’s favorites. All others just weren’t “right” somehow. 1997 brought Rose to the line, and I believe that was around the time that Knickerbocker bought the line, so the fact that her outfit is slightly different in terms of composition is probably due to that.

    I wholeheartedly agree with you on Chloe’s meet outfit being terrible. I hate basically everything about it, but the thing I hate most is that it isn’t orange. Regardless of whether the doll ended up being another blue-eyed blonde or Asian or WHATEVER, she should’ve been wearing orange in order to fit in with the other five dolls. The fact that she wasn’t, and that they picked such a horribly tacky clothing style (and fabric pattern!) has been a thorn in my side since 2001 when I got the magazine introducing her. Speaking of which, I could’ve SWORN that Chloe had at least a tiny backstory blurb in her original two-page spread in the holiday 2001 catalog. Maybe time has caused me to start imagining things, but I swear I remember there being a paragraph or two outlining at least some super basic details. (I can’t find my copy of the magazine for the life of me, and images on google are not forthcoming.) For accessories, she had a patent pink purse (dump-bag style in terms of design), a pair of pinkish-purple sunglasses with pink-purple lenses (they were the same frames as Megan’s glasses, just pink) and a set of 6 hairpins with flowers at the end. In fact, all of the 2001 meet outfits came with new accessory sets. I never personally owned any of them, but I remember them existing and have seen them on ebay from time to time.

    Anyway, I definitely enjoyed this overview. This particular line is so underrated and yet it was my favorite as a kid. (As well as the first one I started collecting.)

    • jackylina says:

      Wow!! Thanks for all the info! So interesting! I’ll have to look for Chloe’s accessories on eBay then. If you ever do happen to find your magazine that has chloes backstory let me know.

      • Mizuki says:

        I wasn’t able to find mine, but I asked around and was able to get the page from someone else. Her intro paragraph says this: “Hey girls! My name is Chloe! My family just moved from Southern California, so I am the new kid on the block. Everyone in the Magic Attic Club has made me feel really welcome. Alison and I hit it off right away! I am really into outdoor sports like mountain biking and snowboarding. My dad is even teaching me how to rock-climb. I also play the guitar and write poetry. When I grow up I want to be a singer/songwriter, so I practice my guitar and write everyday. My twin brother, Conner and I are pretty much inseparable. He always makes sure that my independence and curiosity don’t get me into too much trouble.”

        What’s so interesting about this is that her meet outfit and looks are basically the exact opposite of sporty and tomboyish, but that’s what they intended her to be. EXTREEEEEEEEEEME (and into entertainment) because California. Or something. My favorite part about it is actually the fact that she has a twin brother and he sounds a bit like a mother hen type. I think that if Knickerbocker hadn’t folded and had fleshed her out, she would’ve been a very interesting character to see develop. Maybe we would’ve seen some stories about her going to great lengths using her passions and strengths to save people like some kind of hero, or stories about her coming to terms with the fact that she’s not in SoCal and can let go and be the adrenaline junkie of a kid that she is on the inside. Lots of opportunities just with what we were given on her splash page, but nothing substantial, because Knickerbocker went bankrupt.

        I am also sad that this never resulted in an MAC guitar set. That would’ve been nifty.

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