A Tour of Doll Rooms and Displays

I hardly ever have human visitors come to my doll room. Occasionally my sister will come see what the dolls have been up to and even more rarely I will ask my close friends (who are really not into dolls at all but are just the sweetest of friends and put up with my love for dolls very graciously) to come see a display I’m particularly proud of. But that’s about it.

A month ago my cousin got a used Kit doll I picked out on ebay for her birthday and a couple weeks later I invited she and my aunt to come see my giant collection of dolls. Now, since I normally don’t have visitors my doll room often looks something like this: beautiful doll display…, messy pile of stuff,….another beautiful doll display,….another messy pile of junk. Well, I got rid of all the messy piles of junk and used every single display area I had to show off my dolls to my visitors. I tried to make many of the displays to custom fit the special people who were coming to see it which I’ll explain more later.

I really wish I could invite all of you readers to come visit my doll room but since many of you live far away, I thought I’d give you a virtual tour in this blog post.

There are some rooms that never change like the office, stable, bathroom and kitchen. Kit gets her own room for a year while I’m featuring her and her books. Once her year comes to an end it will be transformed to the next featured historical doll (and it’s coming to an end very soon, just 2 more books left!) All of the other rooms change almost constantly depending on what I’m doing with my dolls. It’s why I love the scenes and settings books so much. I can just turn the page and poof, I have a new room.

So, if you were to walk into my room, the first thing you would see on either side of you are two permanent rooms; the horse stable and the office.  I hardly use the stable for play, but since I needed somewhere to store the 3 horses (whose names change all the time depending on which doll is caring for/riding them) the OG stable works the best. I usually have it covered in heavy plastic because I don’t use it very often (which is why you see all that plastic in the background).

 Jacky, Nellie, Megan, and Heather are showing off their horse riding outfits in the stable.

 Suki is showing you the room right across from the stable which is the office/homework area. This room is supposed to be a quiet and peaceful study room at all times unless Lindsey’s there causing a raucous.

 The ooooold computer that still really works!


You can see the difference between Lauryn’s neat locker, and Lindsey’s messy one.


 Work area:

 Suki helps Katie with a report.

Just outside of the office, Cecile, Mary Grace and Addy get ready for an after school activity.

Next are moveable displays. Since I did this all for my visitors I chose to do some of my favorite displays and some displays that fit my visitors interests. Here are some of my favorites:

Colonial Lessons at Miss Manderly’s.

 Emma and Lily are learning to dance.

 Miss Manderly (Caroline) takes a break from instructing and pours herself some tea.

 Felicity is about to work on her penmanship lesson.

 Maggie and Elizabeth have finished their tea lesson and are working on their lute playing. Yes, this instrument is a lute not a guitar. AG needs to do more research!

Next door, another girl is learning to be a lady but she is from a different time:

 Samantha enjoys pushing her doll, Clara in the pram with Jip running along beside her.

 Grandmary (Lauryn), Jessica, and Alissa have lemonade, ice cream, and petit fours at Tyson’s ice cream parlor.

 Alissa and Tess listen to Nellie tell of her adventures with Samantha.

Above this, and travelling way back in time, Singing Bird (Kaya) takes Kirsten to meet her family and they give each other gifts.

 Kirsten is given a bag Singing Bird made.

 Rose and Miranda watch while Steps High stays warm under all of his furs.

Since I’m showing you all my favorite displays, time travel is at an all time high because we are now fast forwarding to Lea’s welcome party that is still going on!

 Saige and Lindsey have fun in the sun.

 Lea tries some treats.

 Savannah and Nicki watch Isabelle try to launch her fish kite.

up, up and away!


Need to make a pit stop? Sorry, there’s no toilet here, but Penny and Kathy are all squeaky clean.

 Kathy got a message.

 And a facial!

 It took me 20 minutes to get Kathy’s hair in that towel so I had to take a pic of it.

The next room is often loud and crowded with girls and tonight is no exception. The bedroom has been host to many pizza parties.

 Fanny and Alex try to think of a good strategy in their Blockus game.

 Jess watches as Ashleigh and Maru chomp on  pizza as they wait for their turn.

 Kanani and Tatiana play Life.

 And a bunch of girls (Emily, Elianna, Molly, and Sonali) get all out of joint playing Twister!

The next displays have been custom made for my visitors. My cousin loves baking so my dolls decided to bake her something they know she’ll like: cupcakes!

 Lanie takes them out of the oven.

 Alison and Keisha make the batter.

Jamie offers her help.

Since my aunt loves to knit/crochet, Kit invited everyone to her room for a knitting party.

 Julia and Sara knit scarves.

 Ruthie tells a fairytale story while Henriette and Sophie get started with their knitting.

My aunt and older cousin are in the praise band at the church I go to. The dolls wanted to join in praising the Lord and formed a praise band together.

 Jess and Chloe sang together

 Katelynne pounded on the keyboard.

 She looks so cute in those glasses!

 Amy tried her bass guitar.

 Love that hat!

 Jess has a beautiful voice

 Praise the Lord! All together~!

 That’s it! I hope you enjoyed my doll tour! I used almost every doll (some were used twice) that I own. Kat couldn’t join in the fun because she was sick and Kohanna and I were invited to a real Downton Abbey party where she came dressed as my Downton Abbey doll. Sorry, I don’t have pics of that!



About jackylina

Hi, I'm Heather (the human) and Jacky (the doll) wanted us to start a blog together about all the dolls in my room. I collect 18"dolls such as American Girl, Carpatina, Magic Attic, and Kidz n Cats. I love dressing them up and creating photo stories for you to enjoy! I'm a Christian and you will see a Christian influence in this blog because I can't help glorifying the Lord!
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18 Responses to A Tour of Doll Rooms and Displays

  1. Wow, I love it! I especially like your colonial setup; it’s SO cool!!! I also love the outdoor scene with the Indians. Where did you get that backdrop?
    Seriously, you have so much fun doll stuff. I would love to come to your house and admire it all! XD
    ~Christian Homeschooler

  2. agteen says:

    I am literally jealous of all of your retire ag items

  3. Sunny says:

    This was SO cool!! 😀 😀 I bet it’s even more amazing in person. 😉 I loved the baking scene. 🙂

    • jackylina says:

      It is pretty amazing in person. My aunt said, “this is like walking into the American Girl Store of retired items!”

      • Jen says:

        Totally! When you were a kid did you ever think about being a museum curator? Did I already tell you that about two years ago there was an estate sale in Appleton WI and the person had pretty much every AG thing ever made. I couldn’t go because I had just started a new job and I regret that. It makes me sad that this amazing collection isn’t together anymore. It seems like a collection so complete should be available somehow for viewing after a person is gone.

      • jackylina says:

        Wow. No, you didn’t tell me that. I went to Lawrence University for my first year of college in Appleton. That is sad it’s not together anymore.
        I have always been into displaying stuff as a kid and obviously I still am now. My parents thought I should be a storefront window displayer because I would display my shell collection, my grandma’s teapots, and any kind of holiday I was in charge of all decorations and I had to do it all myself because no one ever did it “right”!

      • Jen says:

        I used to recruit at Lawrence (for graduate school in Physical Therapy). It’s a unique place for sure.
        I love your story about the displays you made as a kid. I think it’s so fascinating how kids come into the world with their own gifts and talents and to see how these talents show up even in adulthood.

  4. Jen says:

    I don’t remember seeing Miranda before…. JLY ?

    • jackylina says:

      I’ve had her for a looong time. I got her when I was in 8th grade at my church rummage sale. I don’t play with her as much as other dolls because her limbs are SOO loose. I feel like her legs are going to fall off anytime I pull her pants off. She is next in line to go to the doll hospital.

  5. evlani says:

    The effect is definitely better in person — being surrounded by doll displays and having so much to look at!
    P.S. I’m into dolls just not INTO dolls. 🙂 I used to love changing Barbie clothes. Besides, why put all the energy into dolls when I can come over and see what you’re up to? 😉

  6. Flo says:

    So cute! I especially got a kick out of the lockers, my one friend in school was a slob and I tried to keep mine neat.

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