Tatiana Nayara Oliviera

I hardly ever put my own self inside my doll’s lives and stories but I had to for this one!

“Alex! Alex!

 Alexis! Wake up!”

 Alexis rubbed her eyes, “Mmmm. What is it?”

“Tatiana just arrived in the mail! She’s here!”

Alexis wiggled out of her sleeping bag like lightening.

“EEEK!! Oh my gosh! Where is she ?”she shrieked looking all over the doll room.

“She’s downstairs. Put your slippers on and come down with me.”

Alexis raced down the stairs and ran to the middle of the room where a big box was standing.

 “Wow! This is such a big box! It’s even bigger than me! Hurry! We have to open it!” she started to claw at the box to try to open it.

“Alex wait. Your gorgeous nails will get broken if you do that. I have some scissors, just be patient.”

Being patient to Alex meant jumping up and down with quick little excited gasps as I ripped the label and tape off of the box.

 “Cool! She’s surrounded in pink confetti paper. We’ll reuse this for a birthday party just like we reused your orange confetti paper for the Halloween party,”I said but Alex wasn’t really listening to me, she was way too excited that the moment she had been waiting for had finally come. She removed the tissue paper

 “Oooh! She’s sleeping. She’s so beautiful even in the box. Can we sit her up? Can we open her?”

“Really soon,” I replied, “I want to get a picture of her brand new in the box so our readers can see.”

 “Hi, Tatiana! I’ve been waiting so long to see you!” Alexis turned to me, “Okay let’s get her out of the box.”

“Just, hold on one more minute, I want to take some pictures of the sides and back of the box.”

The first side is a little note from Tatiana in 3 different languages including Portuguese, her Brazilian language!

 The back:

 The other side are the names of the first 100 people who pre-ordered Tatiana. My name’s on there, and I also saw A Dolls Picnic.


 After much impatient jumping up and down from Alexis again, I pried Tatiana’s box open and lifted her out. Her whole face was enclosed in protected netting and her neck, waist and ankles were bound.

“Tatiana!! How are you? How was your trip? Are you okay? Are you hungry? Are you ready to open Christmas presents? Are you ready for Christmas? I’m so excited you’re here I can’t stand it!!”

Tatiana laughed, “I’m fine. My trip was long and bumpy. Look, I lost my sandal on the way over here! It was banging around me in the box. I feel really stiff so I can’t wait to get unstuck from here!”

 “Heather, Please release her from her bondage!”Alex requested with a giggle.

“Oo, that feels so much better. Now I can move my arms and legs.”

“You can be wiggly, just like me!”Alex cried, jumping up and down yet again and wiggling at the same time. She had been sleeping for such a long time waiting for Tatiana she had a ton of energy to burn off.

 “Okay, let me take a picture of the two of you one more time and then we can go upstairs so I can write a full review of both of you,” I said.

I had fallen in love with Tatiana just like Alex had when I took her out of the box, but there was one thing that concerned me, I noticed that Tatiana’s head was always tilted up. I couldn’t get her head to go straight so she could look dead on. Alexis has an incredible range of motion in her head. Her head motion rivals that of the Maru and Friends dolls, but Tatiana could barely move her head at all. She can turn her head left and right but it’s always left and right looking up. Here is a picture of her with the camera looking straight at her. This is as far down that her head will go.

 Then I thought, okay, how far up will her head go? It goes up really high! She can look at the ceiling if her eyes were open (yes, those beautiful almond shaped eyes do open and close).

 Here is a profile shot again with the camera looking straight on. You can see her head/eyes are looking up.

 Close up:

 I had already fallen in love with my Tatiana doll and I thought this wouldn’t bother me especially since this is the only thing that annoys me about Tatiana, but it’s starting to bother me enough that I think I might email Via E and see what they say. I wonder if all Tatianas are like this or if my doll has a defect? I really mean it that this is the ONLY thing that I don’t like about this doll. So, on to the wonderful things: Her hair is one of the most amazing things about her. There is so much of it! It is so thick and crinkly curly.

 Obviously you would never want to run a brush through this!

 Here is a shot with the camera pointing up to the bottom of her curls. I wanted to show all the curly layers of hair.

Not only does her hair make her ultra unique (and I have to say, I’ve never seen any kind of 18″ doll with this particular style of curly hair) but her face is so special. She has perfect almond shaped eyes! I think they’re more almond shaped than AG. She has strong high cheekbones and a wonderful cheerful smile that’s very similar to Alexis but also so different that if I were asked which smile I liked better I really wouldn’t be able to tell you. They are just so adorable. Tatiana makes me smile just as much as Alex does when I look at her.

 Here she is in her full meet outfit.

She comes carrying a Qata (hey, that’s a word you can use in Scrabble without using a “u”!). A Qata (pronounced Kota) is an Incan word for blanket, but according to Via E, the Incan people used it not only as a blanket, but a scarf, rebozo, or kerchief to put berries or other things they gathered. Tatiana custom made her Qata.

She sewed flower shaped buttons on the top of hers,

 so when you unbutton it, it gets bigger,

 and bigger!

 It’s not quite a full doll size blanket but it works perfectly as a picnic or lap blanket. Here is Alex to show the size of it:

 Tatiana arrives in these cute little sandals that show off the fact that both Tatiana and Alexis have separated toes so they can really wear flip flops! How cool is that?

 Look at these adorable toes!.

 Her feet and toes are deeply sculpted and so detailed. This makes AG look super cheap doesn’t it?

 Alexis has shinier toenails. Can you see the white of her nails? It is so incredibly detailed and real looking.

 Here’s a comparison of the two dolls feet. Tatiana’s feet look even more detailed than Alexis.




You would think that just like AG, Magic Attic, Carpatina, and so many other doll companies, that the arms and hands of each doll that Via E makes would be exactly the same mold. Well, they’re different! Take a look at Alex’s hands:

 And Tatiana’s. Tatiana’s fingers are more spread apart than Alexis. She will have so much fun being able to hold things! I am so excited about these unique fingers!

 Side by side comparison:

 Up close manicured nails:

 Their hands are also finely sculpted.

 Like the feet, Tatiana’s is more deeply sculpted than Alexis.

Tatiana’s meet outfit is also unique. Her white shirt has poofy sleeves and pretty lace.

 Close up of lace:

 Her shorts have an adorable little bow that I sadly had to untie in order to get them off. (I hate that I can never make perfect bows).

 The whole time I’m taking pictures and holding her, I’m constantly thinking, “I can’t believe her hair! It is so magnificent!”

 She is so unique that even her ear is different from Alexis!


There is not much else to say about the general face comparison between Alex and Tatiana, but I do have to share a sad story that happened to Alex. You remember I had mentioned in another post about how Alexis seemed to tip over all the time? Well, she was trying to grab some cookies McKenna had just set on the baking table and she reached too far and hit her head on the edge of the baking table. She got three scratches! I was so mad. Luckily they’re small and you can’t see them from far away.

 Tatiana with her eyes closed:

 Laying down:

 Tatiana’s hips and knees are made differently from Alexis. I think they are ball jointed? (not sure) but they have a much greater range of motion than Alexis (now if only her head could be the same..)

 Their bodies are also different: Tatiana’s is wider in the chest than Alexis.

  (She’s also a little skinnier, but that could just be because Alexis has been eating too many Christmas cookies!)

“Hey! Don’t say that!” says Alex.

 One more hair comparison:

 Alex’s hair is thick but compared to Tatiana’s gigantic mane, it looks puny!

 They each have a signature heart on the back of their heads. My Tatiana is # 47 out of 300. I got a second edition Alexis so she does not have a number.

In conclusion, I can’t tell you how pleased and impressed I am with the exquisite detail that goes into these dolls. Except for the head problem (and I will keep you updated on that if anything comes up) both of these dolls are of such great quality! I love how Via E wants their dolls to be different just like all girls are different and unique. I highly, highly recommend them, and I plan to get any and all of the new dolls Via E plans to offer.



About jackylina

Hi, I'm Heather (the human) and Jacky (the doll) wanted us to start a blog together about all the dolls in my room. I collect 18"dolls such as American Girl, Carpatina, Magic Attic, and Kidz n Cats. I love dressing them up and creating photo stories for you to enjoy! I'm a Christian and you will see a Christian influence in this blog because I can't help glorifying the Lord!
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4 Responses to Tatiana Nayara Oliviera

  1. Sunny says:

    HOORAY!! Tatiana is finally here! 😀 She’s so pretty…the detail is just AMAZING. 🙂 That’s weird about the head thing..…i hope you can figure that out.
    Congrats on your newest addition, Heather! (When exactly did Tatiana arrive?) Looking forward to seeing more of T in future posts! 🙂

    • jackylina says:

      Oh thanks so much, Sunny! She arrived yesterday morning. I tried to find other people’s reviews of Tatiana (there was only one on youtube) but the picture was fuzzy and the woman moved the doll around so much I couldn’t tell how her head was positioned. A couple of Christmas related doll posts are coming up really soon (I hope to get them all done by Christmas but we’ll see).

  2. Jen says:

    What a wonderful way to kick off Christmas! She is beautiful and the detail on hands and feet is amazing. That’s so neat that your name is on the box. Smart way to do business too, to secure some income up front.
    I love the fabric on her bag and belt.

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