Halloween House of Wonders

Ever since the beginning of October I have been working hard on getting the dolls ready for Halloween. I love Halloween and had such a great time making this story. So here is what Halloween looks like in the doll room this year. This photo story features Heather Hardin (the doll, not me), Henriette Hartman ( a kidz n cats doll who also goes by Hattie), and Kirsten who wanted to go modern for this story:

Heather woke up on a Saturday morning with a smile as she recalled what she and Kirsten had discussed the night before:

The two of them had been looking through the newest American Girl catalog when Kirsten asked, “Do you think Maryellen might come to our place sometime?”

“I don’t think so,” Heather answered, “I heard a rumor that Samantha-the-queen-of-our-doll-room put her foot down and said Maryellen can’t come here because she’s not unique enough. Plus, Heather-the-human is avoiding reading her books because if she reads them she might want Maryellen to come here. That’s why she’s on the mission to read every GOTY book.”

“I wondered about that,” Kirsten replied, “I almost thought she had changed sides.”

“Changed sides?”

“Yeah, I thought she liked the moderns better than the historicals.”

“Oh no. I don’t think that would ever happen with Heather. I just think she’s trying to be extra picky with what doll she brings home next, mainly because there are just too many in our place as it is. We certainly don’t need any more.”

“That’s true. Well, if Maryellen’s not coming here, how about you and I be Maryellen for Halloween?”

“Ooh, that sounds fun! I have a sock hop outfit and so do you! We can be twins and go trick-or-treating together!”

This morning Heather wandered down the stairs, following her nose to the kitchen where Henriette and Kirsten were eating.

“Mmm! Who made this big breakfast?”

“Nicki,” Henriette replied, “She made it to thank all the dolls who are volunteering to help her with her jobs.”

“Oh, really?” asked Heather with a guilty look on her face while she chowed down on her French toast and strawberries, “I guess I’d better go volunteer myself. Hey Kirsten, what are we going to do today?”

Kirsten we quietly reading the morning newspaper when she suddenly gasped, “Oh my gosh! Look at this:

Grand Opening of the Halloween House of Wonders!!

Everyone is invited to experience the wonder and horror of Halloween! As you walk through the rooms of the Gardener Mansion you will see beauty and grace, but don’t relax! You will witness mysteries that might scare you! $10 admission fee, but only $5 if you come in costume. All proceeds go to the Gigi’s Doll Hospital. The House will be open now until midnight, October 31st.

“Oh wow! Kirsten, can we go!? We have our costumes all ready! Oh I’m so excited!” Heather exclaimed giddily.

“I want to go too!” Henriette announced.

Heather and Kirsten looked at each other.

Heather had really hoped to go with just Kirsten. Henriette would just be a tag-a-long little sister that they would have to keep track of.

“Hattie, it says that there are scary rooms. You’re only 7 years old and I’m afraid you might get scared.”

“Just because I’m 7 doesn’t mean I’m a wimp!” Henriette retorted, “If you don’t take me with you then I’ll just go by myself!”

“Hattie, you can’t go by yourself,” Kirsten said, “Here, I’ll make a deal. We’ll take you with us, but if you get scared we are NOT turning around and going back. If I’m paying money to go, I want to get my money’s worth of Halloween and see all of it. Got it?”

“Got it. And I WON’T get scared.” Henriette put her empty plate in the sink and left the room.

Heather turned to Kirsten, “How much do you want to bet she’ll get scared and beg us to leave?”

“I’m not going to bet on that, because we are NOT going to leave until we’ve seen everything. But I will bet this; how much do you want to bet that Hattie will be dressed as a pink princess?”

“Or anything pink!” Heather laughed, “She’ll look like a pink bubble with silver hair! My favorite color’s pink too, but Hattie just goes overboard. She wears NOTHING but pink!”

Later that night the girls got dressed in their costumes and headed out to the Gardener Mansion. Kirsten went to the booth to buy their tickets.

“Three dolls, please.”

“Okay,” said the lady behind the booth, “you may get your picture taken before you go in the house. Would you like three individual photos?”

“Um, no, Heather and I will have our picture taken together and Henriette can have her own portrait.”

“Okay, stand right here….”


And Henriette, you’re next…”


Henriette made a pouty face as she followed Heather and Kirsten to get in line to go into the house.

“Why did you make me get my picture all by myself? I thought we were doing this together,” she whined and huffed against the wall.

“Well, we didn’t exactly invite you to go with us, plus, we are wearing matching costumes,” Heather spoke condescendingly.

Kirsten saw that Henriette looked like she might cry so she quickly tried to patch things up, “Anyway, Hattie, if we had our picture taken with you we would spoil it because we aren’t wearing beautiful pink princess dresses like you are.”

“I had my picture taken by myself,” said a strange voice behind them.

“Keisha!” Heather cried, “I didn’t know you were coming!”

“Yeah, some friends are working in this house so I thought I’d see their performance.”

“Ooo, I bet you have the inside scoop! What’s the most scary thing we’ll see?”

“Actually, I don’t have any inside information. The actors working here are getting paid and if they tell any secret about the show they’ll loose their jobs! That’s why this is so popular, I mean look at how long this line is!”


“Yeesh! It is really long, and I feel like we’re barely moving!”

But just as Kirsten said that, the line started to move and they rounded the corner to enter the house.

“I can see why… everyone wants to stay and see the magic show.”

Sure enough Allison McCann and Ana Ming were involved in a two person magic show.

“Come One! Come All!” Allison shouted, “See if your eyes can keep up with the ball! Here I will put it under the red cup. And then…”

Allison moved the cups without lifting them and Ana grabbed a handkerchief and waved it over the cups.

“Who wants to guess where the ball is?”

“I’m guessing it’s still under the red one,” said Heather.

Ha ha! Ta da! You’re eyes have deceived you! It is now under the blue one!”

“How did you do that?” asked Henriette in wonder.

“Tis the magic of the house my dear! Now move along and go to another room!”

The girls left the magic show, walked down a hallway and entered a room enclosed in mirrors.

“Whoa! This is weird! All of the walls are made of mirrors!” Heather exclaimed.

“Yeah, it’s strange looking at myself in all of these different angles,”Kirsten replied.

“Look!! Ballerinas! I bet they’re here to show us where to go next.”

Twirling a few feet away from the girls were two beautiful dolls, but..

“They’re not ballerinas. They’re fairies!”Heather said.

“Maybe they’re pixies,”Kirsten disagreed.

“Ooh, pretty!”breathed and awed Henriette as she started to follow them.

“No! Stop!”Kirsten held Henriette back, “you’re not supposed to follow fairies, especially if they’re pixies. They like to trick people and get them lost.”

“How do you  know about fairies, have you gone to fairyland?” Henriette said, still keeping close and watching the fairies because she didn’t want to leave something so beautiful.

“No, of course I haven’t gone to fairyland,” answered Kirsten following Henriette to try and grab her and bring her back, “but I have read books, and anytime a character follows a pixie they get hopelessly lost.”

“I think we just took too many steps toward the fairies…look what just happened,”Heather gazed around the room which had suddenly changed. The walls seemed to split and now what seemed to have once been four walls suddenly expanded to six.

 “Oh, Hattie! Now look! I was right! We’re lost now. I can barely even tell where a real path is. I keep crashing into mirrors!” Kirsten stopped herself from complaining further. She knew Henriette was only 7 and was always attracted to pretty people and things since she dreamed of being a princess constantly, “Okay, lets all keep really close together so we don’t loose each other in this maze of mirrors.”

“Oh, look! Another one!”

“Wait, she’s different! She doesn’t have wings!” Hattie tried hard to redeem herself, “I think she’s a real ballerina. Will you get us lost?”she asked the ballerina who did not respond but smiled at her and kept dancing.

“I think we’re supposed to follow her! Come on!” They started to follow, but another ballerina appeared, who seemed to replace the first one who had disappeared.

“Ah! This one has wings! She’s a fairy! Quick! Go the other way!”

But it was too late. The walls changed again and seemed to split even more.

Eeek! I’m feeling like I’m looking at a hundred dolls but there are only four of us in this room.”

“I don’t like this anymore,” Henriette spoke, “I’m scared. I want to get out of here.”

“This is really creepy,” added Heather.

“Oh, jeez! Yet another ballerina?!”

This one, however, was different. She danced like the others, but she also stared at each one of the three dolls individually and waved at them to follow her.

“I think this one is for real,” Heather said confidently, “I think we should really follow her.”

They followed her down a long mirrored pathway that seemed to change but the mirrored walls did not split like they had before.

“I feel a breeze in the air!” Kirsten sniffed.

“It’s a nice, warm breeze!” Henriette closed her eyes in enjoyment.

“It’s a tropical breeze!” cried Heather.

The dolls climbed up some stairs and suddenly they found themselves in the middle of a Luau!

“Are we in the Gardener Mansion or are we somewhere in Hawaii,” wondered Kirsten. Everything felt so real. The breeze ruffled their hair and even had a scent of salt in it. The tropical flowers behind the hula dancers swayed, the shrimp kabobs crackled on the grill and the music and singing from Addy and Miranda made everything so bright and merry.

“Come sing and dance with us,” welcomed Miranda after their first song was over, “here, have a drink.”

So the girls spent a wonderful time singing and learning the hula from the Hawaiian masters.

They were having so much fun together, it was too easy to believe that they really were in Hawaii, when suddenly a shrill whistle was heard, interrupting the music.

“The sea! The sea!” cried the hula dancers as they suddenly dropped everything they were doing and ran away!

“What! Where are you going? What’s going on?”asked Kirsten.

“Look, it’s the sea!” Henriette pointed to a blue shadow off in the distance that seemed to be creeping up on them very quickly.

“The sea! How can the sea be in a house!?” asked Heather

“I don’t know but I can smell it, and sure looks real,” answered Kirsten.

“Let’s go swimming!!”cried Henriette running toward the water.

“Wait!! Hattie! You can’t just go running off all the time!”

But Henriette had run too far out didn’t hear Kirsten.

Heather and Kirsten ran after her and reached the edge of the water.

“It’s warm! Oh, it feels so good on my —


A giant wave came crashing down on all three of them and they were swallowed by the wave and carried deep into the water. Kirsten had no idea where Henriette and Heather were, So this is why those hula dancers ran away, they knew about these waves. The funny thing was, and Kirsten only just realized it, that she was not running out of air. She could breathe completely normally even though she seemed miles under the ocean and sinking ever deeper. Down, down she sank until finally she saw a faint glow at the bottom of the ocean. The glow came from two mermaids swimming together.

“Hello, my dears!” greeted one of them, “welcome to the very bottom of the sea!”

Kirsten look around and was instantly relieved to see Heather and Henriette standing together.

“But I don’t want to be at the bottom of the sea,” Henriette gulped looking up from where she had come, but all she could see was deep blue, blue water.

“If you want to reach dry land you must give us a gift.”

“I can give you my crown,” Henriette offered.

“We have better crowns of our own. What we want is a great gift, the gift of music. Sing for us. Let us hear your voice.”

“My voice!” cried Henriette, who was in the process of reading every princess book that ever was written, and had, of course, read the tale of the Little Mermaid, “but… but… you wouldn’t steal my voice. Would you?”

“Hummm, that is a risk you must be willing to take, my dear,” the mermaid answered.

Henriette looked terribly afraid, but she also badly wanted to prove to Kirsten and Heather that she was not a wimp and she knew she hadn’t been doing a very good job of it so far in their journey, so she opened her mouth and sang,

A dream is a wish your heart makes

when you’re fast asleep

in dreams you will loose your heartaches,

whatever you wish for you keep,

have faith in your dreams and someday,

a rainbow will come smiling through

no matter how your heart is greiving,

if you keep on believing, the dream that you wish will come true!

And suddenly the three of them were taken up, and they sped through the water so fast it was hard for them to even keep their eyes open, when suddenly they found themselves in a great, grand room filled with people.

“You did it Hattie! You got us out!” Kirsten cried, giving her a hug.

“Thank you Hattie, you were really brave,” Heather told her and then she looked around the room, “Where are we now? Who are these people?”

Henriette gasped, “They’re all princesses! My dream came true!”

Kirsten realized that Henriette was right, they were all princesses of all different times and places all gathered to dance.

Henriette plunged into the fray and immediately began dancing with them, her silver blond hair sparkling in the candlelight.

“I guess we should join her?”said Heather to Kirsten doubtfully.

“Of course, Heather! Be pink and fuffie! Find your inner princessy self!”

“Oh, jeez,” replied Heather, but she joined Kirsten and danced.

The dances started out at a fine stately speed.

But they gradually got faster, and faster and faster. Soon they were whirling and twirling with skirts and fabric swishing and swirling so fast that it was easy to trip up and fall.

And still, faster and faster the dancing went on, until Heather, Kirsten, and even Henriette were getting dizzy.

Swish! Swirl! FLING! Henriette, Heather and Kirsten found themselves flung out of the ballroom and into total blackness.

“H- Hattie?”

“Kirsten? I can’t see anything.”

“Me either. Kirsten, Hattie, where are you?”

“Reach out your right hand. I’ll grab it.”

The girls did not even try to move their feet since they couldn’t even see their own hands if they stretched them out in front of themselves. But a very faint and eerie glow seemed to surround them. And they could make out figures in the shadows.

A spider girl stood sentry against a wall, and as they’re eyes adjusted to the gloom, they saw in the center of the room a witch, who was surrounded by her cats and a visiting ghost.

“Oooh! I don’t want this anymore! I’m so scared! Take me back! Please take me back!” Henriette had lost all of her courage from two rooms before, and now she clutched at Kirsten and begged her to turn around.

“Hattie, I told you we’re not going back. Now let’s see what this witch wants.”

Kirsten tried to release herself from Henriette and walk up to the witch.

When just before they approached,…


Henriette shrieked like a wild animal.

Kirsten ducked, and Henriette gasped as she realized she knew who the scary pirate was, “Jakob?”

A fiery anger took hold of her and she launched herself on Jakob and attacked him.

“You great, nasty bully! I’ll get you for this! Take that! (punch) and that! (slap) and that! (kick)”

Kirsten and Heather first stood shocked but then Kirsten grabbed Henriette by the shoulder.

“Henriette Hartman! You stop it!! Get off of him right NOW!”

She heaved Henriette off, and both disheveled children glared at each other.

“You scared me so bad I almost peed myself!”Henriette yelled to Jakob.

“Well, if you weren’t such a sissy you would have been smart enough to read the rules before you even came into this house.”

“What rules?” Henriette asked Kirsten.

“Well, I guess you didn’t see them, but it said on a board as we entered the house that the actors and workers here in the house are not allowed to touch the guests. Jakob could yell as much as he likes but he can’t touch you.”

“Oh,” said Henriette looking a little abashed.

“Look, I’m sorry I scared you. Here. Here’s your crown.”

“Thanks,” Henriette took it, “I guess you were just doing you’re job, but you sure did it well. And to think I got freaked by my own brother! I’ll never live it down.”

“Come on, I’ll lead you to the last room. It’s not scary, it’s fun.”

They were led to the back porch of the house which had been transformed to a pumpkin patch.

“Happy Dolloween!” cried the pumpkin girls as they handed out pieces of candy.

“Megan! Sara!” cried Heather happy to see some dolls she knew, “I didn’t know you were involved in this. Wow this room is so cool! How did you make it?”

“It was so fun, first we put pumpkins everywhere.

Then we decorated the lockers with magnets.

And we covered the floor in orange grass.

 And then we dressed ourselves up!”

 “You guys are so adorable! Happy Dolloween!”


“Happy Dolloween!”

The End.


I thought you might like to see some of the pictures I (working as the lady behind the ticket booth) took of the dolls who got to see the show:

Keisha Vance

Katelyn Claire

 (the back of her outfit is better than the front. I knitted her ladybug friend)

 Ashleigh Salon

 Cecile Rey

 Alexis O’Shay   This is a new doll I just got. I am so thrilled with her!

 I will tell you more about her when her new friend comes in late November.

 Kohanna Carpatina

 Kaya and McKenna Brooks

Cast of the Halloween House of Wonders

Lady behind the ticket booth…………………………Heather the human

 Magicians………………………………………………….Allison McCann and Ana Ming

 First Fairies……………………………………………..Jamie Effner and Penny Tonnor

 First Ballerina………………………………………….Isabella Carpatina

Second Fairy……………………………………………..Mary Grace Gardener

Second Ballerina…………………………………………Isabelle Palmer

Hawaiian Singers……………………………………………..Miranda Alverez and Addy Walker

Hula Dancers…………………………………..Sonali Matthews, Kanani Akina, and Rose Hopkins

Mermaids……………………………………………………Kathy Gotz and Maggie-Claire Cullen

Ballroom princesses………………………………………(too many to mention)

Spider girl…………………………………………………..Beth Gotz

Ghost………………………………………………………….Lily Gotz

Witch………………………………………………………….Saige Copeland

Cats…………………………………………………………….Suki Suzuki and Chloe Tonnor

Pirate…………………………………………………………..Jakob Hartman

Pumpkins……………………………………………Savannah Effner, Nellie O’Malley, Megan and Sara Ryder

Thanks so much for reading!


About jackylina

Hi, I'm Heather (the human) and Jacky (the doll) wanted us to start a blog together about all the dolls in my room. I collect 18"dolls such as American Girl, Carpatina, Magic Attic, and Kidz n Cats. I love dressing them up and creating photo stories for you to enjoy! I'm a Christian and you will see a Christian influence in this blog because I can't help glorifying the Lord!
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9 Responses to Halloween House of Wonders

  1. Jen says:

    Alexis is a cutie! I look forward to hearing more. Amazing post! I have never been to a haunted house and I think you haven’t changed my mind about that!
    Loved the newspaper. I know Waukesha well. When I was a kid those mini newspapers were coveted!
    I enjoyed your characters and the pesky princess little sister.
    My favorite room was the pumpkin room and I Think the under sea was the scariest!
    I think Julie’s new meet makes a great costume because to me it doesn’t look like clothes kids wore in the 70s.
    Happy Dolloween!

    • jackylina says:

      Thanks so much! I only get to play with my dolls right before I go to bed (kind of wonderful way to de-stress). I try to fit in an hour of play and of course sometimes that doesn’t happen, but it took me from Oct 1st until now to set this all up and write the story! I enjoyed every minute and I’m so glad you did too!
      I can’t even remember where I got that newspaper! I’ve had it for a very long time. My favorite room is probably the pumpkin room too.
      I’ve only been to one haunted house when I was in college and I was so disappointed because I read on a board before I walked in that the actors will not touch the guests, and because of that, I was not scared at all, so I didn’t enjoy it as much as my friends who hadn’t read it and were really freaked out!

  2. Jen says:

    ps I am reading Nikki’s books now! I have a lot of compassion for her

    • jackylina says:

      Yes! I just finished Grace’s books. The first two I thought were just okay, but I loved how the third one tied everything together and Maddy, Ella and Grace were able to work together and help solve a whole bunch of problems.
      About Alexis from your previous comment; I can’t tell you how much fun she is! She makes me literally smile every time I look at her! Maybe I’ll do an early post on just her and then add her friend (who is still actually in production) when she finally arrives in (hopefully) late November.

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  4. Marion says:

    Thanks for this Halloween post. The dolls look adorable.

  5. Marilyn says:

    WOW! What a great post. Everything is so Halloween with the costumes and decorations. I love it. The dolls are so into Halloween. Have fun trick or treating.

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