My American Girl Catalog Collection Part 2

Here is part 2 of my catalog collection. I have to apologize though; obviously, when I was younger, I had no idea I’d be sharing my catalogs with anyone, let alone photographing them for anyone to see, so there are a few catalogs that have been cut/ripped up because I made an American Girl scrapbook. I will still show those catalogs, because that’s all I have, and some of the pictures aren’t that messed up, but you’ll still be able to view the “holes”.

Here is my one and only catalog from 2001:

 This is one of my favorite years of new releases that AG has ever come out with. Here is the first page showing the historical dolls, Kit being in the center because she was still new back then.


 Kit’s birthday set was a new release and gets a full 2 page spread.


 Kit also gets her summer and winter sets.

 Nothing new for Molly, except all of the historical books could be bought in a one volume collection with a fancy attached bookmark (and the pages were edged in gold).

 2001 began the Girl of the Year saga. Lindsey Bergman was the first one. This was her entire collection. She never got any new things that year and I guess she sold poorly and AG was tempted to scrap the whole line (which was why they waited an extra year before releasing Kailey). Now, Lindsey is considered rare, although I’ve seen her at not so bad prices on ebay (at least MUCH less than Kanani and McKenna).


 New outfit for AGOT:


These mix and match outfits have by far been my very favorite modern AG outfit release EVER! Just one outfit comes with so much and when you have all 3, the mix and match possibilities are great!Unfortunately I think they were only available for 2001 only.


 New soccer outfits:


 Can you believe this is the first camping outfit/set ever released and it’s NOT PINK?!! I love this whole camping set. The tent is very big and can fit 3 dolls sleeping and more if they’re just sitting. The camp chair folds up to a very small, portable size, and the camping food set is so cool, the spoon/fork is double sided. The sleeping bag is roomy and the zipper glows in the dark (it sort of freaked me out when I first got it).

 I really like all of these older Christmas dresses. The shoes are velvet.

 This coat is so elegant, it almost looks like it should be for Samantha!

 The clothes for girls are really pretty too.


 This line did not last very long, but AG came out with mini illuma rooms that you can stack if you buy more than one. They light up, and you can arrange the furniture and decorate the room any which way you want. I’ve never seen them in real life, but I know they are too small for mini AG dolls.


 They look cute, but if no dolls can play in it, what’s the point? (in my way of thinking, anyway)

Here is the 2002 catalog:


 Front page: A new historical is coming out! Can you guess who?


 It’s Kaya!


 I love her face mold. It’s my mom’s favorite face mold too (she can’t stand the AG dolls because they only have 2 teeth). Some people say Kaya looks too much like a Bitty baby/twin, but I totally disagree.

 Kaya’s outfits and sets.


 This is the first time a historical does not follow the meet, learns a lesson, surprise, etc canon. Kaya gets her own book titles.

 And of course, more AGOT releases:

The 2001 Holiday dress doesn’t really look very Christmas-y, but that can be good because the dolls can use it for parties unrelated to Christmas. It is a gorgeous black (heavy) velvet, and since I own cats, cat hair tends to stick to it like crazy, and my cats aren’t even allowed in my doll room! I guess it just comes from my clothes.

The ice blue and white outfit reminds me of the Hanukah outfit from the 90’s but I think this one is prettier. I love the snowflake pjs.


 I have mixed feelings about the pink winter outfit. the long sleeve shirt is very short, so if worn without the jacket, the dolls have to wear high waisted pants so their tummies don’t show. The pink boots (at least the ones that I own) are flaking because they are old (the zipper on one of the boots broke too). The mittens are difficult to get on the doll, and once they are on, they look like giant pot-holders (they even look big on the doll in the catalog). I don’t own the Swan lake ballet outfit, but I think it’s beautiful.


 The purple gymnastics outfit is my favorite gymnast outfit AG has come out with so far. Elizabeth looks stunning in the icicle ice skating outfit. The outfit matches her eyes perfectly, and her ringlets are like extra icicles framing her face.


 New bath stuff.


 A new, much brighter bedroom set, and pjs.


Bitty baby gets a new romper

 The Bitty Twins get introduced.

 And AG comes out with yet another line of dolls geared for older girls. These are not play dolls, they are collector dolls and come with really well written books (I’ve read two of the books and they’re really good). Each doll comes in a keepsake box displaying the doll and her book. I’ll have to show you my Cecile Revel sometime (she’s the doll on the right).

Next is the catalog from 2003:

Have you noticed that the first part, and majority of the catalogs used to be devoted to the historical dolls, and now, the front part, and majority are devoted to the AGOTs? Even today, I noticed when they first introduced BeForever, the historicals finally took back that section of the catalog, but not for very long. As soon as the next catalog came out, the Truly Me’s conquered again (sigh).

Kailey gets to shine in the spotlight as the GOTY 2003.


 Here’s the first page:


 You might think (and this is what I thought for a long time too), why did AG make a boring old blond hair, brown eye a GOTY anyway? What’s so special about Kailey compared to regular #12? Well, there’s not much (which is why I own a lot of Kailey’s collection but not Kailey herself), but, she has sunshine highlights in her hair and is like McKenna, one of only 2 AG dolls, who does not have a part. I have McKenna, and I love being able to style her hair any way I want without a part getting in the way. I chose McKenna over Kailey because McKenna’s hair is longer and I love the caramel color. I have not read Kailey’s books so I really don’t know much about her character.

 AG has shortened the modern girls title: instead of American Girl of Today, it’s just American Girl Today (AGT).


 Hmm. Does this coat remind you of a special edition Christmas ball gown from last year? (I think that was an in-store only purchase).

 AGT’s become rock stars, and I have to say, the guitar and keyboard are really cool because they really “play” and you can choose more than one melody in more than one style on each instrument. AG sold a girl version of the headset microphone where girls could really record themselves. No drums though, but there’s an article in an AG magazine that shows you how to make one out of old containers and wrapping paper.


Here’s the girl headset:


 I LOVE the page on the right. The bike is exactly the same as the bike released last year, just a different color. I love the outfit too, but the backpack steals the show. The backpack has 3 big pouches, a little pouch and a built in pencil holder! (maybe I should make a quick post and just show you how neat this backpack really is) It is so realistic to a real girl’s backpack; it even has padded shoulder straps.

 New cooking, beach, and gardening outfits.


 The rock climbing outfit was not available for very long, but it came with straps and cords so your doll could really climb. My dolls have used it to climb the dressers.


 These make beautiful recital outfits or just pretty spring/Easter dresses.


 This party dress looks really cheap to me. I hope those flowers are sewn on:


Coconut gets a friend! (Did you know coconut started out as a male, and then AG changed her to a girl? The bodies of the dog changed too. The first one (the one I have, so my Coconut’s still a boy) was really heavy, like a paperweight, the second edition was lighter, and the third had a magnet mouth to hold treats.) Now, of course, Coconut looks totally different.


 Girl-size bedroom sets:


 At least the poor historicals get a nice two page spread like this, even though they’re at the back of the catalog.


 Each doll is also still featured in a two page spread in their Christmas dresses (that won’t last for long though).


 Molly gets new outfits.


 Notice it says, “Find all the American Girls on the Web.” Well, that’s because they have now started to leave some of the dolls (Kirsten, Addy, Josefina) out of the catalog to make room for AGT.

 Three new dolls get added to the Girls of Many Lands line. Kathleen is very rare is sought after at a high price on ebay.

 Bitty’s new Christmas dress.

 Bitty Bear gets new friends.

 I really wish this new line AG came out with in 2003 could have lasted longer. These Hopscotch Hill dolls are 12″ multi-jointed dolls with adorable faces and personalities. Their outfits had lots of layers and their poseablity options were so much greater than AG dolls. The only bad thing is, their joints are elastic so as they got old, they became very floppy.


I own Hallie and Logan and I was planning to do a back to school post introducing them, but I haven’t had the time. I will show them to you someday hopefully soon.

Here come the 2004 catalogs:

Since I have so many I’m going to show them in groups.

 Here are the spring and summer catalogs.

 This is the first page of the girl swinging on the swing:

 I find this to be an odd catalog because the first doll to get featured is Bitty Baby!

 New Bitty Twin spring outfits.

 The historicals still get a 2 page feature.


 As usual, new AGT outfits. I love the pineapple outfit. Everything is pineapple from the pineapple shaped purse, to the beaded sandals. This is Kanani’s favorite outfit.

 A new yoga outfit, but not my favorite.

 Pretty spring/flower girl dresses.

 Here’s the front cover of the girls in pink pjs catalog:

 The dolls get pink pjs for Valentine’s Day.


 I love seeing the historicals together.


 The hopscotch hill dolls get new school outfits.

Here is the cover of the Kirsten catalog:


 The historicals get new spring outfits!

 Kirsten gets a full spread as well as almost everyone else.


 Another sale!


 Have to make room for more AGT items.


 I don’t really like this new bedroom set, but there’s one coming that’s even worse!

 You and your doll can have the same bed and sleeping bag.

Here are the fall catalogs (from the same year):

 Here’s the first page of the girls laughing. New back to school.


 I’m not a big fan of the black and khaki rock outfit, but the blue and purple school outfit is fantastic. The purple blouse under the sweater is gorgeous just by itself, the bell sleeves add a special touch. The skirt, tights and sweater are a all embroidered (well, not the tights), and the clogs are cute too. This is another outfit Elizabeth looks exceptional in.


 I hardly ever get to see Molly actually in her hula costume so I had to take a pic of this.


 The Girls of Many Lands are going away. They’re on sale and you can get them at really cheap prices on ebay today (not Kathleen though).

 Gwen is the brand new Hopscotch Hill doll. She looks similar to Hallie but her hair is a bit darker and longer.

 This is one of my favorite Bitty Baby outfits.


 The best friends arrive in the next fall catalog. Nellie is the first one!


All the historicals again:


I was surprised when I first saw Nellie. Why is she in a fancy dress? For the most part she wears a brown smock and pinafore in the books, but I guess this is Nellie after the books when she is an adopted sister to Samantha. I was also surprised about the bangs. In the original books she did not have bangs and AG changed the illustrations later on, although I have to admit, Nellie the doll with bangs looks pretty cute, even though the Josefina face mold is my least favorite mold.


Samantha’s plaid cape gets changed for a coat to match the movie.

Special outfits for the pair:

Nellie’s pajamas.


The AGT’s get new (and really cool) meet outfits. This is my favorite modern doll meet outfit AG has come out with so far. I love the fact that it’s layered; the 3/4 flower shirt underneath works well with anything and the jacket is reversible.

New AGT dolls.


New Halloween costumes, isn’t the spider costume awesome? The catalog states that they wove black pipe cleaners in the doll’s hair. I tried this last year with Addy, but her hair is so thick the pipe cleaners couldn’t hold her hair up! I’ll have to try a different doll this year.


New snowboard set. Getting more girly.


Some more new things released.



Here are the winter catalogs, also of 2004.

 The first page shows everything new; a new and revised AG club, new AGT, new Nellie, and new Bitty baby things for Christmas.


 And of course, the first feature is the AGT Christmas dress of 2004. At least this looks a little more Christmasy than previous years.

 A splash of Coconut.


 The Samantha movie and Nellie get released together.

 Nellie gets Lydia, and Jip gets redone.


 Just thought I’d show Kaya.


 No more two page spread for the other historicals.


 Matching outfits for girls.


 New books and activities.


 I love these new Hopscotch Hill outfits.


 Bitty’s Christmas dress.

 Here’s the first page of the catalog with the girl holding a present.

And here’s the first page of the catalog with Sam and Nellie on the cover.


On to catalogs from 2005 (we’re only half way done!):


 I’m going to start with the Marisol cover catalog. Obviously, Marisol was the GOTY for 2005. She is the first GOTY to have a Josefina face mold.

 All of her dancing outfits:


 AGTs get Coconut and Licorice outfits.

 This catalog has games interspersed with items to buy, making looking at a catalog even more fun the usual.


 Molly’s table and chairs change from wood to chrome.


This next catalog has the cover of the girl dancing in her bedroom. Marisol takes the spotlight.


 Does this beach cabana look extremely familiar? I think AG copied themselves this past year and just changed this cabana to be pink and orange.

 New party sets. This table is really neat because it’s low.

 Isn’t Nellie’s party dress so beautiful?

 2005 is Felicity’s year to get featured with a movie and a best friend.

 I have to say, I was surprised about Nellie, but I was SHOCKED (and angry) with Elizabeth. What did AG do to Elizabeth? In all of Lissie’s books, the real Elizabeth had brown/black hair and brown eyes. Suddenly AG goes and Barbie-fys Elizabeth with blond hair, blue eyes, and a pink Barbie dress that’s “Colonial” style. Come on AG what were you thinking?! I was so mad, I knew for sure I’d NEVER buy Elizabeth ever!


I guess I have to eat my words, because just last summer, I was at a doll store and the owner brought out a huge amount of AG dolls and asked me to identify the ones she didn’t know (I had told her previously, that I loved and grew up with AG). There was an Elizabeth in near perfect condition. The diamond had come out of one of her earrings and she was missing her stockings and shoes. The store was asking $89 for her, but I didn’t want to pay that kind of price, and I still wanted to stick by my promise….except I couldn’t stop staring at her. “She’s so beautiful,” I said. “Okay,” said the doll store owner, “I’ll sell her to you for $70 since you helped me out.” I completely caved in and bought her.

Thinking with her in the car, I decided to change her personality and make her a modern doll, and/or a character from the Jacky Faber books, name her Clarissa, and have her hang out with Jacky and Amy. I would keep my brown haired Gotz Precious Day doll as Felicity’s Elizabeth

That totally didn’t happen. When I got home, I changed her out of her awful Barbie dress and put her in jeans and a t-shirt. She glared at me with an icy cold stare, and told me quite clearly that she only wears dresses or skirts and she prefers Colonial attire. I was still trying to keep my grudge against Elizabeth and AG, but after an hour of icy stares I put her in a modern sundress. She was much happier, but ever since then, she’s mostly been wearing Colonial gowns anyway. She has never put on a pair of pants since that first day I got her, and she now calls herself Clarissa-Elizabeth Worthington Cole. Go figure! (It’s amazing how my imagination sometimes takes on a whole new reality, just by getting a doll I never said I’d get). Now, I’m thrilled with my Elizabeth and very happy I got her. Sometimes when I put her in certain outfits she absolutely just sparkles (like the ice skating and school outfit).

End of Elizabeth story. This catalog page caused a bit of controversy among collectors. People were not happy to see historical girls in modern outfits, especially Addy. Personally, I don’t mind, because all of my historicals dress modern sometimes, and today, they’ve pretty much made Kaya into a modern doll. When was the last time she got a historically authentic type Native American dress?


These pictures are from the catalog of the girl and Felicity riding a horse.

Marisol shows off her dance outfits.

 The AGT’s get what I call the chocolate cherry cheeta Christmas dress.

 Traveling and working outfits. That baby looks an awful lot like Lissie’s baby Polly.


 Licorice and Coconut get new things.

 This is the hideous bedroom set I warned you about. To me, it’s just so pink and gaudy. Just look at the crown on the top. Definitely not my style.


 Bitty gets a princess dress.


Here are the 2006 catalogs:


 Jess, the GOTY 2006 gets to be the first GOTY with a brand new face mold! AGT #4 (the old Asian face mold, will soon retire). I don’t own Jess, but I know that her hair is the same color as Ruthie’s: brown with riveting red highlights that sparkle in the sun. I love Jess’s meet outfit. Her story is cool too.

 Jess gets lots of bigger items, not so many clothes.

 Seeing Jess makes me wonder if the GOTY 2016 will be similar to her.

 The historicals get new spring outfits. Kit gets a “homemade” scooter, and Samantha gets a 3 wheel bike. Which bicycling outfit of Sam’s do you like better? The one here, or the BeForever one?


 Elizabeth gets a new summer dress and my favorite of her outfits, her riding outfit. She and Amy fight over it a lot.

 Lissie and baby Polly.

 Spring releases for AGTs.


 I really like the blue ice skating outfit, but this pink mix and match is my favorite. Even Coconut gets to have fun!


 Glamorize your horse. (a bit too much, I think)


This is still 2006, but there’s a lot in this catalog, it’s really thick. So here is the cover of the Christmas catalog. I took another picture of it because it’s Molly’s year to star in!

 You might think that Molly ought to get 3 best friends, Linda, Susan, and Emily, but since Emily is special from England, she just gets her.

 Big theater set:

 Emily’s purple holiday dress doesn’t really go well with Molly’s but since it’s purple it can just be a party dress too.

 Emily’s robe and pjs are straight from the illustrations in the books!

 I love these skating/sledding outfits.


 Yank and Bennett!


 The American Girl Today dolls get a new meet outfit again and a new name change. They were called Just Like You dolls (JLY).

 New dolls come out again.


 A very pink Christmas outfit.

 AG always seems to get the school outfits perfectly. I love the style.

 Yay!  No more pink bedroom. I can take purple any day.

 Glamorous outfits.


 A new guitar set and outfit.

I haven’t shown the extras in a while:


 These are one of my favorite outfits for the Bitty twins. I actually bought one of them for my AG dolls.



I only have two catalogs from 2007 and both are kind of cut up.


 The first page of the summer issue shows all the GOTYs of the past 6 years.


 And the new GOTY is Nicki Fleming! I just love Nicki. Every time I look at her she makes me smile. Her curls, freckles and cute blue eyes are so cheerful and friendly.

 Her story is my favorite GOTY that I have read so far. Right now, I’m on a mission to read every GOTY book.


 I really like her outfits too.


 The JLYs get spring party dresses which don’t exactly impress me.


 Baking sets!! I love doll food, and I love doll food that looks real. I have to say, AG pretty much always does a great job with that. There will be another baking set coming out later that I love even more than this one.


 Molly goes to Camp Gowanagain.


 Molly gets a cymbal set.


 Julie is the new historical for 2007.


 Ivy, her best friend comes out along with her.

 Winter outfits.

 I hate to say it, but I haven’t read any of the Julie books (mainly because I”m just not interested in her at all) so I can’t say anything about her story.

 AG has now started featuring the historicals like how Addy is pictured here. All they get is one, maybe two pages and that’s it. The first page does give some background information about each character.

 The doll hospital has been in existence since before 1992, but they are starting to feature it more in the catalogs.

The Christmas catalog doesn’t feature Nicki as much as the summer one,

 But she does get a new winter outfit.

 Dress like your doll page.


 A Christmas bubble dress and a piano!! I really want the piano, but it’s so big and I don’t have any space for it. My dolls will just have to be happy with their keyboard.


 Do you see what AG is selling right here!?: An entertainment/tv/dvd set! It looks a lot smaller than the one they are selling now, and a fold out chair. Pizza instead of popcorn.

 New dance outfits. The Irish dance outfit came with an attachable wig/headband.

 The baking set again, but this time AG added a table and chairs to go with it. It reminds me of Grace’s, but pink. I actually like Grace’s better.


 The Bitty Twins get new outfits.

I have quite a few catalogs from 2008.

 Beginning with the spring/summer ones, the historicals get featured on the front page..along with the new GOTY, Mia.


 I just got the Mia books out of the library and have started reading them. I love watching ice skaters so I’m excited to read her story.

 Mia has to decide whether to pursue her dream of figure skating, or play hockey like her older brothers.

 Mia gets her own room/desk/closet area.

 Julie gets new summer items.

 JLY gets a new gardening outfit.

 New swimwear.

Here’s another first page of a catalog.

 The JLYs get new meet outfits again.

 New Christmas dress.

 Lots of horses and winter wear.


 New performing outfits.


 The first snack stand. I like this better than the snack cart.


 Kit gets her best friend this year! I love Ruthie. When I first got her, I gasped because her face is so much prettier in real life than in pictures, and her gray eyes make her unique (not many AG dolls have gray eyes). Supposedly, gray eyes are more likely to contract silver eye than any other AG doll eyes. I have had Molly for a long time and her eyes are perfect, whereas, my Addy has just a little bit of silver eye on the edges. I hope it doesn’t get worse.


 I just really wish Ruthie could have gotten more outfits. Kit has so many, and poor Ruthie has to borrow from Kit! But I really shouldn’t complain because what did Ivy get, just a Christmas dress and that’s it?

 Kit finally gets her own real tree house! I’ve never seen it in real life, but those who own it love it.

 I love Kit’s chore items

 One of my favorite catalog photos of Kit is this one, in her attic.

 Doesn’t Kaya look so pretty in this photo?


 Sadly, this is one of the last photos of Kirsten before they retired her. Notice they repainted her table and chairs to match her cooking outfit.

Here’s a better page showing Mia (it’s not so cut up).

 Mia gets a new figure skating outfit.


 New Bitty romper.

New Coconut and Licorice outfits.

 Josefina gets a new dress.

Almost done: The catalogs of 2009! Just by the covers you can see what’s new: GOTY Chrissa, Historical Rebecca, and new JLY.

 Although the Chrissa books are some of my favorite AG books and I think they are a must read for young girls, Chrissa the doll is my least favorite GOTY. As I’ve said before, I don’t really like the Josefina face mold. She has the same blue eyes as Nicki who was only released a year ago and her hair is too short to style.


 Swimming is my favorite sport and I love her swimming gear.


 What’s most impressive about her is that she’s the only GOTY who gets friends! Gwen is not at all impressive (as a doll) because she is EXACTLY the same as the revised #12. Sonali, however, is extremely unique. You almost don’t even notice it, but she has a new face mold! Who would have thought that the non-GOTY would get a new face mold. I LOVE this face mold, and I love her hair which is wavy enough that if you want to curl it, you can, but if you want to brush it, you won’t ruin it. I also like her meet outfit. Today, she is worth a ton of money on ebay.


 I love this camping set, and I like the colors of the kayak better than Jess’s.


 My favorite yoga outfit is being worn by the doll on the right.

 No Bullying pages even get featured in the catalog (going along with Chrissa’s books)


 Kit gets two new outfits and Ruthie gets none.

Front page of another catalog:


 Rebbecca Rubin gets released in 2009. To this day, I hold a grudge against Rebbecca because it was she who caused my beloved Samantha to retire. You are probably laughing at me for saying that (and you should) but I can’t help it. The fact that she is in the same time period as Samantha (and has a Josefina face mold when we just had Julie) makes it that much more aggravating.


 She gets a lovely sideboard.


 Her costumes are neat too.

 Her bed just seems a bit too gaudy for my taste.

 Chrissa gets a snow outfit.

 I really like this Christmas outfit for the JLYs.


 New pj, bed and vanity sets.

 New scooter and skateboard outfits, and more, and more and more outfits!

And Last but not least, the catalogs from 2010!!



 These are neat mix and match swimsuits.


 This raincoat is adorable and Saige just sparkles in it.

 I love this pinata set.

 Hurray for Lanie! GOTY 2010! The only thing I don’t like about Lanie is her side bangs. I like either full bangs or no bangs, no half way. Her story is so different and refreshing from any other GOTY, and she has a really strong personality. I love the factoids in the book.


 Lanie gets a camper, just like her aunt’s. It has a shower, and the bulletin board pulls down to make a bed.

 Not in her books, but still really cute is her hammock. The stuffed animals are also not in her books and I’ve always wondered what the thing was with the dragonflies. There are dragonflies all over her clothing, even down to her underwear! And what is she interested in her books? Monarch butterflies. Sometimes it makes me wonder if AG reads their own books!

 Rebbecca gets new outfits.

Front page of the 2010 Christmas catalogs

 The Just Like You dolls get new meet outfits and another new name change; My American Girl (MAG). And (the dreaded) innerstar university gets launched. I only say dreaded because I hate that it’s on almost every item of clothing.


 New Christmas dress that’s very similar to previous years.

 I love the sugar sweater outfit.

 A new vanity and bathtub. I really like this vanity. It really lights up and holds lots of doll items.

 This is my favorite baking set. First, the table is amazing because it can fold down to be very small, and then it looks like a counter top, or the sides can come out to make a very big table. Inside that counter top is a storage space that spans the width of the table and can hold a ton of things! It also has hooks for potholders and a towel rack. The cookies and other baked goods look SO real and the colors are really cute too. I highly recommend this set. (The table is made of wood, not plastic).

 Does this sled remind you of another sled from 1999?

 Lanie gets a new nature outfit.


And that is FINALLY the end of this post! I think this was longer than the other one! The next time I feature catalogs will be 2020, and then I will feature catalogues from 2011-2020 (as long as I’m still blogging at that time). In the very near future I plan to make a post of extras, such as the AG trading cards, calendars, hopscotch hill, Girls of Many lands, and I also haven’t shown you the AG special edition catalogues called wishbooks. These are gigantic catalogues with magazine quality pages. The first wishbook I have is from 1999. Depending on how busy I am, the Halloween doll post might come before this, but we’ll see.

Again, thank you SO much for reading this and I have enjoyed your comments from part 1 immensely! I’m looking forward to what you have to say about this post. I know I offered more of my own opinions on this post compared to part 1. Feel free to disagree with me!



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16 Responses to My American Girl Catalog Collection Part 2

  1. Great post! I remember a lot of these catalogs, but we don’t have most of them anymore.
    I too, don’t really see the point of the illuma rooms. They’re cool, but they don’t seem to have much use.
    I also wish that AG had made Elizabeth the doll have brown hair. I do think the Elizabeth doll is pretty with blond hair, but I like AG to stay true to the books. I guess they didn’t want her to have brown hair because it would look too similar to Felicity’s?
    I really like Sonali too. She is so unique and pretty! Gwen is so boring though, and you would think they could have made her even a LITTLE bit different from the JLY doll. 😛
    I really enjoyed this post. It’s so cool to look at all the old catalog pictures. 🙂
    ~Christian Homeschooler

  2. CutePolarBear says:

    I’m proud to say that I remember having the catalogs from 2006! 😀 I always thought that the “glamorize your horse” thing was dumb. I didn’t like Nicki that much, but I love Chrissa! 😉 I also think that Gwen was so boring. I thought their GOTY friends was fun, but apparently nobody who bought from AG did.
    I think Rebecca is fine, but why does she #1 live in New York, #2, is around the same time period as Samantha, and #3 she has darker and curlier hair, like Samantha!
    I like Lanie’s side bangs, if only because I have side bangs, so I think they look more realistic.


    • jackylina says:

      Ha! I have full bangs which is why I think full bangs are more realistic! It’s funny how our opinions seem to go by what we look like! I didn’t even know that about Rebecca. I never red her books! Hmm, she sounds like a Samantha wannabe. Are her books good?

      • CutePolarBear says:

        Yeah, that’s the only reason I kind of like Grace, because she doesn’t have just one color hair.
        Well, I like the fact that she has family, but she seems a little too whiny for me. But, I don’t really like the new HC books, (starting at Kaya, because she has different names) so that may be why. But I’m pretty sure my worst is Julie’s, because she lives in San Fransisco and her parents are divorced.


      • Sunny says:

        @CutePolarBear-have you read the Maryellen books yet? If so, what do you think of them? I personally really enjoyed them! 😀

  3. Jen says:

    Loved the post of course. Funny we had the “rock shirt” for girls which came as a hand me down. Kanani’s necklace also came from the same co worker.
    My thoughts… The JLY/MYAG dolls have a long history of somewhat unattractive outfits.
    I hope I can convince you to read at least Julie’s first story someday. Brianna forced me to read it two summers ago and I thought it really showed all of the struggles each family member would experience in a divorce, Ivy’s family is pretty neat.
    We need a cyber book club for readers outside the target demographic!
    The windbreaker that you have and is featured is this blog posts is an item I don’t have and think is terrific!!!

    • jackylina says:

      All right, perhaps when I’m finished reading the GOTY books I’ll try and read all the historical books. There should be a cyber book club! I think the JLY/MYG outfits are very often hit or miss with AG. I guess they can’t please everyone. Maybe you should try to get that windbreaker! The only thing that’s a good thing and a bad thing at the same time with it is, there’s no Velcro. No Velcro means no snagging which is a good thing, but, it also means it’s tricky to get on the dolls. I put it over their heads which messes their hair a little. The neck opening isn’t big enough to get on through the feet.

  4. Sunny says:

    I didn’t want this post to be over! I also really enjoyed hearing your opinions on everything, and I loved seeing the 2001 catalog. 🙂
    I read that the reason they made Elizabeth blond was because AG thought that if she had brown hair, she’d look too similar to Felicity, and also because the girl who played her in the Felicity movie was blond. 🙂

    • jackylina says:

      That makes me feel better because I was worried that no one would read these posts since they are SO long! I’m sure you’re right about Elizabeth. I almost forgot about the movie and it’s my favorite AG movie too!

      • Sunny says:

        Oh, no way! They’re too interesting! 😀
        Hehe….I hope so, I think I read it on the AG wiki or one of those sites. 😉 I agree, the movie is wonderful….it’s the only historical movie I don’t have!! 🙂

  5. CutePolarBear says:

    Sunny- I have not read them yet. Hopefully our library will have them sometime, but they are usually a little slow. I have only read the first Grace book, and that’s because I won it in a giveaway! 😉 I like the Maryellen doll, but I don’t consider her very historical, because my grandmother lived then. 😉 But I’m sure her books are fine.


  6. C.S. says:

    PLEASE don’t wait till 2020 to post your other catalogs!! I loved seeing these, and it is very helpful in identifying what are genuine AG items found online and at yard sales, thrift stores, estate sales, etc.. Thanks for taking the time to post them.

    • jackylina says:

      Oh, thanks! I’m so glad you found this helpful. Okay, I’ll try to do it soon but I have a bunch of dolly projects I’m working on right now and want to finish those first. Thanks though, you made me smile.

  7. kaitlynrh1 says:

    That’s super cool what AG all had back then! On of my favorite AG dolls would be Kailey, Nicki, and Jess!
    ❤ kaitlynrh1

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