American Girls Revue Part 3: Hold on to Your Dreams

This is an excerpt from Happy Birthday Josefina. The words and music are written by Nancy Ford and Gretchen Cryer. Here is the link to the actual song:

Josefina lived on a rancho in Santa Fe.  Her mother had just died so her godmother, Tia Magdalena, was very important to her.  Tia Magdalena was like a doctor, only they called her a curendera.  She knew how to heal people with medicines made from herbs and plants.


One time Josefina saved this little baby goat named Sombrita, who had lost her mother and probably would have died.

Tia Magdalena: “How did you decide to take care of Sombrita?”

Josefina: “I didn’t stop to think about it… I just… I had to.  That’s all.


I saw Sombrita, she was so tiny, and Papa told me that she might die. But deep inside me, I had this feeling that I could save her; I had to try.

I held Sombrita and learned to feed her, and made her healthy; she grew and grew.  So deep inside me I have this feeling that I”m a healer just like you.”

Tia Magdalena: “You know yourself well Josefina.

If you hold on to your dreams and study and learn what to do. Then someday your dreams will come true.”

Josefina:” I have this feeling deep inside me, and if you teach me, I’d like to try.

If I hold on to my dreams and study and learn what to do. Then someday my dreams will come true.”

Tia Magdalena: “Come inside, you can help me.”

Josefina loved to go into the village and help Tia Magdalena prepare the herbs and make medicines.  It was wonderful to be trusted with such an important job.  One day, Josefina was putting some herbs away and she reached for a big blue and white jar on the top shelf.


Tia Magdalena: “Be very careful with that jar Josefina!”


Josefina:” It looks very old!”

Tia Magdalena: “Indeed it is.


For more than 100 years its been handed down to one curendera in this village to the next.


Long ago I believe there were a whole set of jars just like it.  That’s the only one left.”

And then one day, when Josefina was alone in Tia Maddalena’s storeroom, she decided to help by dusting all the jars.


As she reached for the big blue and white jar on the top shelf…..



Josefina was horrified at what she had done!  And she was so ashamed she could not face Tia Magdalena, so she ran away.  Back at the rancho, she his in the apricot tree.  Her other aunt, Tia Dolores found her sobbing there.


Tia Dolores: “What’s wrong Josefina?”

Josefina: “I broke Tia Maddalena’s most precious jar and then I made it worse by running away.  I loved helping Tia Magdalena and she was teaching me to be a curendera and now she’ll never trust me with anything important again!”

Tia Dolores: “You know what you must do right now, don’t you Josefina?”

Josefina: “Si, I must go to Tia Magdalena and apologize to her.”


Tia Dolores: “Don’t lose your spirit, dear Josefina, although you’re feeling, your heart will break. Just say you’re sorry and ask forgiveness; don’t be discouraged by one mistake.


You can start over, dear Josefina, is you just ask for a second chance.  And if you get it, be brave and take it! Yours tears will dry up; your heart will dance!”

So Josefina made up her mind to ask Tia Magdalena for a second chance.


Josefina: “I’m sorry Tia Magdalena, I should never have touched that special jar and I should never ever have run away.  I just wanted to help you, so you would know how much I wanted to be a curendera.”

Tia Magdalena: “The jar is shattered forever, Josefina, it cannot be replaced.  But don’t let your hopes break with it!

You can start over, dear Josefina, don’t be discouraged by one mistake.  A second chance is what I offer. Do you want it? It’s yours to take!”


Josefina: “I will hold on to my dreams and study and learn what to do. Then someday my dreams will come true!”






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Hi, I'm Heather (the human) and Jacky (the doll) wanted us to start a blog together about all the dolls in my room. I collect 18"dolls such as American Girl, Carpatina, Magic Attic, and Kidz n Cats. I love dressing them up and creating photo stories for you to enjoy! I'm a Christian and you will see a Christian influence in this blog because I can't help glorifying the Lord!
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2 Responses to American Girls Revue Part 3: Hold on to Your Dreams

  1. Wonderful as always… And Tia Dolores’ skirt is lovely. Tia Dolores looks just as I imagined her from the books!

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