American Girls Revue Part 2: Fly Like the Wind

Part 1 of the American Girls revue was all about imagination; transporting yourself into another place and time. You will have to keep your imagination for part 2 because I don’t own any copper colored horses. Steps High is standing in for Penny.  Part 2 of the American Girls Revue features Felicity in an excerpt from Meet Felicity. Words and music by Gretchen Cryer and Nancy Ford; see for the real song. Felicity tells her own story:

Imagine what it was like for Felicity in 1774.


Felicity: Stitches, tiny stitches, the mending to do. Stitch after stitch till my fingers are blue! My stays are too tight, and I’m itching to run, but my skirts are too heavy and my sampler’s not done.  There are so many things a young lady can’t do; like straddle a horse jump a high fence or two. Here I am stuck with my sewing inside, when I want to wear breeches and I want to ride.


Felicity had seen a beautiful copper colored horse owned by a mean old man named Jiggy Nye.  She named that horse Penny.  She dreamed of what it would be like to have Penny as her own!


We would fly like the wind; oh the worlds we would see. Over fields, over streams, just my Penny and me. Jumping high as the sky we would fly strong and free, Penny, Penny and me.


So Felicity started visiting Penny to try and make friends with her. Felicity would climb up on the fence and offer her apples.  But the poor horse was scared of anyone who came near because Jiggy Nye was so cruel to her.

“Penny, Penny love, look here, look what I’ve brought you!”


Jiggy Nye: “You there! Stay away from my horse!”

Felicity: “I”m not hurting her!”

Jiggy Nye: “This horse is none of your business, hear? She’s a vicious animal. Stay away from her!”

Felicity: “You’re the one who scares the poor horse! You have no right to treat her so badly!”


Jiggy Nye: “Quiet young Nag! You worthless nag! I’d give you away to any fool who could ride you – anyone! You hear me?


And you – I’ll skin you alive if I see you here again!”

Felicity’s parents didn’t want Felicity to have anything to do with Penny either.


Mother: “Lissie, my impatient, head-strong girl, you have not the patience to sew a seam properly, you leave your writing practice half done; a willful girl and a willful horse are more than one family can handle.  You must put that horse out of your head.”

But Felicity could not put Penny out of her head.


Felicity: We will fly like the wind; oh, the worlds we will see, over fields, over streams, just my Penny and me…

So every morning just before dawn, Felicity would sneak out and see Penny.


“I’m here Penny, come to me girl, I’ve a carrot for you today.  Good girl!”

And gradually, Penny started to come to Felicity and eat out of her hand!

“Good girl, Penny!”

After a while, Felicity could put a rope around Penny and lead her around the pasture.


“That’s my girl – you know I love you, don’t you Penny?”

Then one morning, just before dawn, Felicity’s patience was rewarded.


Slowly, she unwound Penny’s rope from the stake and carefully climbed onto her back.  First, Penny walked, then she trotted, then she began to canter, and soon they were flying across the pasture!

We can fly like the wind; oh the worlds we would see. Over fields, over streams, my Penny and me. Jumping high as the sky we can fly strong and free, Penny, Penny and me.


Jiggy Nye: “Hey! You thief! Get off my horse!”

Felicity: “You said anyone who could ride her could have her!”

Jiggy Nye: “I never meant no girl could steal that horse from me!”


Jiggy Nye slapped a rope around Penny’s neck, yanked it tight, and led her away.

Jiggy Nye: “Don’t you come sneaking around this horse again! I’ll tan its hide if I see you near it! I swear I will!”

Felicity was scared that Jiggy would beat Penny again, and starve her, and kill her! So she decided she had to set Penny free.  Even though that meant she would never see Penny again.  But she knew that if she opened the gate and let Penny loose, she could be hanged as a horse thief!  So Felicity had to figure out a way to let Penny escape by herself.

In the middle of the night, Felicity crept out to see Penny one more time.


“That’s my girl Penny,


Let’s go! Let’s gallop! Let’s fly!”

And running as fast as she could, she led Penny straight toward the high fence!

“Jump, girl!”


Now you can fly like the wind; oh the worlds you will see. Over fields, over streams, don’t look back; now you’re free. Fly like the wind keep your course, strong and true. Penny, I love you.




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Hi, I'm Heather (the human) and Jacky (the doll) wanted us to start a blog together about all the dolls in my room. I collect 18"dolls such as American Girl, Carpatina, Magic Attic, and Kidz n Cats. I love dressing them up and creating photo stories for you to enjoy! I'm a Christian and you will see a Christian influence in this blog because I can't help glorifying the Lord!
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