The Great Horse Races of the Eras

My dolls love horses and own 3 of them. I love horses too but I know very little about riding them or the animals themselves. My only horse experience is this: When I was in Girl Scouts my troop went to a dude ranch for the weekend. It was my first time (that I can remember) seeing a horse up close. I was terrified because they were SUCH big animals! When I got on my horse’s back I could feel her moving under me. “It’s moving!” I shrieked. One of the trainers came over to me and laughed, “She’s just shifting her weight, it’s okay.” After riding all day I totally fell in love with my horse (her name was Sandy) and when I came home I begged my mom for horseback riding lessons.

“If you’re going through a horse fad, you’re going to have to go through it with books because riding lessons are WAY to expensive,” answered my mom.

So that’s what I did; I checked out every Saddle Club book I could get my hands on from the library. I think my horse faze lasted a year. Now, I can barely remember the characters from the book (Lisa, Stevie, and shoot, I can’t remember the name of my favorite character…any help from you readers?) let alone riding techniques and etiquette.  So, any horse riders out there reading this post, don’t laugh at me, I”m a true green rider!

Here is a post of the dolls racing their horses. Nicki will give you an introduction, and after that, your on your own.


Hey guys! All the dolls are getting ready to race. I’m going to take you to the stable where the girls are getting their horses ready.


There will be four races today, all representing different time periods in America.


There will be 3 judges, Maru is one of them, and here she comes right now to give some instructions.


“Hello girls, you will be in charge of the horses when they are not being ridden, this means making sure they are watered and cooled down after every race, and cleaned and checked before the races begin.


Are there any questions? Good, get to work.”


Lindsey gave Patriot a sponge bath.

{Human note: Any reader know what these things are pictured here?


It all came with the Our Generation stable and I have no clue what the dolls are supposed to do with them!}


Kirsten is curry combing Gretchen.


Rose is ready to lead Steps High out to race.


Rose takes Steps High to the race course where the riders stand next to their mounts and wait for Judge Kanani to tell them to go.


“Riders! Take you mounts!” Cries Kanani wearing full modern Native American garb.


“Ready, set, GO!”


The riders take off, beads and braids bouncing. Julia on Gretchen takes off very fast and has a big lead, but tires out towards the end of the race and Kaya on Steps High starts to creep up with Miranda and Patriot at her flank.


Kaya wins by just a head.

The next race is not about speed but technique. The Colonial girls compete against each other in dressage.


Felicity goes first, on Patriot.


Her horse’s fancy foot work match her elegant outfit.


Elizabeth is next, and leads her horse confidently.


Gretchen looks like a true dancer and doesn’t even make one mistake.


Elizabeth wins the competition and Felicity goes up to congratulate her.


The next race features to English riders and their jumping abilities.


Amy and Heather line up at the starting block.

“Man, the audience is sure loud today. This is such a big race!” Amy exclaimed to Heather, “Oh my gosh! Are those cheer leaders?”


“Wow. I guess so. I didn’t even realize we had such big fans,” Heather said.

Both riders were interrupted by Maru calling them to take their mounts.


Heather went first and sailed past the first 4 gates, but when she entered the 5th, her horses’ back leg knocked the post off.


Her time showed it at 7’36”.

Amy went next and thought and prepared her horse for each jump.  She looked like she had been doing this her whole life and her time showed it at 6’15”. She went over every gate cleanly and won the race.


The final race of the evening was the cowgirl horse show competition. Each rider had an assistant to make the horse perform tricks.


Megan performed a rodeo style trick twirling a lasso over her head while jumping on and off her horse.


Rose guided Kohanna’s horse through 3 large hoola hoops.


And Alison and Nicki twirled their horses around in a circular fashion so it looked like the two horses were dancing.


They all lined up for a final bow.




About jackylina

Hi, I'm Heather (the human) and Jacky (the doll) wanted us to start a blog together about all the dolls in my room. I collect 18"dolls such as American Girl, Carpatina, Magic Attic, and Kidz n Cats. I love dressing them up and creating photo stories for you to enjoy! I'm a Christian and you will see a Christian influence in this blog because I can't help glorifying the Lord!
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7 Responses to The Great Horse Races of the Eras

  1. Amazing post! My favorite pictures are Kirsten grooming and the Colonial riders. I think the stick thing is a riding crop?

  2. Ybmagpye says:

    On the tools, the curvy thing is a curry comb for brushing one’s pony’s body. The bottles I think are probably some nice mane and tail shampoo, and maybe some conditioner. Love your blog!

  3. CutePolarBear says:

    So cool! I don’t know anything about horses, but I enjoy reading about them! 🙂 I liked “watching” the dressage competition the best. 🙂


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