Jacky “Mary” Faber

Ahoy Mates!

I had stated previously that I would tell you how Amy Trevelyne got her name. Well here is how:

Have you ever read a book and thought, “If that book came with a doll, I could really make her story come to life.” Well, I thought that when I read the Jacky Faber series by L. A. Meyer. There are 12 books altogether. The final 12th book is coming out Nov 4th.  These books are not at all like the American Girl series. I absolutely LOVE these books and highly recommend them, but I would also warn you that I would rate these books PG13 (at least if they were movies). There is some language and a bit of violence that the AG books would never put in. Also, once you start reading them, you just can’t put them down!

The first book, Bloody Jack, is a story about a 12-year old orphan girl who disguises herself as a boy and becomes a ship’s boy in the English Royal Navy in 1802. She has many crazy adventures on board and has to use all of her wit to keep up her disguise. Jacky loves to sing and dance and plays pennywhistle and violin. If you go to http://www.jackyfaber.com, you can hear the songs she sings in the books!

I named my AG of Today #12, Jacky Faber. She, like all the other historical characters can change to be a modern girl whenever she feels like it.

But here is Jacky in her ship’s boy uniform she created herself and then the captain of the ship ordered her to make uniforms for all the boys.


At the end of the book, when she becomes a midshipman, she gets a new uniform:


In the second book, The Curse of the Blue Tattoo, after Jacky is found out to be a female, she is deported to a girl’s school to learn to be a lady. She meets her very best friend, Amy Trevelyne, a wealthy girl who dreams to be a writer.



Have you read the Jacky books? Have you ever made a My AG doll into a special character from a book you read? Let me know I’d love to hear about it!




About jackylina

Hi, I'm Heather (the human) and Jacky (the doll) wanted us to start a blog together about all the dolls in my room. I collect 18"dolls such as American Girl, Carpatina, Magic Attic, and Kidz n Cats. I love dressing them up and creating photo stories for you to enjoy! I'm a Christian and you will see a Christian influence in this blog because I can't help glorifying the Lord!
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5 Responses to Jacky “Mary” Faber

  1. I read a portion of the first book for language class. I mostly name my dolls after people. But, if I got a doll that really reminded me of a character, I would name it after that character.


  2. jackylina says:

    Are you interested in finishing the book? It’s so good!

  3. Maybe. I don’t really read on my own much. Except my Bible. My brother and I like it when our mom reads to us. Oh, and I just changed one of my dolls to be named after a character. Mia is now Ginerva Aislinn after Ginny Weasley in Harry Potter.


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