A Special Find

Hi! Heather here.

If someone asked me, what’s the one thing you regret not buying from American Girl when you had the chance, it would be Kanani. When Kanani came out in 2011 I had just finished college and hadn’t played with dolls in a long time. I loved Kanani but knew I wasn’t going to get her. Now that I’ve become a big doll collector, I have been wanting her very much for about a year. On ebay she is Very expensive. I’m not willing to pay over $200 for a doll, but I couldn’t help typing Kanani doll in the search box.

One lucky day about 2 weeks ago I did just that, and a listing came up of not only Kanani, but another American Girl doll and a whole lot of outfits for $160! That’s like, $80 per doll Not counting the outfits! Both dolls were in bad shape but I couldn’t pass this deal up!


This is what they looked like when they arrived at my house.  The doll on the right is a My AG with brown hair and brown eyes. One eye had to be pried open, her leg had come off, her hair had been cut on one side of her head and she had stains on her vinyl.  Kanani was in a little bit better shape. All her limbs were attached but her hair was a disaster!


Talk about a bad hair day! I tried to comb it out first with water and then with a conditioner but even as I tried to comb from the bottom her hair was just coming out of her head in gigantic clumps! My garbage was full of her hair! I decided that was enough and both dolls were going to go to the American Girl doll Hospital.


Here they are about to head out! I live very close to the Chicago AG store, so I headed there.  It was fun visiting the store and dropping them off (sorry I didn’t bring my camera so no pictures). As soon we got there, they were given hospital gowns with a little heart on them while I filled out the paperwork.

Less then a week later, the dolls arrived at my door again in cute bandage boxes.


My cat wanted to see what all the fuss was about!


Kanani, waiting to be let out of her box.


With her hair net on. I just love the gown! And, I couldn’t believe it but they sent her back with her original flower hair clip! How cool! She also came with a certificate of good health and a get well card.


After taking the hair net off, I felt so happy that I had sent her to the hospital! Her curls are stunning!


Kanani’s long curls.

I decided to name the next doll who came out of her box Amy Trevelyne. I will tell you more about her name in an upcoming post. But here she is all shiny and new…well almost.


Almost, because they didn’t get all the stains out of her vinyl.


You can see some purple marks on her arms and legs.


But luckily, thanks to doll diaries I know how to get the stains out!

I fell in love with Amy’s cheerful face as soon as she came out of the box! I’ll be posting more with these dolls so stay tuned!



About jackylina

Hi, I'm Heather (the human) and Jacky (the doll) wanted us to start a blog together about all the dolls in my room. I collect 18"dolls such as American Girl, Carpatina, Magic Attic, and Kidz n Cats. I love dressing them up and creating photo stories for you to enjoy! I'm a Christian and you will see a Christian influence in this blog because I can't help glorifying the Lord!
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2 Responses to A Special Find

  1. Kanani is so pretty! Congrats on the “new” dolls. 😉

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