A Celebration of the Historical American Girl Dolls: Part 1

Hello! It’s Heather writing.

Do you like the new look of this blog? When I first began, I wasn’t sure if I would keep it up, but I’m enjoying this so much I don’t know when I will stop blogging!

I’m so happy that American Girl is going back to their roots and showing the importance of the historical characters in their new BeForever line.  I thought I would show off each historical American Girl doll I own, in a sort of a Meet the Dolls type of post.



Full name: Kaya’aton’my (she who arranges rocks)

Nickname: Kaya

Kaya is a Nimiipuu Native American growing up in 1764.  She loves animals but most of all her horse, Steps High.  She often doesn’t think before she acts which often leads her into trouble.  Yet, in dangerous situations, she is brave and strong.


Here are some photos of Kaya and Rose, a Cheyenne Native American horseback riding together.


Rose brought her doll along in the cradle board.


Riding their horses.


“Let’s Gallop!”





Full name: Felicity Merriman

Nickname: Lissie

Felcity is a spunky Colonial girl growing up in 1774 in Williamsburg, Virginia.  She is trying to become a gentle lady, but can’t help loving to do things that ladies shouldn’t do.  She befriends Penny, a horse belonging to a mean old man. She is not afraid to speak her mind and fights for what she wants, and so frees Penny from her cruel owner.


Felcity in her original meet outfit. (Although her cap is from Williamsburg.)


Samantha is wearing her traveling gown which later became her new meet outfit before she was retired.


Katie is wearing her tea garden outfit.


Lindsey is wearing her Christmas gown she wore when she attended the dance lesson at the Governor’s Palace.  Lindsey is playing the first version of the guitar or lute with the maroon ribbon.


Kirsten is wearing Felicity’s birthday dress (the apron is from Williamsburg also) and is playing on the second version lute with the pink ribbon.



Felicity’s birthday treats.  She drank hot chocolate because of the tax on tea.



Tess is wearing the beautiful riding outfit Felicity received after her grandfather died.


Yes, I know these are not American Girl gowns, but this Carpatina dress would be something a wealthy Colonial woman would wear to a ball.


Another Carpatina gown Megan is wearing.


Lily and Megan are ready to attend the ball!




Full name: Maria Josefina Montoya

Josefina lives on a rancho in Santa Fe, New Mexico in 1824.  Her mother passed away a year ago and she and her family miss her very much.  Because of this, Josefina is sometimes unsure of herself, but her family, especially her aunts, Tia Dolores and Tia Magdalena help her discover her passion: becoming a healer.



Kaya and Miranda are wearing her birthday and Christmas outfits.


Samantha and Rose join them for a fiesta!


I will be posting part 2 of this next week! Hope you enjoy!





About jackylina

Hi, I'm Heather (the human) and Jacky (the doll) wanted us to start a blog together about all the dolls in my room. I collect 18"dolls such as American Girl, Carpatina, Magic Attic, and Kidz n Cats. I love dressing them up and creating photo stories for you to enjoy! I'm a Christian and you will see a Christian influence in this blog because I can't help glorifying the Lord!
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5 Responses to A Celebration of the Historical American Girl Dolls: Part 1

  1. CutePolarBear says:

    Wow! That’s a lot of Historical outfits! I have Felicity and four outfits: her two meet dresses, her riding habit, and her Christmas/ball gown.


  2. I love all your dolls! I can’t get over how great they are. 🙂 I think Magic Attic Club dolls are so cool. I am not sure what I think of the new look. It is hard to compare to your old one. But I think it is pretty good. 🙂

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