Camp Doll Diaries!!! First day of Camp.

Hi Everyone! It’s Jacky!

I am so excited because today is the day I get to go to Camp Doll Diaries! I’ve never been to any camp before and when I got the camp postcard, I knew I had to go!


I brought a book to read in the car because it’s a long ride although I”m having a hard time concentrating because I’m so excited!


I’m almost there, and now I know I can’t read anymore! I’m really excited but I”m nervous too. I won’t know anyone at the camp and since I’ve never experienced camp life before everything will be different and new.


I can feel my hands start to get sweaty and my heart to race as I take off my seatbelt, get out of the car, grab my suitcase and head to camp.

I walked in to the registration desk.


“Hi! Welcome to Camp Doll Diaries! I”m Josefina Montoya, the director of the camp. What’s your name?”


“Jacky Faber,” I answered.

“Hmm, Jacky…Yes! I found you! You’re going to be living in a tent!


If you go around the corner there, you’ll find a group of girls already waiting.  All of you will take a tour of the campgrounds from one of the counselors, set up your tent, and get your schedules.  I hope you have a great time! And of course if you need anything, I’ll be right here!”


“Thanks,” I say as I grab my suitcase and walk outside where three other girls were sitting on a bench with their feet on their suitcases.


“Hi, I’m Jacky,” I say, “are you guys waiting for a tour of the camp?”

“Yeah, I”m Allison, and I just learned that this is Rose and Kaya.  Wait, you said your name was Jacky? Oh my gosh! We’re tent mates!”

“Wow! That’s so neat! This is my first time at a camp so I don’t have any idea how to set up a tent.”

“This is my first time too,” says Allison, “I”m sure they’ll give us instructions on how to do it.  I”m so excited about camp! Did you know that there’s a swimming pool and a river where you can go water rafting? That is so cool!”

Allison was about to continue about how exciting camp was going to be when she was interrupted by someone else.

“Hello, everyone! My name is Ashleigh and I will be your camp counselor.


Grab your luggage and I’ll take you on a tour.”

Ashleigh led us along a grassy path and then stopped and turned around.


“To your left is the swimming pool.  There will be music stands with signs telling you where you are.  You may swim in the pool, or, as long as you have a counselor with you, you can walk past the pool and down a path that leads to the river which is clean enough to swim and kayak in. Past the river are more cabins and tents where campers will stay.


Across the pool is the bathroom.  There is only one bathtub and one shower for everybody so plan out your bathing schedule so your not late for any activities.


In case you forgot a toothbrush or something, we have that sort of stuff on the top shelf and towels if you need them too.


Next to the bathroom are the cabins.  The girls who will live here are coming a little later because they don’t need extra time to set up their tents. ”


The cabins look really comfy, I thought, They’re even right next to the bathroom while we have to walk through the pool to get there.

Ashleigh led us past the cabins and into another building.

“This is the kitchen, and this is Ana Ming, another camp counselor.  She is going to talk to you about the eating schedules and such.”


“Hi, I’m standing in front of the camp board which you will check everyday to learn your schedule which is in the center of the board.  Today, you’ve already been welcomed and registered, you’re taking the tour now, and you’ll set up your tents when it’s over.  After you’ve set up your tents you will gather at the green for a camp activity, then we’ll sing a camp song and off to bed you go.

The left side of the board says sign up for cooking. If no one signs up to cook, no one gets to eat!  Everyone will take a turn to cook. Also, if there are no clean plates or pots to use no one will get to eat because everyone must take a turn to sign up for clean-up.  Any questions?….Alright, thank you.”

Wow! I thought again, I’m learning to set up my own house and cook my own food!

Ashleigh led us to where we will eat our food.  The cafeteria had character because every table and chair was different. I thought that was really unique.


“Okay girls,” said Ashleigh, “I’m going to lead you to your campsite and leave you to set up your tents, meet me at the green at 7:30.”

Allison and I gathered around our tent site.

“This is our tent?” I asked.  I couldn’t believe that this tiny bundle could become a tent big enough for two people.

“Come on Jacky, you can judge if it’s a tent after we’ve set it up. Here are the directions.


First we have to set up the poles.


Now, we have to untie the tent bundle and put it through the poles.”



“Hey! now I can see it’s starting to look like something!” I said.

“Yeah, the only thing left to do is spread it out and stake each end to the ground.”


Ta Da! Our very cool tent that Allison and I set up all by ourselves.

Rose and Kaya set up their tent right next to ours and when they finished, we sat in front of our tents taking in the scene and talking to each other.


“Look!” said Allison, “There’s a whole group of people.  I wonder if they’re the cabin dwellers.”


We watched the group pass us by.

“I’m going to follow them,” I say.

“You’re going to go snooping?” asked Allison.

“I just want to see if they’re nice girls and what they think of their cabins,” I respond and ran off.


I peeked through an open window and saw that the girls had already decided which bed to sleep on and were in the middle of unpacking their suitcases.


“Oh no!” one of the girls cried, “I forgot to bring my toothbrush!”

“It’s okay Isabelle,” said a red-haired girl, “didn’t you hear Ashleigh? She said the camp bathroom has extras.  I can’t believe we have to share one bathroom with like twenty people! It’s going to be a nightmare!”


“Yeah, I’m happy we’re in a cabin though, we’re so close to the bathroom. Hey everyone! I brought the game, Life, do you all want to play it tonight?”

A chorus of yeses followed.


They seem like really nice girls, I thought, I hope we can all be friends, then sharing the bathroom won’t be a big deal at all.

I walked back to our tent.  Allison was still sitting outside.  I told her what I found out about them while we walked to the cafeteria and ate supper.  When we walked back to our tent Allison noticed we still had about ten minutes before 7:30.

“You want to change into pajamas?” she asked, “That way, if the meeting goes late we’ll be all ready for bed.”

By the time we changed into pj’s and got ready for bed it was time to go to the green.

We all gathered in a circle around Ashleigh and Ana Ming.


“Alright girls, I have a bunch of big slabs of heavy duty paper that we are going to use to make rubbings.  Can anyone tell me what a rubbing is?” asked Ashleigh.

Red-haired cabin girl raised her hand, “Isn’t it where you put a piece of paper on a rough surface and rub your pencil over it?”

“That’s exactly it,” said Ashleigh, “we’re going to do that, but not with just any surface… we are going to use the bottom of our shoes as the rough surface. I want everyone’s footprint on these sheets and we will spread them out to make a sidewalk around the pool!  I have colored pencils right here, so everyone take one.  While you’re rubbing someone’s foot, you must learn their name and what their favorite kind of shoe is.”

We all scrambled for the colored pencils and paper and giggled because it looked so funny to see girls lying on their back with their legs stuck up in the air!


It was actually a lot harder than it looked.


I tried to be as neat as I could but talking while drawing has never been an easy thing for me to do and talking while drawing on a giggly wiggly person’s foot was really hard!


I ended up coloring out of the lines a few times but you could pretty much tell that they were feet.


When we had filled up our papers, we gathered in a circle again and put our ‘sidewalk slabs’ in the middle.


Ana Ming spoke up, “Every night we will gather around and sing the American girl’s anthem.  It’s a really great camp song to get you to think about how you can help others and be a good person:

I can be brave, I can be true, I will do the best that I can do! And I can dream, I can dare, I will keep on trying if I really care!  If I reach out, I can belong, I will be a friend, lend a helping hand so strong.  I’ll hang on to my dream, climbing high and free, and I will be the best that I can be!

After the song the meeting ended and we walked home.  Allison and I agreed that the first day of camp was a really good one.


“I can’t believe we set up this tent all by ourselves!” I said, “and without you, I know I wouldn’t have been able to do it by myself.”

“Thanks, Jacky.  Wasn’t it so fun to draw on people’s feet?  I couldn’t stop laughing.”

“I know, and I couldn’t draw on your feet very well because you were shaking with laughter!”

“I’m so excited about what we’re going to do tomorrow.”

“What are we going to do tomorrow?”

“I don’t know, but we better go to sleep so that tomorrow can come!”

“Okay! Good night, Allison!”

“Good night, Jacky!”


I think I was asleep before my head hit the pillow.


















About jackylina

Hi, I'm Heather (the human) and Jacky (the doll) wanted us to start a blog together about all the dolls in my room. I collect 18"dolls such as American Girl, Carpatina, Magic Attic, and Kidz n Cats. I love dressing them up and creating photo stories for you to enjoy! I'm a Christian and you will see a Christian influence in this blog because I can't help glorifying the Lord!
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  1. Can’t wait to see more of Camp! 🙂

  2. Aghoneyspot says:

    Awesome! My dolls are going to camp to at

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