Happy Birthday Samantha!!

All the dolls in my house are very special when it comes to their birthday, they can each pick an age to be, (Samantha has chosen to be ten years old) and they can stay that age for as long as they like (Samantha has been 10 for 20 years!).  So she is turning 10 today but she’s also turning 20 because she been in my house for 20 years. (She is the very first American Girl doll I ever got and one of the very few I got brand new). In honor of Samantha’s birthday the dolls decided to act out Samantha’s original birthday from her book paraphrased and condensed by me:

“Surprise!!” cried two redheaded twin girls who bounced into Samantha’s bedroom, “Happy Birthday!!”

“Thanks,” said Samantha, “I’m still waking up, but what’s this?”

Agatha presented Samantha with a bouquet of beautiful roses.

“These are for you!”

“Thank you! But I hope you didn’t take them from the garden. Mr.Hawkins won’t be too happy.”

“Oh, he’ll never know! Besides it’s you birthday!” replied Agnes.

Samantha got out of bed and started to get dressed.

“Are you really going to wear long underwear?” asked Agatha. “It’s May, you’re going to roast!”

“I know,” replied Samantha, “but Grandmary insists that I wear long underwear from September to July.”

“Jeepers!” said Agnes, “Why don’t you make up your own mind for once, you are turning ten you know.”


She’s right, I am turning ten and it is so hot out, thought Samantha as she stuffed them back in her drawer.

The girls made their way outside and started to get ready for the party.  Samantha started to put ice in the ice-cream machine when Eddie Ryland came along to snoop on them.

“Ooh! You must be setting up for your party. Can I help?”

“Absolutely not!!” exclaimed Agnes. “Boys are not invited and not allowed to help!”


The girls knew from past experience that Eddie was not offering to help exactly, he was around to cause mischief.

“Eddie, you’re a nincompoop!”

The girls giggled.

It was just what Eddie was waiting for, “I’ll get you for this! Just wait!” and he stalked off.

“Well that was easy getting rid of him,” said Agatha.

“Yes, but we have watch out and make sure he doesn’t return,” said Samantha.

The girls buzzed about with party business right up until the party actually started.  Samantha had instructed that each girl come to the party with their favorite doll.  One by one they began to arrive, all looking very fine.


In the backyard chairs were set in a circle with presents in the middle and each girl elegantly dressed in their best holding their doll.




Samantha tried to make conversation but everyone felt so proper that they all turned shy.


“Why don’t you open your presents,” said Agnes.

All the girls oohed and aah-ed over the presents she got.



“Mmmm chocolate! I love it!”

Agnes stepped out to give Samantha her present.

“This is from us,” she said.



“A teddy bear!  He’s so cute!”

“They’re all the rage in New York, where we live.  They’re named teddy after our president Teddy Roosevelt,” said Agatha.

“Thank you!” exclaimed Samantha, “Now that I’ve opened all the presents lets go have some ice-cream and petit-fours!”

The girls walked across the yard where tables and chairs were set up. The girls exclaimed over how elegantly everything was arranged and how dainty the petit fours were.


“They’re the newest thing in New York.  I think they’re much more special and elegant than a birthday cake,” said Agatha.  The girls sat down and began to eat their ice-cream.






“What is in this?” cried Ida Bean.

“SALT!” cried Samantha, “Someone spoiled the ice-cream by putting in too much salt and I have a pretty good idea who that someone is!”


“I was too busy watching you open the presents Samantha,” said Agnes, ” I bet that’s when Eddie Ryland sneaked in to spoil the ice-cream.”

“Don’t let it spoil your party, Samantha,” said Nellie, “let’s just push the ice-cream away and eat the petit fours.”


“Anyway,” said Agnes, “we have one more surprise for you! It was too big to wrap but here is your very own doll pram! Now you can put the teddy bear and your doll in the pram and I bet Jip the dog would have room to fit too!”

“Thank you!! I can’t wait to take walks in the park with this!”


Nellie got down from her chair and helped Jip into the pram.  Samantha paraded around the yard pushing it.


“You’re right Nellie! Eddie Ryland won’t spoil my birthday.  We had beautiful cakes to eat, I got wonderful presents and best of all, I have wonderful friends who care about me whether it’s my birthday or not! Thank you all!”

The end.


Samantha Parkington……………………………..herself

Agnes………………………………………………………..Sara Ryder

Agatha……………………………………………………..Megan Ryder

Note from Megan: No, we are not twins, we’re just sisters and I’m older!

Eddie Ryland…………………………………….Lindsey Bergman

Note from Lindsey:  Everyone says my short haircut is cute but I think it’s so I have to be a boy every time we do a skit or play!! Huh!

Nellie O’Mally………………………………..herself

Note from Nellie: I know I’m not in the Happy Birthday Samantha story but I have this beautiful dress and Samantha wanted me to come!

Ida Bean…………………………………………..Jessica-lily Gotz

Edith Eddleton……………………………….Elizabeth (“Tess”) Gotz

Other party invitees:  Kirsten Larson, Felicity Merriman, and Katie Gotz.

Costumes: Most of the outfits worn are from Samantha’s wardrobe collection.  Katie and Felicity wore a dress made by my aunt.  Samantha’s rosebud circlet was made by me.

Hair:  I had to put in that picture of Tess with her back turned so you could see her curls.  I followed Dr. Di from Dolldiaries on how to curl hair and was stunned by the beautiful result.

Other items of note:  Samantha’s birthday gift of chocolates are actually chocolate scented candles I found at the dollar store. They made the whole room smell like chocolate and I didn’t even light them!

Thanks for reading!!


Camp dolldiaries is coming up next!!!






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Hi, I'm Heather (the human) and Jacky (the doll) wanted us to start a blog together about all the dolls in my room. I collect 18"dolls such as American Girl, Carpatina, Magic Attic, and Kidz n Cats. I love dressing them up and creating photo stories for you to enjoy! I'm a Christian and you will see a Christian influence in this blog because I can't help glorifying the Lord!
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