BeForever Felicity

Obviously I’m in the camp of buy-your-dolls-now-before-permapanties-or-body-change since for the very first time I went to the AG Place on release day and bought Tenney and Logan. I went on Saturday too and bought Felicity because I had heard a rumor that even though some of the historicals would not get permapanties, they may still have a body change: AG would get rid of the horizontal seam on their bum and only have the vertical seam, making their rear ends droopy and poopy whether they have underwear or not. If that happens I’ll be really disappointed because I badly want Nanea and her collection. This post was going to be what I thought of the new releases and what I saw on my visit Saturday, but the mouse lair beat me to it and stated everything I was going to say including the pics! So this post has instead turned into a comparison of Felicity and friends.

Unlike Tenney, I wouldn’t say you need to choose Felicity in the store. Most people can’t anyway. I did go through 8 Felicities because I was super picky about the lips and the pin curls. I only saw one Felicity with slightly messy pin curls. I saw two Felicities with thick, darker, more Tenney-like lips. I picked the lightest and thinnest one. I had to look reeeeally closely to even tell a difference in the lips. They mostly look the same.

 Here is my West German Pleasant Company Felicity, Mattel Felicity and BeForever Felicity.

BF Felicity is the skinniest, both body and face-wise.

 I always have such a hard time taking good comparison pictures. These are terrible. PC is the lightest, BF is next, and Mattel has the darkest hair color.

 BF and Mattel are extremely similar in color. I’d say BF is a bit lighter because she has redder highlights.

 BF’s hair is similar to Saige but brighter. Actually, having them next to each other makes me think Saige’s hair looks like a dirty auburn.

 Here is BF and Maggie (61). (Maggie, like most of my TM dolls is only wearing underwear due to the permapanty scandal.)

 I also picked up Felicity’s new undergarments. The stays can be attached 2 different ways. It can be velcroed in the back (which saves so much time) or it can be tied.

 Just like I do with the older undergarments, the shift comes first, then the pockets (the new set does not have pockets), the bumroll (or pocket hoops for the old set) and finally the stays. I know Felicity will put up a big fuss, so the next time I change Elizabeth I’ll see if I can add the pockets and the pocket hoops plus the bumroll. I wonder if that can all be worn at the same time.

Here is her dress with the bumroll underneath. I’ll try it on a Carpatina dress and see if it’s even more noticeable.

I love my new Lissie. She really brightens up the room. Her eyelashes kind of swoop up making her look so bright and cheery.


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Lindsey Meets Logan

“All right everyone, get to your spots, find your knitting. I need Molly, Susan, and Linda to sit on the couch like three wet crows. Where is Caroline? Come on, girls! Find your needles in the yarn bag and start knitting! It shouldn’t take this long. Thank you! And…action!”

 Lindsey was directing the last scene of Molly’s skit when someone interrupted,

“Umm, hi, excuse me.”

 “Cut!” Lindsey sighed, and then she looked at the girl who had just arrived at the scene.

 “Who are you?” Lindsey asked as she looked at this new arrival up and down. She’s pretty, Lindsey thought, she’s too pretty.

 “My name is Tenney.”

Lindsey tried not to look surprised, “Tenney?”

“Tennyson. I was talking to Nicki and Saige and telling them how much I love music and how I want to perform more and – ”

“Well, this is a theater not a concert hall,” Lindsey interrupted. She usually wasn’t so grumpy, especially to new dolls but she was pressured for time and Tenney was wasting it.

Tenney looked slightly taken aback by Lindsey’s rudeness, “I know. I just thought,….Saige had an idea that I could provide some background music if you need it in any of your scenes.”

“Background music?” now Lindsey finally looked interested, “That’s a neat idea. Do you know any forties tunes?”

“Forties? Oh, no, I play country music. I play guitar and banjo.”

“Okay, well, I’ll certainly keep you in mind if I need you for a country scene. Thanks for offering your talents. I would suggest talking to Suki. She’s kind of been our music director here. She plays violin and I’d bet she’d love to try fiddling. You two would sound great together.”

Tenney smiled, “Thanks a lot. That sounds really cool. I guess I’ll see you later.”

 “Wait!” Molly said, “Lindsey, how can you just let a talented girl like this just go? We could change my story. People country dance in the forties. We can all knit the blanket for the war effort and then as a reward Alison’s mom takes us all to her church where they square dance every week!”

Lindsey looked at Molly like she had lost her mind, “Are you crazy?! We can’t change the script! This is your core story! This is Molly Learns a Lesson. I can’t believe you’re saying this. If you want to act, star, and direct in your own story, then fine! Do your stupid country dancing. But while I’m around, we are sticking to the script.”

“It was just a suggestion,” said Molly.

“No, no, it’s fine,” Tenney said apologetically, “I didn’t mean to cause a fight. I’m actually really excited to find Suki and play with her. Thanks, Molly, but maybe we can get together some other time. Maybe when Suki and I get enough practice in, we can have a square dance party with live music.”

“That sounds fun,” Molly said.

“All right! I’ll go find her then,” Tenney walked out.

“Good,” Lindsey huffed, still frustrated they had wasted so much time, “All right, girls get back to knitting. 3..2..1..Action!”

“Um, hey guys…” said yet another new voice.

“CUT! What is it now?!” and then Lindsey looked.

 “Holy cow, who the heck are you?”

“I’m Logan Everett. I was looking for Tenney.”

“You’re a boy,” Lindsey was still trying to process what she was seeing.

“Yeah. Dude, this looks really cool. Are you guys putting on a play?”

 “Yes,” Elianna answered since Lindsey was still too dumbstruck to speak, “We’d love to have you join if you’re interested. Molly is the historical girl of the year so most of our skits revolve around her.”
“Aw, cool. Jitterbug music. I love that.”

“Me too!” Elianna agreed, “We’re even in a dance class in her stories. We tap dance to it. Hey, you would make a really great Ricky, that’s Molly’s brother. You even look like you’re related to Molly.”

 “This is awesome,” Logan said. He turned to Lindsey, “Can I join your theater? I’d love to be Molly’s brother.”

Lindsey’s ice blue stare tried to pierce Logan like knives, “You dare to try and usurp my character?! Just because you’re a boy!? I’m Ricky!!! I’ve been Ricky for the past six months! You guys want to take over and change the story, and rewrite the script, and recast characters then fine! That’s it!! I’m DONE!!”

 With that, Lindsey threw her movie camera and clapper board to the floor and raced out of the room. The girls could see she was starting to cry.

 “Jeez. I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean…Wow. I forgot how dramatic girls can be sometimes.”

 Elianna came up to Logan, “It’s fine. It’s Lindsey who’s dramatic. That’s why she’s in theater. Before she went into theater she was a mess, trying to stir up trouble for everyone. Even her teachers at school. I’ll talk to her, and I’m sure she’ll come around. But it would probably be best to wait about joining our group until Lindsey asks you to. We’ve had boys in our club before. Lindsey can’t play them all. But she gets touchy when a new boy doll comes because she thinks your trying to steal her part from her. She was a mess when Jonathon first arrived.”

“Okay. I hope I don’t have to wait long, though.”

“I don’t think you will.”

 Elianna found Lindsey in her room, “Look, I know it was a shock to see Logan walk into the room. It was a shock for all of us. How often do we see a male AG doll? Jonathon’s been our only one. But Logan is really nice. He doesn’t want to steal the part of Ricky from you.”

“He doesn’t?”

“No, he was just excited to see what we’re doing and he wants to be a part of it. He totally understands that you’re the director and you’re in charge of the casting and the script. Please come back. We need you.”

“All right. I guess I wouldn’t be able to stay away for very long even if I tried. Thanks Eli.”


Molly’s story will be up soon, as will a profile page of all my dolls (that might be longer in the running)

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Tenney and Logan

I planned to go to the AG store on Saturday to see all the new shiny things, but Very Unexpectedly my Thursday opened up and I thought, Oh, my gosh I actually have time to go the AG store! I didn’t have much time though. I took the 11:10 train to Union Station and jogged the rest of the way to AG (yeah, I’m going to spend tons of money on AG, but I’m too cheap to take a cab) so I could have as much time at the store as possible. When I got near the store I almost thought it was closed because I saw no one with AG shopping bags. I was relieved to find it opened and STUNNED to find that I was basically the only one there!

I’m so sorry I don’t have pictures. This was such an abrupt decision that I hadn’t charged my camera battery over night and it was completely dead! (It charged while I went to the AG store). I hope to go back on Saturday, possibly with a friend, to spend more time and take more pictures.

I always have such a good time there even when I’m in a hurry (I had only about 45 min at the store before I needed to catch the next train back). One store employee did the usual asking me what I wanted/looking for. I told him I was here to buy Tenney because I knew she wouldn’t have permapanties and I’d come back Saturday for Logan. He said that was a good idea, but that maybe I should get Logan instead. He seemed to think Tenney would be okay at least until then as far as underwear goes but because of the press releases about Logan, Logan is expecting to sell out very quickly, “I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s sold out by Saturday,” he said.

After I had looked around, (added to my wishlist to get Kit’s dress, and Julie’s outfit, I didn’t even get a chance to see her bathroom) I kind of agreed with him, and wondered if Tenney herself wouldn’t sell out too. The Chicago AG store is HUGE, but Tenney only has two small spots. She shares space with Gabby at the front of the store, and that’s the only place you can buy the Tenney and Logan dolls, and then there are some more of her accessories right before you go upstairs. Gabby still has full reign upstairs.

The whole time I was walking to the AG store and even before that, I had no clue who I was going to come home with. I had reserves about Tenney due to her panties and her lips. The leaked photos I’d seen of the actual doll made her lips seem as if they had very heavy lipstick and her whole face seemed very done up. I wondered if I’d have to go through a Tenney in a haystack to find one with natural lips and real underwear.

But when I got to the store ALL the Tennies had beautiful lips. Not only that, she is just a Stunningly beautiful doll. Very few AG dolls have really captivated me with their beauty. I can come up with Elizabeth and Ruthie and that’s it. Not even Lea is that beautiful. But Tenney is one of those stunners. I knew as soon as I saw her, she was coming home with me no matter what. It also helped when another store employee came up to me and said, “Oh, my goodness, Tenney looks just like you!” Yeah, right. I don’t have freckles, or gorgeous thick hair, or even brown eyes!

I asked one of the store employees about Felicity and he said Felicity will be getting new clothes and items but he didn’t know when. I guess we’ll find out whether he’s right or not soon enough. I didn’t come home with her, but I did get her undergarments set.

Although I love Tenney’s outfits and want them and all the accessories, I think they’re terribly overpriced. I only bought the banjo because it’s adorable and banjo music makes me so happy.

So after all that, you want to see pics, right?

I finally got home and grabbed my newly charged camera and clicked away:

 “Woooow! A new doll is here!” Saige cried as I dropped the Tenney box in front of Nicki and herself, “Let’s open it and let her out!”

 Saige scrambled to lift the sides of the box.

“Um, Saige, I don’t think you can lift it that way anymore. They changed it.”

 “You open it from the top now.”

 “Wow, she’s so pretty,” Saige admired, “I think she’s even prettier than me.”

“Hi, guys!” Tenney said, “You want to get me out the rest of the way?”

  I didn’t need any scissors to get her out. As you can see, the only thing different are the plastic straps around her wrists. It took me the usual 1 minute to detach her from her box. I do think, although the box looks Barbie-ish, I think it’s stronger and the doll is safer than the older boxes. Because you slide the boxed doll out, it’s double thickness except for the front.

 Yay! No permapanties!!! And the original body design.

 Adorable boot shoes.

 I’m not a big fan of her meet outfit. I think the colors clash, and it’s cheap. The skirt is as thin as OG quality.

 The pockets are no longer real.

 I wonder what that design is on her shoulder. I can’t wait to read her book to see if it says anything about it.

 If you are looking to buy a Tenney or Logan I strongly advise you to pick them out at the store. I saw a number of Tenney dolls with messy pincurls, thin pincurls, long and short pincurls. I went through 8 boxes before I found the perfect one.

I need a tutorial on how to take a hairnet off a brand new doll. I ended up extracting a chunk of hair from her ponytail trying to take the darn thing off!


Right out of the hair net. Look at the gorgeous waves of THICK golden beauty! And that’s not even all her hair, because of the chunk that got dislodged!

Without flash. I haven’t yet taken her hair down (I will tonight). I always like to keep it the way it is brand new for a while. But Tenney’s been complaining she wants it down because she’s cold. (eye roll)

 I almost forgot about the bracelet that’s attached to the side of her box. Good thing I noticed it when I took her book out.

 Someone had mentioned that it had a pick charm for her guitar, but that’s not true.

 It really is weird how her lips change color when a picture is taken. In real life her lips look much more natural than this pic.

 “We’re going to be good friends!” says Saige.

 “Do you guys want to listen to some music?” Tenney asked.

“Wait!” I said, “I just want to do a quick hair comparison and then you can have a country concert.”

 Sorry these pics are so bad. Here are Lanie and Tenney. Lanie has more highlights than Tenney.

no flash.

 Caroline and Tenney.

 Caroline is almost Barbie white when compared to Tenney’s. I think Tenney’s is much more natural.

 Without flash.

Tenney’s banjo box.

 The banjo not only plays 3 songs, but the strings really strum and can be tuned! Very cool, AG.

 The only thing cheap about it is the strap:

 The teeny, tiny pick. (AG, if we loose doll underwear, how the heck are we going to keep track of this?

 It fits Tenney’s finger perfectly. And also any other AG doll.

 “I can bring my guitar and play too!” Nicki said.

 (Nicki’s dollar store guitar)

 Jonathon walked in, “Hey guys, cool music. I don’t know if you know, but there’s another doll waiting to be opened…”

And….it’s a BOY!”

 “A BOY!!”

 Logan’s arms were not tied to the box.

 “Finally! I’m not the only American boy doll in this place!”

 “Are we the only male dolls?” Logan asked.

“No, there’s Stephan and Jakob, but that’s it. Just the 4 of us against a thousand girls.”

 “That’s okay, I get along with girls pretty well.”

 No permapanties again!!

 His cute underwear.

I haven’t decided if I’m going to keep their boxes. I’ll probably keep Logan’s because the back shows Logan with brown eyes instead of gray. Here’s a Logan comparison:

 I don’t have a problem that he shares the same face mold as Kaya. I do not believe there is a contract between the Nez Perce and AG that only Kaya is allowed to have her mold. I also think Logan’s is different anyway. His face is less chubby, the lips are thinner, the eyebrows are different. and his chin is more pointed. I had so much fun playing with his bangs.

 Back of Logan’s head.

 Logan has gray eyes, but they’re different than Molly’s and Ruthie’s. All I can describe it is they’re darker and deeper.

 Logan and Ruthie.

I haven’t decided if I’m going to keep Logan’s name. I don’t like the name and my hopscotch hill doll is already Logan and I hate having two dolls with the same name. But I’ll probably end up keeping it because I have a hard time changing given names. They always become James-but-he’s-really-Logan or something like that. I’m going to treat Tenney like I do with Marie Grace. When she’s truly Marie Grace then she keeps that name, but when she travels to a modern or Colonial time period she becomes Mary Grace. Tenney will be Tenney when she’s Tenney (ha). And when she’s not she’ll be Tenny. I like that spelling better.

That’s it! I’ll post more soon and let you know if I go again on Saturday.


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