Dr. Dolloween!!!


I have quite a number of doll stories and posts I’ve been wanting to write and I am far behind. A huge reason for this is because I’ve caught the Dr. Who bug and have been watching that instead of doing dolls. The dolls were pretty unhappy that I was giving them even less attention than I was before, so Lindsey, always wanting to take matters into her own hands, crept out of the doll room and down the stairs to the living room where I was watching. Lindsey got just as enthralled as I was! (She would and still does creep down every night!)

And just as Lindsey always does, she started scheming and planning. She decided she wanted a Dr. Dolloween party (she as Dr. Who of course!) and cast and invited all her friends. She allowed me to dress them and boy did I have fun! I know there are major Dr. Who and doll fans who have made actual Dr Who outfits straight from the episode. I am not that way. I do not sew. I knit. Plus I have way too many doll outfits anyway, so I used what I had to try and create an ‘inspired by’ look of the Dr and his closest companions from as far as I have watched. I’m still in the process of watching every episode from the 2005s with Rose, to I am right now on Clara and Matt Smith.

Dr. Who (Lindsey Bergman)

I had a hard time deciding whether I wanted to create a David Tennant Dr Who or Matt Smith. I love both actors so much. If I did Tennant, though, Lindsey would look like this:

(Lindsey: Are you out of your MIND!?!?!

Me: It matches the Tardis!

Lindsey: Totally NO! It so Does NOT! Take this off me NOW!)

Or this:

(Lindsey: You are MOCKING me! I”m going to fire you if you continue on like this!

Me: But if Dr. Who actually had a coat like this, he would love it!!

Lindsey gives me the most angry face ever.

Me: Look how he loved his Barbie doll in the Cold War!

Lindsey: I’m giving you one more chance!)

This is a little better? Maybe?

(Lindsey: I think we should just forget the coat.

Me: I guess you’re right. Then you’ll be Matt Smith without the coat and without suspenders.

Lindsey: This is why I suffer and struggle whenever I’m a boy because we have NO CLOTHES! How many boy outfits do we have? Three!?!?

Me, ignoring her: Well, at least you should get a bow tie. That’s very important you know.

I hold it up to her.

Lindsey, revolted: That’s a ribbon!

Me: Well I don’t have a real bow tie! You just said yourself I don’t own any boy clothes so how the heck am I supposed to have a bow tie?

Lindsey: Do I even resemble Matt Smith even a little?

Image result for dr. who matt smith suspenders and bowtie

What do you think?

Rose Tyler (Chloe Sutton)

Rose Tyler is famous for her zip up hoodies. I was totally planning to put Chloe in one but she’s a major fashionista herself and when Lindsey told her who she was supposed to dress as she was VERY perturbed.

“You’re going to make me dress as the least fashionable companion who exists!?!?! Why can’t I be Amy? Amy wears the best clothes! I can so be her type!”

But Lindsey would have none of it. Chloe had the face of Rose Tyler, so Rose Tyler she would be. Chloe started searching through every outfit Rose ever wore, determined she would never wear a zip up hoodie or that ‘hideous maid suit’.

She found out that after Rose went to the parallel world, she learned some fashion sense and replaced the zip up hoodies with leather jackets, and set the standard for all Who Companions:

Image result for doctor who rose tyler outfits

Chloe just decided to flip the colors because she likes pink better:

Martha Jones (Ashleigh Salon)

I was super pleased to have a very similar outfit to what Martha really wears! And I think she wears this outfit in a whole bunch of episodes:

Image result for doctor who martha jones outfits

I did have jeans, but Ashleigh kind of got caught up with all the leather and decided to keep the skirt!

Donna Noble (Emily Bennett)

Emily was super hard to find clothes for. Truthfully, I think they could’ve/should’ve dressed Donna a bit better in a lot of episodes. So many times they get her waistline wrong. It’s either way too high or she’s wearing a gigantic belt where you can’t even see it. It’s even harder with dolls because they really don’t have waists! She needed a belt though, since belts are kind of Donna’s ‘bow tie’, so I picked Donna colors:

Image result for doctor who Donna Noble outfits

And flipped them like I did with Rose.

Amy Pond (Savannah Effner)

As far as fashion style, Amy is not my favorite but she’s probably number two. There are so many outfits of hers I love. My favorite outfit of Amy’s is this one:

But the only plaid I have like that is a pink plaid ruffly….dress. Yeah, not going to do that. I actually have a doll outfit similar to this one:

Image result for doctor who Amy Pond outfits

But AG clothes don’t always fit Maru and Friends dolls.

Image result for doctor who Amy Pond outfits

I actually got pretty tickled seeing this, because a special person I know owns a pineapple dress and wears it stunningly.

No pineapples for dolls though, just butterflies and tights.

Rory Williams (Logan Everette)

Creating a Rory look wasn’t nearly as bad as Dr. Who. I never noticed until I was researching for this blog that all the companions really like to layer, and Rory is no exception. Sometimes he’s wearing three different shirts.

Image result for doctor who Rory outfits

Logan decided to go for that look just without the outer jacket.

River Song (Kennedy Sweeting) – and yeah, I had created her last name way before I knew Melody Pond existed! Spoilers Sweetie! (cue creepy twilight music!)

After having watched Let’s Kill Hitler I felt I had to be very careful with River Song and I was starting to run out of clothes that weren’t super pink and girly. Whenever I picture River Song in my head I think big collars:

Image result for doctor who pandorica opens River Song

I just love it! I think it highlights her hair even more! In fact I don’t think I’ve ever seen an outfit I didn’t like on River Song. She has style! It’s awesome! Kennedy wanted a big fuffy collar too. We just couldn’t figure out what to wear underneath…..so we just went with the little black mini dress. I wish I had a white one!

 Clara Oswin Oswald (Emma Carpatina)

This was SO hard because I am in LOVE with ALL of Clara’s outfits and to try and pick just one!?! Very hard to do, but I went with what I had which was the plaid skirt. Jenna Louise Coleman seriously looks amazing an anything:

Image result for doctor who Clara plaid skirt

(I haven’t even seen this episode yet, but doesn’t she look incredible!?!?)


Amelia Pond (Maggie-Claire Cullen)

I think I’m done dressing and photo shooting all these dolls and I get all packed up when Maggie comes up to Lindsey and asks if she can join the Dr Dolloween party. 

Lindsey takes a look at her and says, “No way! You have a cute little face that’s too young and all the redheads are taken already!”
“But I have this coat,” Maggie says, holding it up, “And it’s just so perfect -“
“AMELIA POND!!!” Lindsey shrieks and grabs Savannah and the coat and begs me to dress her. So I did: 

Image result for doctor who young Amelia pond girl who waited

Cute Pixie face!

Both Amelias:

Whelp…of course it’s not fair that the Dr. gets two Amelias without having two Rorys too, right? (or is it Rories? haha!) Meet Rory, the last Centurion:

I came pretty close…? I think? Just didn’t have a Roman helmet.

Image result for rory the last centurion

But he’s not even wearing it in this picture either! And I don’t think he wears it too much in the show.

The Boy and Girl Who Waited:

“Lindsey!!” I hiss at her.

“What!? Please tell me there isn’t going to be a second River Song too!”

“No, there’s something very special on the porch. The mailman put it there. And it says it’s for you!”

“For me? The porch??? It came in the human mail?!? This I have got to see!” Lindsey zoomed out the door and down the stairs before I could catch her.

 “Who put it with the pumpkins?”

“The mailman.”

Lindsey read the box out loud, “‘Heather Lynne Hempel and Lindsey Who.’ Lindsey Who!!!! Oh my gosh! That is so my middle name!”


“I don’t have a middle name, but a whole bunch of other dolls do and I’ve always wanted one! So that’s it!! My middle name! Lindsey Who Bergman!”


“It’s perfect!

“Do you want help?” I asked her, knowing I couldn’t just go and help her because she was Lindsey. And sure enough;


 Lindsey dragged it over the to the front door. She was huffing already, “What if we just opened it here? Then it would probably be so much easier to carry…”

“You mean you’re going to give up your audience who would LOVE to see you open it!?!? My, Lindsey! What kind of a lazy doll have you become!?”

Lindsey gave me an icy blue glare but continued to haul it into the house and up the stairs. At last she reached the doll room.

The whole Dr. Who cast was there including Katelynne and Camille who had come to see what the hub bub was about.

“It’s a box!!”

“It’s a surprise!!”

Camille looked at it and saw where it was from, “Oh my gosh!!! It’s from Virginia!!! It’s probably from the fairy forest! KATELYNNE!!!”

“I’m right here!” Katelynne answered.

Camille dove down and started scrambling to open the box.

“What the heck do you think you’re doing!?! That’s my box! It’s for me! I get to open it!”

“No it’s not! It’s from the fairy forest because last year – “

“The box says it’s to ME! It even has my middle name! How the heck do you -“

“You guys! Stop!!” Katelynne yelled, “Camille, why do you think it’s from the fairy forest? and Lindsey, you don’t even have a middle name.”

“I do now! Look!” Lindsey turned the box over and everyone gasped.
“Lindsey Who! That’s ME! I’m Dr. Who!”

“And that’s your middle name,” Kennedy snorted, “I like it.”

“But this box is from Virginia! Look!” Camille said.

“Then you both open it together,” Katelynne said, “good grief.”

They both bent down to rip the seam and Camille gasped, “Look! It says perishable!”

“Wait!! Stop!! We can’t open it then!” Lindsey’s eyes were very big, “I need my sonic screw driver. Who has it? Clara? I mean, Emma? Where is it?”

Emma handed her the screwdriver, frowning, “It’s a pretend screwdriver. It’s not even real.”

But Lindsey was holding it over the box anyway, “This is my timey wimey detector. It goes ding when there’s stuff. It can also boil an egg at 30 paces, whether you want it to or not, actually so I’ve learned to stay away form hens. It’s not pretty when they blow.”

The screwdriver started to buzz. She stopped it and read the dial. Then she shook her head and said, “Don’t alter your facts to fit your views. If you alter the facts to fit your views, it can be very uncomfortable if you happen to be one of the facts that needs altering.”

“We’re not altering anything except perhaps the appearance of that box!” said Emily, her hands crossed and hip sticking out just like the Donna Noble character she played, “Now get going and open the darn thing before it explodes and opens itself!”

Lindsey and Camille ripped the box open and PUFF!!! The box really did explode! A whole bunch of plastic soft things hit they’re faces.

“Plastic pillows! Look at that!!”

They all started bopping them in the air and then they had a pillow fight.

“But why would somebody go through all this trouble just to send us plastic pillows?” Maggie asked.

“No!” Savannah answered, “Look how many plastic pillows there are! One for each of us! Just like those black boxes!” She turned to Logan, “Remember those black boxes that did absolutely nothing for over a year and -”

“You guys,” Chloe announced in a very pronounced voice, “There’s something else in the box.”

Lindsey reached down and hauled out a container. And on top was a note.


“A care package!”

“Happy faces!!!”

“And what a sweet note!”

“Cast party!!!!” Lindsey cried. Everyone screamed and squealed and they all dashed over to the kitchen and had a pumpkin party feast.

“Orange molasses!”

“Who sent us these cookies anyway do you think?” Asheigh asked Emma.

“I dunno. Maybe it really was the forest fairies.”

“You mean, from the fall festival?” Maggie asked.

“They did send stuff to us last year. The leaves and the fairy dust for Katelynne and Camille. I wouldn’t put it past them to do something like this.”

“That’s really sweet. The note too.”

“Especially the note, and all the little things with it!”

“Hmm, I wonder….I wonder if all this isn’t working together…”

“What do you mean?”

“People assume that time is a strict progression of cause to effect, but actually from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint, it’s more like a big ball of wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey stuff.”


“Well, the universe is big. It’s vast and complicated and ridiculous and sometimes, very rarely, impossible things just happen and we call them miracles.”

“So  you’re saying these cookies are miracles from the fairies?”

“No, I’m saying, don’t blink. Don’t even blink, because you never know when you’re around the Doctor, and with forest fairies in cahoots with him too? Who knows where you might go off to!”

Happy Dolloween!!! From Dr. Who and his companions!!!

Oh, and you know the blue thing in the background that’s been peeping behind and beside dolls in photos? That is Lindsey’s locker/Tardis! It’s WAY bigger on the inside!!!

Did you catch all the authentic Dr. Who quotes? Dolls stole them! Not me!

Allons-y!! Geronimo!


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Kirsten and the White Pines Village

Hello! This is Kirsten’s last adventure being Historical Girl of the Year. She went to the White Pines Village in Ludington MI with Heather. She felt right at home right away….

 or maybe not so much at home because living in a new country and going to school was so hard for Kirsten. She had just arrived from Sweden and didn’t speak English. Her cousins Anna and Lisbeth told her tales of the teacher punching students and hitting them with a ruler or even a cane, or having to sit in front of the class wearing a dunce cap for the whole day!

 Kirsten was so nervous about going to school in America she felt dizzy.

 When she arrived at school, Miss Winston asked her to introduce herself and she couldn’t even to do that! Her mispronunciation made some of the boys snicker and her face got red with embarrassment.

Kirsten continued feeling lost at school. Even her younger brother Peter seemed to catch on to English and be able to spell and write words better than she could.

Then when Miss Winston announced that every student was going to have to recite a poem from memory she had to fight back tears. Wishing she could vanish from the school. She couldn’t even read her poem! How could she possibly memorize it? And even if she could memorize it, she was sure to forget it once she stood up in front of the stove to recite it!

 She was sure to burst into tears and get tittered at even worse than the first day of school! How could she possibly be made to do such a thing?

But then, when she was finished eating, Miss Winston asked her if she would like to switch to a different poem that might be a little easier.

Miss Winston had come on a ship from a different country just like Kirsten had.

“I want you to recite this with feeling,” Miss Winston said, handing her a slip of paper that said,
‘Swiftly Swiftly flew the ship.

Yet she sailed softly too.

Sweetly, sweetly blew the breeze

On me alone it blew.’ (Rime of the Ancient Mariner)

Kirsten copied it many times on her slate to help her memorize it and when the time came to recite it, she felt nervous, but there was something else too.

Standing in front of the class, she pictured herself back on the Eagle, the ship that had carried her here from Sweden. She could feel the breeze on her skin, waving through her hair.

On her alone it blew.

One summer Kirsten got to go to town with her family. She had discovered a bee tree and after an exciting adventure dodging bears, she and her father and mother took the bees from the tree and made their own bee colony. Because of Kirsten’s discovery, they went to the general store to sell their honey.

 Kirsten looked at the all the things lining the shelves of the store.

 Everything you could possibly want or need! Even food!

 A huge meat cutter that took two people to work!

Since Kirsten had discovered the bee tree, her father allowed her to choose one thing just for herself from the store that he’d be willing to buy with the extra money. Kirsten chose a straw hat.

Her family received much needed extra money the next year too. Their cabin had burned down because Kirsten had tried to take care of an injured baby raccoon. She had let it in the house, where it knocked over a kerosene lamp, lighting the cabin on fire. Somehow, Kirsten was able to save their heirloom trunk with all their precious things in it, but the rest of the cabin burned down. Her father had hoped to buy land, but now they would need the money to build another cabin.

One winter day, she and her brother, Lars went out trapping. They saw some foot tracks and followed them to another cabin. They saw the cabin looked like it hadn’t been lived in for a long time.

After knocking, they pushed the door open and went in. Kirsten screamed.

 It actually wasn’t the bear’s head that made her scream, it was a man, staring straight at her, except –

“It’s okay, Kirsten, that’s Old Jack and he’s dead.”

A man was sitting, propped up in a corner and now that she looked more closely, she realized he was indeed dead.
“How did he die?”
“He’s old. He probably sat down and his heart stopped beating and his body froze.”

 Kirsten looked around the room, “What are we going to do?”

“We should bury the body, but the ground is frozen, so we’ll have to come back in the spring. But I think, because Old Jack was all along by himself, we were the ones to find his house, which means these furs are ours now.”

 Old Jack was a hunter and trapper and his cabin was full of them.

 Skunk, beaver, deer and fox pelts along with the bear.

 Kirsten realized how much this would help her family. They could buy a house just outside of town and the land her father wanted!

She and Lars put their snowshoes back on and hurried as fast as they could to tell their father the news!

 Kirsten had seen and experienced a building being raised. Just before her birthday, all the neighbors had gotten together for a barn raising! They had all brought their saws.

 And sawed the logs that had come from the wagon to build their barn.

 Tall strong men helped to cut and stack the logs to make the building.

And they filled in the spaces with a mixture of clay and dirt so the outside air would stay out.

 Inside the barn, the barn, Kirsten had to help milk the cows,

And churn the butter!

It was a lot of work, being a pioneer in 1854, but Kirsten had her family to support and love each other, a whole community who helped each other out and celebrated with them, and surprising blessings from the Lord right when they needed them most!

Kirsten had a lot of fun at the White Pines Village and she had a lot of fun being Historical Girl of the Year. Stay tuned because next month I will introduce a new HGOTY!!!

Josefina Montoya!!

And stay tuned for more posts to come in between!


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Party Plethora

Hello Readers!

I’ve realized it’s been a long time since I’ve done a tour of the Doll Room or a What the Dolls are Up To post and there have been enough changes I thought I’d give you a little tour so you can see.

What used to be the stables has now become Felicity’s bedroom which she shares with Elizabeth. Yes, Felicity was very upset when she found out the stable would go (She said she’d rather have that be her bedroom. But Elizabeth wouldn’t hear of it and said she’d rather move out and live with the Hat Burglar than sleep in a stall!

These girls are getting ready for something big! I am going to attempt to bike ride 100 miles in September and when the dolls found out about it, they wanted to join in! Only thing, there weren’t enough bikes. So they’re going to try a Roller Run and see who can roller skate, roller blade, scoot, or skateboard the longest and the farthest!

Jessica invited a whole bunch of dolls to her elegant summer tea party. All the dolls had such fun getting dressed up in different summer colors!

 And they weren’t the only ones having a party either! Can you guess who these dolls are dressed as? A couple months ago I watched Little Women on PBS and the dolls got all excited and dressed as the characters! Ruthie in blue is Beth, Alyssa (seated) is Marmee, Saige is Jo, Caroline is Amy, and Amy….(who was not too happy to not be her namesake. More on that in the next post.) is Meg.

 Downstairs, a picnic party is bustling along with tons of food, a volley ball net and plenty of kids and dogs!


 “Mmm! My favorite!! Grilled chicken and macaroni and cheese!”

Maggie was grilling up the dogs and the burgers.

Next door, some more dolls were getting ready for bed….but not ready to sleep yet!!

 Staying up late to giggle and play games is much more important than sleep!

 So many parties!!! Even in the kitchen, Kathy was celebrating her strawberry birthday!

 Outside, Lanie is starting a butterfly garden. She is soooo excited, because sometime soon, she’ll get to go to a real butterfly garden with Katelynne and Camille!!

 And finally, Kirsten is celebrating her last birthday as Historical Girl of the Year. Kirsten will get one more adventure and then…..

The announcement for who the next HGOTY will be, is coming up next month!! Stay tuned!


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