Fall Farm Festival

Every day Camille would run down the stairs, look on the table where the fairy leaves were still spread out, and then run to the window and look out at the edge of the fairy forest, but the thick green grass blocking the entrance was still there. It seemed to have grown thicker and taller.

Katelynne was starting to get a little worried. She was just as certain as Camille that they would both go to the fall fairy festival someday and sometime, but Camille seemed so confident that it would be now. Katelyne was worried how disappointed she’d be if that didn’t happen. Fairies were often fickle folk, and time meant something different to them then it did to dolls and humans. (Although dolls have a very different sense of time then humans do too)

So Katelynne tried the next best thing; to distract Camille from the fairies and try and tire her out at the same time.

“Hey, do you want to visit the Bergey’s Bakery?”

“Oo! Yes! Do they have pie? And cake? And ice cream?”

“Yes! And yes! And yes! And a big surprise too!”

Off they went on another hour’s ride to Chesapeake Virginia.

 “Wait a minute…this isn’t a bakery! It’s a farm!”

And it was. It was a huge sprawling farm filled with all sorts of animals.

 They got to ride on their own little tractor to visit each of the animals.

 “Wow! This is so fun! I’m up so high!” Camille said, sitting on top of Katelynne’s lap.

Camille got comfortable with a cow:

 And her baby calf:

 Katelynne got to pet a pig:

 And they both chatted with the chickens:

“Are you ready for the surprise?”

“The surprise!” Camille bounced on her booted toes, “Yes! Yes! Yes!”

“Come here!” Katelynne led to a tractor just like the one they’d just ridden on except it was 10 times bigger:

 “Whoa!!! Oh! Katelynne, I love this! What a wonderful surprise! I get to be up SO high!”

“Silly Goose! This isn’t even the surprise yet! This is just going to take you there! Come climb up!”

The two climbed up on the old worn seat. Katelynne roared up the motor and off they went.

They drove down a little road, rounded a bend and then Camille saw the real surprise:

Image result for bergey's breadbasket corn maze

“A corn maze!! Wow! It’s so big!”

“Yeah, I wonder if there’s any map,” Katelynne said, “It’s going to be hard to keep what we saw of the tractor in our heads.”

 “Aw, we don’t really need a map do we? I don’t think it will be that hard.”

“Yeah, I suppose we’ll have to get out eventually. Once they harvest the corn.”

Into the maze they went, with Camille skipping alongside Katelynne. She really didn’t care if they never got out, she was so happy to be having an adventure with Katelynne. The dirt corn trail wound in every sort of direction and all too soon they came to a fork in the road.

“Which way?” Katelynne asked with a smile, “Left or Right?”

“Left!” Camille guessed.

But it wasn’t the right choice. They came to a dead end, face to face with a cow!

Camille ran up to the cow’s face, “Mooo to youuu!”

“I’m going to milk you!” Katelynne giggled. Katelynne started giggling as she pretended to milk Camille the cow and then gasped because black beads suddenly poured out of the udders in to the bucket!

“Whoa, look at that! Oh, and look, read this! We’re supposed to collect the beads! Collect the beads at each dead end and you’ll get a prize at the end! Oh boy!”

The two girls started running through the maze in happy excitement where they found a pig.

But they couldn’t find anything more. They kept walking and walking, trying right turns, then trying left turns, but all they saw was corn.

“Do you think we’re stuck? Are we going in circles?” Camille asked. She didn’t mind too much, but she could sense Katelynne’s unease.

“I don’t even know. We’re trying to be consistent in our turns, but I’m all discombobulated.”

They kept walking as it started to get later and darker.

They walked and walked until their feet got tired. They’d take a turn and think they were going in the right direction, or at least a different direction but it always led to a dead end. But they must’ve been making some progress because one of the dead ends led to a blessing:

“A tractor ride!! Oh boy!”

The dolls jumped in with a relieved sigh and collected another bead.

“This will take us back faster!” Katelynne said.  They drove through the cornfields for a while until Katelynne shouted, “STOP! I just saw a sign! Back up!”

They backed up down a little lane with a sign at the end:

“You are here….yes! We are here, but where’s here!?” Katelynne said exasperatedly.

“Wait, this sign points down, maybe we have to dig a hole and we’ll find a tunnel that will lead us back to the farm!” Camille replied.

“No, I don’t think so…but maybe it’s the opposite! Maybe it’s this:

You are here and here you stand

in the place, in present in land

at the spot at which you see

to the point to now perceive.”

“What the HECK does that mean? And how do you know that?”

“I”m reading it,” Katelynne pointed to the end of the arrow where there was some writing, “I think it’s telling you what ‘here’ means.”

“It is?”

“Yes. ‘You are here and here you stand.’ We’re standing here, aren’t we? ‘In the place, in present in land.’ We’re in a place, in the present, in a land. ‘At the spot at which you see.’ We’re standing at a spot and seeing something.”

“Corn and corn and corn!” Camille said, beginning to understand, “‘To the point to now perceive.’ We’re supposed to perceive something, aren’t we! We’re supposed to figure out how to get out of here right here and right now!”

“Yeah, only how do we do it?” Katelynne asked.

Camille started mumbling to herself, “‘At the spot at which you see…in the present land…in, at, or to this place…I GOT IT!!!”

Katelynne turned around and looked at her expectantly.

“We need to look at a spot in the land to perceive something, but we can’t see anything of the land cause the corn is too tall, so we have to climb it!!”

“Oh my gosh!” Katelynne started laughing, “We’re so dumb we needed a riddle to figure that out!”

Camille had already started climbing.

“I can see! I can see! I can see the silos! That’s the farm way over there!”

“The silos! Huzzah!”

 “Great work! Come down so we can go!”

 Camille slid down the cornstalk and the girls went running in the direction of the silos.

They only felt lost one more time when Katelynne climbed up to check where the silos were.

She was certain she’d see something that would point her in the right direction but all she saw was a field of corn. Her heart sank.

“Oh dear. I don’t see the silos anymore. I don’t see anything. It’s all corn.”

“What should we do?”

“The only thing we can do which is to keep walking I guess.”

“Wait! Do you hear something?”


“We’re almost there! So close!”

They turned one more corner and saw a wide opening.
“We did it!”

 “Do we really get to take home a turkey??” Camille asked.

“Look! Here they are!”

 They had been watching the turkeys and hadn’t seen another sign that asked for their beads.

“Oh no! We’re missing the cat bead!” Camille shook her head in disappointment, “I guess no prize for us.”

“Nope! We get a different surprise! Look over there!  We can help ourselves to corn instead!”

 “I think that would be a lot easier to transport home too!”

The end.

Behind the scenes:

Yes!! I really got to go to a corn maze with my Aunt Deni who was so wonderful helping the dolls try to find their way, and giving them a boost as they tried to climb up the cornstalks. I had SO much fun! The Bergey’s Breadbasket is really cool to see and they had very yummy ice cream!


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Fall Faith Festival

Camille was so excited! The forest friend dolls had started a tradition two years ago when she and Katelynne had gotten an invitation to a real fall fairy festival. Camille had hoped and hoped and was waiting impatiently to get a chance to go, but so far, that had never happened. Instead, they’d held fall festivals on their own in their own back yard. Last year they had planted teardrop trees from the Firelight Fairy Forest. And the year before that, they’d had the Flurry Fall Festival.

But this year Camille was certain she’d get to go to the real fairy festival. They had arrived in the Patulous house with a whole group of dolls who planned to have some kind of festival every single day they were there! They had a Halloween party:

Molly went to an airplane festival

And Katelynne had promised to take her to a farm festival!

As soon as she arrived at the Patch house, Camille dashed to a table and took out the special invitation she’d gotten two years ago, and the magical fairy leaves that had come with it.

 “Katelynne! Come read with me!”

“Read with you?”

“Yes! Don’t you think if we read this out loud, the fairies will hear us and we’ll get to go to the festival?”

“I don’t know how stuff like this works with fairies, but I guess it wouldn’t hurt to try.”

Neither doll needed to read it, they had it memorized:

“Come out! Come out!

Come ‘way with us, amongst the tallest trees,

To skip and leap and sing and shout,

To buzz amongst the bees.”

“The trees are turning, air is crisp,

The wind blows chill and fey,

The spicy scent of fallen leaves

Accompanies our way.

To where the fairy folk converge

With woodland friends and gnomes,

With pixies, sprites, and forest nymphs

inside the high king’s home.

We’ll feast on mushrooms, sprouts and seeds

Drink meade in snap dragon mugs,

We’ll dance to cricket songs and twirl,

‘Neath glowing lightening bugs.

We’ll wrap ourselves in cobweb capes

Covered with dewdrop gems,

And listen as the sun goes down

To soothing froggy hymns.

We’ll watch and wait as stars come out

Like sheets of isinglass,

And softly sing goodnight, adieu,

When homeward all we pass.”

Camille sat back and waited for something to happen. Nothing did.

“Do you think we should go outside?” she asked.

“Sure, I guess,” Katelynne said. The two of them tromped out to stand at the edge of the fairy forest.

It was blocked by the green grass.

“I don’t think we’re allowed in today,” Katelynne said softly.

“Tomorrow then! I bet they’re just getting ready!” Camille said.

“How would you like to go to the Outer Banks today then?”


The dolls packed their things and off they went. Camille thought the houses looked so funny. They all looked like they were taking piggy back rides on squares because they were all stacked on top of the garages.

“We’re here!” Katelynne called out, after almost two hours of driving.

 “Whoa!” The beach was sprawled out in front of her. The ocean looked so inviting. She ran to the very edge of the shore, pulled off her boots and stuck her toes in.
“Ooo! it’s warm!!” she squeaked, “Could I just jump in with my clothes on?”

“And be freezing when you come out? You don’t have another change of clothes, and the air is pretty cool. But we could dig a trench and look for shells!”

 Camille joyfully started digging. She loved hearing the lap of the ocean waves accompany the music in her head. “Look! Look! I found stuff already!” Katelynne cried, holding part of an oyster shell up.

 “Let’s start a collection!”

 The dolls made a whole pile of little shells and rocks and seaweed they scavenged.

 “Ohh! Look!” Katelynne suddenly dropped the shell she was about to show Camille. She pointed inland toward a sand dune. On top of the sand dune was a white cross.

“Let’s go!” Camille cried.

As they ran closer, they realized the cross (which was not actually on top of the sand dune, it just looked that way) was attached to a pole, which became a steeple which was attached to a little church on top of a hill, snuggled in amongst some houses. It looked so happy and inviting.

Image result for grace by the sea Lutheran church obx

“‘Grace by the Sea'” Katelynne read.

“Oohh! What a beautiful name for a beautiful church!” Camille’s heart fluttered with excitement, “Do you think we could try and go in?”

“It doesn’t look too hopeful,” Katelynne eyed the dark church and the empty parking lot where only a lone truck was parked, “But it wouldn’t hurt to try.”

Katelynne walked up to the side door, pulled and gasped because it opened.

Camille jumped on her tip toes, “Oo! Let’s go in!”

The church was even more beautiful inside than it was out. Every decoration in the church was hand made.

 “Oh look! Jesus loved us so much He died on the cross for our salvation and placed His own soul, the Holy Spirit inside of us, in our hearts, so that we might love too!” Katelynne said, “That banner says all that and more without any words at all!”

 “Wow! This church is so unique! Look! Bible story stained glass windows! Guess which one that is!”

 “Jesus calms the sea?”

 “Yes! And I bet this one is Creation.”

 “That one’s easy! Noah’s Ark!”

 “Jesus feeds the five thousand!”

 “Hey! What’s with that flower and the heart! That’s not a Bible story!” Camille said.

 “Oh, you must not have learned about that in Sunday School yet, have you? That’s Luther’s Rose. Martin Luther was a reformer of the Catholic church -” Katelynne began a lecture, but Camille interrupted.

“Oh, I know who Martin Luther is. But what’s the rose? Where’s the rose?”

“The rose is the white stuff the heart and cross are sitting on. The cross is sitting there to remind us that faith in Christ who was crucified saves us. Anyone who believes that from the heart is justified.” (Romans 10:10)

“Oh, so that’s why the cross is inside the heart.”

“Yes, and the heart is inside the rose because this news gives us joy, peace, and comfort.”

“Well, why isn’t that rose red? I couldn’t even tell it was a rose!”

“It’s white because it’s not the normal joy, peace and comfort. It’s heavenly. And if you think of angels, aren’t they usually white?”

“Yeah! They are. Huh, that’s neat it all means something.”

“Yeah, like a secret symbol!”

“Oo! We should make a secret symbol!” Camille said, all excited, “I’m going to make one when we get home!”

 “Ok! I know this picture is Jacob’s ladder, but I’m not too sure about the next one.”

 “Hmm, do you think it might be Jesus walks on water? Only it was too hard to make a person so they made a cross instead?”

“Maybe, or maybe the cross is like a lighthouse and Jesus is the Light of the world.”

“Or maybe it goes with the banner right next to it. Look!

 ‘Nothing in all of creation will separate us from the love of God in Jesus Christ.’ Not even the sea!”

“Nope!” Katelynne agreed, “Neither height, nor depth, nor anything else!”

 The two of them walked up to the altar. Camille noticed some rainbow colored light on the walls past the altar, surrounding the giant cross. She walked past it and gasped, “Look!”

 There was a narrow strip of stained glass windows tucked away in an inlet on either side of the altar.

“These are the most beautiful of all and no one even gets to see them!”

“No one except the pastor….and I guess the altar guild.”

“Why would you hide something so beautiful like this!”

“Because it’s not for us, it’s for God. But I’m glad you noticed it so I could see it!”

“I love this little church!” Camille exclaimed.

“It’s a church from the heart. It’s James: ‘Show me your faith without works, and I will show you my faith by my deeds.’ Everyone who made these things is showing their faith.”

“I want to do that too!”

“Then let’s head home and go do it!”

-to be continued.



Luther’s Rose

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Flying Solo with the Wright Brothers

Hello Everyone! It’s Molly here, with Amelia Earhart in Kill Devil Hills at the Wright Brother’s museum and memorial. This is how flying got started. It’s always neat to realize people who have done amazing world changing things started out as normal kids like me!

 In fact, Wilbur kinda seems a lot like me! He was smart, well-spoken, able to remember facts and put them in a logical order, but he’s shy and quiet too. Orville sounds more like Lindsey; a dreamer, restless thinker, mechanically minded, and a chatterbox and prankster! Haha! Maybe Lindsey and I will put our heads together like the Wright brothers and become the first girls to fly a car!

They had a sister too, Katherine who supported and believed in them even when others didn’t. She was the only one in the family to go to college.

I am sitting on a toy that may have been the first thing to inspire the Wright brother’s to fly! It’s  toy helicopter controlled by rubber bands, but the boys called it ‘the bat.’

 There were three problems the brothers had to solve in order to get anything into the air to fly: Lift – the upward thrust that’s greater than the weight of the plane to get it up in the air, thrust – propelling it forward, control – stabilizing and directing the flight.

The brothers went to Kitty Hawk to test out their glider kites. The people of Kitty Hawk embraced them, and helped them out as best they could. They thought what they were trying to do was really neat.

 At first they lived in a tent, but when the wind kept blowing the tent, they built a cabin and slept in burlap sack hammocks.  They tried and failed many times, but they still weren’t able to control their glider. They almost quit, until they realized they were relying on false data. To solve this, they built their own wind tunnel. They realized they needed to warp the wings and have a move-able tail. Then they added their originally designed propeller and after 600 more practice glides, they realized they had the first working airplane.

 They put an engine on it, and Wilbur won the coin toss to fly the plane for the first time, but he climbed too steeply and crashed landed in the sand. They had to wait 3 days to work on repairs.

It was December 17th, 1903, and the 27mph wind was freezing cold. The brothers wore coats and ties for the momentous occasion. Their camp was icing up and they knew this could be the last time they’d get chance to fly before the weather prohibited them for the rest of the season.

 There were no trees on the horizon, and no grass in the field. It was all sand. (the trees were planted later to preserve this historic place).

 But for the first time, a machine heavier than air, raised itself from the ground, and propelled itself forward for 12 seconds, completely in control and without loosing speed.

 They attempted four more flights, and each went farther than the last. But the last flight was caught by a gust of wind. The plane rolled over and was damaged beyond easy repair, which ended their flying season.

And now, it’s my turn to fly high in the sky, and I”m taking Amelia Earhart with me!

“Are you ready, Olly Molly?” Heather asked me.

“YES!” I said, although I could feel butterflies in my stomach already. I’ve only flown once before on a P-19 and I got to grandpa’s farm spread out before her. It was the neatest thing.

“Here we are!” Heather said, showing me the plane.

 It was a glider plane. The very first working airplane.

 Heather set me up right next to the pilot, who looked an awful lot like Orville Wright….

 I watched him position himself, and test out the controls. The stick that he moved controlled the climb and descent. His hips were harnessed in a cradle that swung the warped wings so he could turn the plane. Another lever controlled the gas flow and airspeed recorder. It was funny, Camille had talked about a thousand controls on the plane she had ridden in, but here there were only three. I jumped as the restraining wire was released and off we went!

Wheee! I couldn’t help singing Flying Solo!!

When I saw her up there on the big silver screen,

It was the most exciting thing that I’ve ever seen.

Amelia, you’re my hero, you’re my ideal.

You’re not a silly princess – no! – Amelia, you’re real!

How does it feel to be Amelia Earhart?

How does it feel to know that you can fly?

How does it feel to climb up on the wing of your plane?

Get in the cockpit,

Buckle your helmet,

Rev up the motor,

Taxi the tarmac,

Wait for a signal,

Ready for takeoff-

Wave goodbye!

And when you thunder down the runway,

And when you feel your wheels lift off the ground,

How does it feel to find yourself way up in the blue,

With no one else around?

Flying solo,


Four thousand miles across the Atlantic

Up there on all alone. 

Flying solo,


Nobody else to give you some popcorn

Up there on your own.

 The view was amazing. Kill Devil Hills is right next to the ocean and when Wilbur and Orville flew, all they saw were sand dunes. Folks wanted to preserve this place so they planted trees to prevent erosion. They planted an entire forest. Can you see the canopy? It’s all the same height! And there are levels of other trees that were planted after the first crop.

 I could see where we were headed; we were going to the Wright brother’s memorial.

 Around the entire monument it reads: “In commemoration of the conquest of the air by the brothers Wilbur and Orville Wright conceived by Genius, achieved by Dauntless Resolution and Unconquerable Faith.”

 Another funny thing was, no one believed the flight of the Wright brothers at first.

 So many had attempted and failed. In fact, nine days earlier, another flying machine had failed miserably.

 And newspapers didn’t help either. They often exaggerated the facts so that readers just shrugged it off.

 It’s so neat to think in the next 200 yrs peeps would be flying to the moon, flying so many people all at once routinely. Makes you wonder how they all felt…doing it for the first time.

Bet there were times you felt some trepidation,

Wondering if you’d ever make it through,

Wondering if you’d reach your destination,

But nothing can stop you, no one can top you.

I want to be like you.

Flying solo,


It all goes to show how far a girl can go,

Flying solo,



Behind the Scenes:

Yes! I went to the Outer Banks on the most perfectly still day (the flags were limp!) with my wonderful aunt who helped in all the creative photography we did. I had Flying Solo in my head the whole time we were there!

More from OBX to come!


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