American Girl Live

Hello everyone! Happy New Year!

One Christmas present to myself was going to the American Girl Live Musical! It was a blast! I decided to take the historical Girl of the Year, Josefina with me. She became HGOTY in October but I never wrote anything about it on the blog. The dolls had a huge house warming fiesta to welcome her to her very own room:

 Its so crowded with dolls, you can’t even see her room! I’m sure she’ll give you a tour after the dolls leave. But she had a great time at the musical!

 She got to see hundreds of little girls carrying their dolls, all so excited to see the show!

 It was a camping theme and they were selling camp shirts, books, and other doll things.

 The program:

The story begins with a new girl, Tori, coming to camp for the first time with her doll, Maryellen, and entering the cabin with all the other girls who already knew each other. The other girls weren’t mean to her at all, but she sort of  got ignored because she’s quiet and shy and doesn’t stand up for herself until Maryellen comes alive and sings the first song.

She encourages her to stand up and say something in a friendly way. The camp counselor noticed Tori doing this and gave her a Girl Power medal. She told the 6 girls in her cabin that if all the girls earned a Girl Power medal they’d get to go camp outside in the starry night campground. Each girl badly wanted a medal but the way they earn them is when they do kind, generous, encouraging things towards one another. They don’t even realize or expect to get one when it’s offered.

My favorite song was Luciana’s song. Each of the 6 girls brought their own dolls. And there was even a song in the musical where they played with their dolls together! (soo sweet!) Bella also brought a robot that was supposed to pick things up, but it wouldn’t work. She got very frustrated until Luciana came to life and sang the Blast Off song.

The six girls all got dressed in space outfits and transformed one of the cabin bunk beds into a space shuttle. It was so neat because anyone who owns a bunk bed could do it. They attached wings to the sides of the top bunk, slinkies decorated the sides too. The girls sat two by two on the top and bottom bunk while another girl rolled it around. A problem in the engine ocurred (the slinkies all dropped down) and the girls had to work together to fix it. Finally when it came time to actually take off, the girls shot bubbles out of bubble guns and bubbles filled the auditorium. It was so cool! The music as really jazzy and energetic.

When the song was finished, Bella recruited her cabin mates to help her out and fix the robot and she got a Girl Power medal for seeking help and not trying to do everything on her own.

Every girl got a medal so they won the chance to go camping outside!

Act 2 started out with them hiking through the woods to get to the site. On the way, their camp counselor sprained her ankle, there was a big thunderstorm, and they got lost but the girls persevered through it and helped each other out. They made it to the site at last!

The story finished with Nia getting to sing her song at the camp talent show and all the girls dancing and singing with her.

I really loved the musical. It was sweet, energetic, and the music was great. I thought it had a little too much girl power stuff and it was more of a fun musical rather than a heartfelt one like the older musicals were. (I still get teary eyed over Felicity’s  and Kirsten’s songs from the Revue.) But it was really well done. There were fun sets that spun around (cabin would spin to become the outside world, or the dock). The actors were fantastic, there was only one cast member whose voice was really nasally and kinda got under my skin.

I hope hope hope they come out with the soundtrack to the musical. I talked to the cashier about it and she said it’s in the works. Hope it comes out soon!!

And of course, just like the Revue and Circle of Friends, AG Live sold outfits for girls and dolls too. In the old musicals the shirts sold were actually worn in the musical, not so here and I’m not sure why because I LOVE this shirt!! I love what it says! I love it so much I bought one for myself too! (if you happen to go, know that they only sell them in girls sizes, but the cashier was happy to hold up the XL size for me to see if I could fit into it which I could!)

I’ll leave you with Josefina in the new camp shirt and Molly in the Circle of Friends uniform telling each other it’s well worth seeing the new musical!


Till next time!


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Flying Foliole Festival!

This is in continuation of the Firelight story from the Fairy Frolic series:

Camille scuffed her feet as she walked home from school alone with her thoughts and secret hopes. Secret hopes that she felt she couldn’t tell anyone, partly because they already knew. Last year she and Katelynne had been invited to the fairy fall festival in Yorktown Virginia. She had soo wanted to go but they hadn’t gotten to. This year, she had hoped even more. She so badly wanted to see a real fairy and she knew she would if she could go to the fall festival.

She felt she couldn’t tell anyone because it was such a great request. It required money and time and scheduling and they had just been to the fairy forest not long ago and had a most wonderful adventure:

They had set out for the fairy forest on a warm September day and found a rather unsettling sight right at the entrance:

 “Oh my gosh! It’s overgrown!” Katelynne said.

“What happened to the brown needle path? Where did these green plants come from?” Camille asked, “Do you think they’re blocking us out? We shouldn’t go in?”

Katelynne reached out and touched one. It bent easily.

 “I don’t know. They seem friendly enough.”

Camille smiled at the thought of friendly plants.

“I think we could try trampsing through them.”

The girls started to take a step single file, and the green grass plants surged away like a wave in a green sea, leaving a narrow little pathway for the dolls to walk through.

“The parting of the green sea!” Katelynne joked.

“Wow! They are really friendly! Thank you!” Camille called to the plants as she skipped ahead to the the moat bridge and across to the forest.

“I wonder if we’ll see something new! We always seem to see something new here, don’t we? I wonder if we’ll – ”

“Look! Mushrooms!” Katelynne called by a log.

“Wow! Already?” Camille immediately started scanning the ground for more mushrooms. They both knew the fairies planted the mushrooms in preparation for the fall festival.

 “Ooo! Look! Here are some more!” Camille said. She ran over to yet another log:

 “And some more! These are babies! It looks like they just got planted! Do you think the fairies might be planting them now?” she gasped, “Do you think we might actually get to see a fairy? And maybe we can go to the fairy festival this year?”

“Heeey!” Katelynne, looking around, “I’m just noticing that all these mushrooms are growing on logs or along logs and all these logs are pointing in one direction.”

Camille stood up and looked too.

“Do you think it’s..?”

“Yes! Let’s follow them!”

They followed the mushroomed logs deeper into the forest and gasped when the came to a clearing:

It was a clearing with two benches and two crosses.

“Oooh,” Camille said in a hushed voice, “What is this place?”

“Can’t you guess? It’s a place to gather and worship the Lord!”

Indeed it was and Camille’s heart positively soared at the thought of a special worship place right in the middle of her beloved fairy forest!

She started bouncing about. She couldn’t contain herself, “‘Praise the Lord! Praise God in His Sanctuary; praise Him in His mighty heavens!'” she quoted from the Psalms.

Katelynne felt much the same way, but quieter, full of wonder and awe.

“Oooh, Camille! Look!”

Three spiney marbles surrounded a pile of teardrop leaves they had seen last summer.

“What are they doing here? Why are they off of the trees?”

“They are a gift.”


“I think so. They aren’t in front of the crosses, they’re on a bench, and because we saw them last time, I think we’re supposed to take them.”

Camille gasped, “Maybe they’ll transport us to the cousin fairy woods behind Grandma Lewis’s house! Remember the song the trees sang? ‘I’m going to go back there someday!’ I bet that’s it! That’s why they’re here!”

Katelynne laughed, “You think they’re portals like in Dr. Who? Too bad Lindsey’s not here! But actually I think you’re probably right.”

Katelynne squatted down by them, but didn’t touch them.

Camille did the same, still bouncing on her heels, “Can we go? Can we go? I’d LOVE to explore that forest!”

“All right! We’ll touch the leaves on the count of three, ready? One….two…three!!!”

The dolls touched the tips of their fingers around the leaves. Nothing happened. Camille closed her eyes and opened them again. Still nothing.

“Huh, I guess they’re not portals,” Katelynne said.

“Then what are they here for?”

“I don’t know.”

“What should we do?”

“Put them in your backpack. I still really think they’re meant for us. I’m sure of it.”

Camille remembered Katelynne feeling that funny connection with the teardrop trees the last time they were here so she was quite sure Katelynne was right. She put them in her backpack and followed Katelynne out of the forest.

That had happened months ago. She had forgotten about the teardrop leaves until now. Maybe they only worked as a portal at certain times. Maybe the mushrooms they’d seen in the fairy forest had been the clue that these would only work during the fall festival. Maybe they could still go! When is the fall festival? she wondered, I bet the poem says it and I’m just not remembering!

She raced the rest of the way home, threw her backpack down and reached for the envelope still filled with the festival leaves and the special poem. She spread the leaves out, one by one. They had lost a bit of their color, and some had browned a bit, but they were still so special and beautiful. Camille got the same thrills taking them out as when they decorated for Christmas!

“Hey Nutsky! Whatcha up to?”

“I’m trying to figure out when the fall fairy festival is.”

Katelynne’s face fell, “It’s not in the poem. The time is never a set date. Just like all the seasons. We pretend that they happen on a certain date, but they don’t really. It just happens.”

“Well, can we read the poem anyway? I love it so much!”


“I’m SO hungry!” a voice shouted from the hall mixed with other voices.

A bunch of dolls burst into the kitchen.

“Hey! Look! It’s Camille with the fall festival stuff out again!”

“Aw! Are you decorating for fall?” Annaleis asked.

“Fall’s over! It’s winter now!” Kiesha said, looking at their bare backyard. They’re backyard was even more bare than normal. This summer all five old and enormous evergreen trees that had surrounded their house had gotten a disease and had to be cut down. Their yard was so different now. Different and lonely.

Katelynne, who had just dashed out as the other dolls had come in, now came back, carrying a long bag.

“I know why the fairy forest sent this to us. I know what these are now,” she announced,

“These aren’t just leaves, they’re seeds! And they were given so we can plant them in our backyard!”

Joy and realization lit up all the dolls faces.

“Trees again in our backyard!!” Annaleis cried.

“Do you think the fairies knew? About our old trees being gone?” Sophie asked.

“But Katelynne got them even before the evergreen trees were cut down!” Camille answered.

“But these aren’t just any seeds!” Katelynne continued, cutting out the chatter, “Our backyard was special, but it was never magical. Now, with these seeds, it can not only be special, but magical. Doubly magical! These seeds are from two different fairy forests! Our York forest, and the fairy forest we never even got to explore behind Grandma Lewis’s house!”

“And we get to plant them in our backyard!!!” Annaleis exclaimed.

“Another fall festival in our backyard!” Sophie cried and clapped her hands, “Let’s GO!”

Their after school hunger was forgotten in all the excitement.

 “Let’s put them where the evergreen trees used to be!” Annaleis said.

“How do we plant them?” Sophie asked.

“Umm,” Katelynne realized she had no clue how to plant magical seeds, “I guess, do what you’d normally do? Dig a hole in the ground and drop them in?”

Keisha knelt down and giggled and then stood up and said in her most boring monologue voice, “Inch by Inch, row by row, gonna make this garden grow…gonna MULCH it deep and low, gonna make it fertile ground!’ That’s the borin’ method! Ya’ll know it?”

“Yes!! I know it! I love that song!” Sophie said, “You don’t sing it like that, you just learn it like that! hee!”

“Sing it!! Sing it!!” Camille commanded, ” I like the singing way better!”

“Ah, but the boring method is so fun and then I get to sing it twice at the same time that way!” Keisha responded.

“Good gracious! Let’s just sing it!” Annaleis said.

Inch by inch, row by row,

gonna make this garden grow.

Gonna mulch it deep and low

gonna make it fertile ground.

Inch by inch, row by row,

God bless these seeds I sow,

God keep them safe below

’til the rains come tumblin’ down!

They sang that and more garden songs as they planted and watered the seeds. Then, Sophie asked Annaleis, “Hey, you remember last year, you made a flurry festival with that seedpod?”

“Ooh! Yes! That was so fun! But I don’t have another one.”

 “No, but we have these!” Sophie picked up a big pile of leaves and threw them up in the air.

 “You want to know a super fun word I learned?” Keisha asked. She was head of the writing club at school and loved to learn new words, “Foliole!”

“A flying foliole festival this year!! hahahaha!” Katelynne laughed.

 They threw leaves up in the air and shrieked and laughed and got quite dirty.

 Then they gathered up all the leaves in a big pile. Camille dove head first:


Then they made an even bigger pile and they all dove in and made snow angels in the leaves!

“This is so fun!” Sophie said, “We should do this every year!”

“I think we’ve made a tradition! A fall festival of flurries and folioles!” Katelynne giggled.

“And campfires and fairy tales!”

Annaleis put her hands behind her head and started softly, “Come out! Come out! Come ‘way with us!

Amongst the tallest trees!

To skip and leap and sing and shout

To buzz amongst the bees….”

The end.

Behind the scenes: Yep! Just like the dolls, everytime I go and visit their fairy forest in VA I always see something new and I saw all that! And my 5 evergreen trees surrounding my house really did get a disease that’s carried by birds (why all the trees got it) and had to be cut down. I hope the money tree seeds will grow! I’ll let you know! You gotta check out the link of Pete Seeger’s Garden Song if you don’t know it already. It’s soo funny! And it really will have you singing that in your head the rest of the day!

The Faerie Call poem was written for these very dolls last year by my dear aunt. (see links from the beginning of this post) I felt just like Camille, so happy and excited to take the old fall festival stuff out of the envelope!


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Dr. Dolloween!!!


I have quite a number of doll stories and posts I’ve been wanting to write and I am far behind. A huge reason for this is because I’ve caught the Dr. Who bug and have been watching that instead of doing dolls. The dolls were pretty unhappy that I was giving them even less attention than I was before, so Lindsey, always wanting to take matters into her own hands, crept out of the doll room and down the stairs to the living room where I was watching. Lindsey got just as enthralled as I was! (She would and still does creep down every night!)

And just as Lindsey always does, she started scheming and planning. She decided she wanted a Dr. Dolloween party (she as Dr. Who of course!) and cast and invited all her friends. She allowed me to dress them and boy did I have fun! I know there are major Dr. Who and doll fans who have made actual Dr Who outfits straight from the episode. I am not that way. I do not sew. I knit. Plus I have way too many doll outfits anyway, so I used what I had to try and create an ‘inspired by’ look of the Dr and his closest companions from as far as I have watched. I’m still in the process of watching every episode from the 2005s with Rose, to I am right now on Clara and Matt Smith.

Dr. Who (Lindsey Bergman)

I had a hard time deciding whether I wanted to create a David Tennant Dr Who or Matt Smith. I love both actors so much. If I did Tennant, though, Lindsey would look like this:

(Lindsey: Are you out of your MIND!?!?!

Me: It matches the Tardis!

Lindsey: Totally NO! It so Does NOT! Take this off me NOW!)

Or this:

(Lindsey: You are MOCKING me! I”m going to fire you if you continue on like this!

Me: But if Dr. Who actually had a coat like this, he would love it!!

Lindsey gives me the most angry face ever.

Me: Look how he loved his Barbie doll in the Cold War!

Lindsey: I’m giving you one more chance!)

This is a little better? Maybe?

(Lindsey: I think we should just forget the coat.

Me: I guess you’re right. Then you’ll be Matt Smith without the coat and without suspenders.

Lindsey: This is why I suffer and struggle whenever I’m a boy because we have NO CLOTHES! How many boy outfits do we have? Three!?!?

Me, ignoring her: Well, at least you should get a bow tie. That’s very important you know.

I hold it up to her.

Lindsey, revolted: That’s a ribbon!

Me: Well I don’t have a real bow tie! You just said yourself I don’t own any boy clothes so how the heck am I supposed to have a bow tie?

Lindsey: Do I even resemble Matt Smith even a little?

Image result for dr. who matt smith suspenders and bowtie

What do you think?

Rose Tyler (Chloe Sutton)

Rose Tyler is famous for her zip up hoodies. I was totally planning to put Chloe in one but she’s a major fashionista herself and when Lindsey told her who she was supposed to dress as she was VERY perturbed.

“You’re going to make me dress as the least fashionable companion who exists!?!?! Why can’t I be Amy? Amy wears the best clothes! I can so be her type!”

But Lindsey would have none of it. Chloe had the face of Rose Tyler, so Rose Tyler she would be. Chloe started searching through every outfit Rose ever wore, determined she would never wear a zip up hoodie or that ‘hideous maid suit’.

She found out that after Rose went to the parallel world, she learned some fashion sense and replaced the zip up hoodies with leather jackets, and set the standard for all Who Companions:

Image result for doctor who rose tyler outfits

Chloe just decided to flip the colors because she likes pink better:

Martha Jones (Ashleigh Salon)

I was super pleased to have a very similar outfit to what Martha really wears! And I think she wears this outfit in a whole bunch of episodes:

Image result for doctor who martha jones outfits

I did have jeans, but Ashleigh kind of got caught up with all the leather and decided to keep the skirt!

Donna Noble (Emily Bennett)

Emily was super hard to find clothes for. Truthfully, I think they could’ve/should’ve dressed Donna a bit better in a lot of episodes. So many times they get her waistline wrong. It’s either way too high or she’s wearing a gigantic belt where you can’t even see it. It’s even harder with dolls because they really don’t have waists! She needed a belt though, since belts are kind of Donna’s ‘bow tie’, so I picked Donna colors:

Image result for doctor who Donna Noble outfits

And flipped them like I did with Rose.

Amy Pond (Savannah Effner)

As far as fashion style, Amy is not my favorite but she’s probably number two. There are so many outfits of hers I love. My favorite outfit of Amy’s is this one:

But the only plaid I have like that is a pink plaid ruffly….dress. Yeah, not going to do that. I actually have a doll outfit similar to this one:

Image result for doctor who Amy Pond outfits

But AG clothes don’t always fit Maru and Friends dolls.

Image result for doctor who Amy Pond outfits

I actually got pretty tickled seeing this, because a special person I know owns a pineapple dress and wears it stunningly.

No pineapples for dolls though, just butterflies and tights.

Rory Williams (Logan Everette)

Creating a Rory look wasn’t nearly as bad as Dr. Who. I never noticed until I was researching for this blog that all the companions really like to layer, and Rory is no exception. Sometimes he’s wearing three different shirts.

Image result for doctor who Rory outfits

Logan decided to go for that look just without the outer jacket.

River Song (Kennedy Sweeting) – and yeah, I had created her last name way before I knew Melody Pond existed! Spoilers Sweetie! (cue creepy twilight music!)

After having watched Let’s Kill Hitler I felt I had to be very careful with River Song and I was starting to run out of clothes that weren’t super pink and girly. Whenever I picture River Song in my head I think big collars:

Image result for doctor who pandorica opens River Song

I just love it! I think it highlights her hair even more! In fact I don’t think I’ve ever seen an outfit I didn’t like on River Song. She has style! It’s awesome! Kennedy wanted a big fuffy collar too. We just couldn’t figure out what to wear underneath… we just went with the little black mini dress. I wish I had a white one!

 Clara Oswin Oswald (Emma Carpatina)

This was SO hard because I am in LOVE with ALL of Clara’s outfits and to try and pick just one!?! Very hard to do, but I went with what I had which was the plaid skirt. Jenna Louise Coleman seriously looks amazing an anything:

Image result for doctor who Clara plaid skirt

(I haven’t even seen this episode yet, but doesn’t she look incredible!?!?)


Amelia Pond (Maggie-Claire Cullen)

I think I’m done dressing and photo shooting all these dolls and I get all packed up when Maggie comes up to Lindsey and asks if she can join the Dr Dolloween party. 

Lindsey takes a look at her and says, “No way! You have a cute little face that’s too young and all the redheads are taken already!”
“But I have this coat,” Maggie says, holding it up, “And it’s just so perfect -“
“AMELIA POND!!!” Lindsey shrieks and grabs Savannah and the coat and begs me to dress her. So I did: 

Image result for doctor who young Amelia pond girl who waited

Cute Pixie face!

Both Amelias:

Whelp…of course it’s not fair that the Dr. gets two Amelias without having two Rorys too, right? (or is it Rories? haha!) Meet Rory, the last Centurion:

I came pretty close…? I think? Just didn’t have a Roman helmet.

Image result for rory the last centurion

But he’s not even wearing it in this picture either! And I don’t think he wears it too much in the show.

The Boy and Girl Who Waited:

“Lindsey!!” I hiss at her.

“What!? Please tell me there isn’t going to be a second River Song too!”

“No, there’s something very special on the porch. The mailman put it there. And it says it’s for you!”

“For me? The porch??? It came in the human mail?!? This I have got to see!” Lindsey zoomed out the door and down the stairs before I could catch her.

 “Who put it with the pumpkins?”

“The mailman.”

Lindsey read the box out loud, “‘Heather Lynne Hempel and Lindsey Who.’ Lindsey Who!!!! Oh my gosh! That is so my middle name!”


“I don’t have a middle name, but a whole bunch of other dolls do and I’ve always wanted one! So that’s it!! My middle name! Lindsey Who Bergman!”


“It’s perfect!

“Do you want help?” I asked her, knowing I couldn’t just go and help her because she was Lindsey. And sure enough;


 Lindsey dragged it over the to the front door. She was huffing already, “What if we just opened it here? Then it would probably be so much easier to carry…”

“You mean you’re going to give up your audience who would LOVE to see you open it!?!? My, Lindsey! What kind of a lazy doll have you become!?”

Lindsey gave me an icy blue glare but continued to haul it into the house and up the stairs. At last she reached the doll room.

The whole Dr. Who cast was there including Katelynne and Camille who had come to see what the hub bub was about.

“It’s a box!!”

“It’s a surprise!!”

Camille looked at it and saw where it was from, “Oh my gosh!!! It’s from Virginia!!! It’s probably from the fairy forest! KATELYNNE!!!”

“I’m right here!” Katelynne answered.

Camille dove down and started scrambling to open the box.

“What the heck do you think you’re doing!?! That’s my box! It’s for me! I get to open it!”

“No it’s not! It’s from the fairy forest because last year – “

“The box says it’s to ME! It even has my middle name! How the heck do you -“

“You guys! Stop!!” Katelynne yelled, “Camille, why do you think it’s from the fairy forest? and Lindsey, you don’t even have a middle name.”

“I do now! Look!” Lindsey turned the box over and everyone gasped.
“Lindsey Who! That’s ME! I’m Dr. Who!”

“And that’s your middle name,” Kennedy snorted, “I like it.”

“But this box is from Virginia! Look!” Camille said.

“Then you both open it together,” Katelynne said, “good grief.”

They both bent down to rip the seam and Camille gasped, “Look! It says perishable!”

“Wait!! Stop!! We can’t open it then!” Lindsey’s eyes were very big, “I need my sonic screw driver. Who has it? Clara? I mean, Emma? Where is it?”

Emma handed her the screwdriver, frowning, “It’s a pretend screwdriver. It’s not even real.”

But Lindsey was holding it over the box anyway, “This is my timey wimey detector. It goes ding when there’s stuff. It can also boil an egg at 30 paces, whether you want it to or not, actually so I’ve learned to stay away form hens. It’s not pretty when they blow.”

The screwdriver started to buzz. She stopped it and read the dial. Then she shook her head and said, “Don’t alter your facts to fit your views. If you alter the facts to fit your views, it can be very uncomfortable if you happen to be one of the facts that needs altering.”

“We’re not altering anything except perhaps the appearance of that box!” said Emily, her hands crossed and hip sticking out just like the Donna Noble character she played, “Now get going and open the darn thing before it explodes and opens itself!”

Lindsey and Camille ripped the box open and PUFF!!! The box really did explode! A whole bunch of plastic soft things hit they’re faces.

“Plastic pillows! Look at that!!”

They all started bopping them in the air and then they had a pillow fight.

“But why would somebody go through all this trouble just to send us plastic pillows?” Maggie asked.

“No!” Savannah answered, “Look how many plastic pillows there are! One for each of us! Just like those black boxes!” She turned to Logan, “Remember those black boxes that did absolutely nothing for over a year and -”

“You guys,” Chloe announced in a very pronounced voice, “There’s something else in the box.”

Lindsey reached down and hauled out a container. And on top was a note.


“A care package!”

“Happy faces!!!”

“And what a sweet note!”

“Cast party!!!!” Lindsey cried. Everyone screamed and squealed and they all dashed over to the kitchen and had a pumpkin party feast.

“Orange molasses!”

“Who sent us these cookies anyway do you think?” Asheigh asked Emma.

“I dunno. Maybe it really was the forest fairies.”

“You mean, from the fall festival?” Maggie asked.

“They did send stuff to us last year. The leaves and the fairy dust for Katelynne and Camille. I wouldn’t put it past them to do something like this.”

“That’s really sweet. The note too.”

“Especially the note, and all the little things with it!”

“Hmm, I wonder….I wonder if all this isn’t working together…”

“What do you mean?”

“People assume that time is a strict progression of cause to effect, but actually from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint, it’s more like a big ball of wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey stuff.”


“Well, the universe is big. It’s vast and complicated and ridiculous and sometimes, very rarely, impossible things just happen and we call them miracles.”

“So  you’re saying these cookies are miracles from the fairies?”

“No, I’m saying, don’t blink. Don’t even blink, because you never know when you’re around the Doctor, and with forest fairies in cahoots with him too? Who knows where you might go off to!”

Happy Dolloween!!! From Dr. Who and his companions!!!

Oh, and you know the blue thing in the background that’s been peeping behind and beside dolls in photos? That is Lindsey’s locker/Tardis! It’s WAY bigger on the inside!!!

Did you catch all the authentic Dr. Who quotes? Dolls stole them! Not me!

Allons-y!! Geronimo!


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